AI Dungeon 2 & Alternatives, How to Play and Download

AI Dungeon 2 is the second version of the AI Dungeon mobile game. AI Dungeon was first released on June 2019. Its second version, AI Dungeon 2, was later released as an upgraded version in December 2019 for iOS and Android users.

AI Dungeon 2 is an artificial intelligence-based text adventure game developed by Nick Walton. The game is one of the few commercial applications that use GPT-2. AI Dungeon is available online for both Android and iOS users for free. Read below to learn more about the AI Dungeon 2 game.

AI Dungeon 2

What is AI Dungeon 2

AI Dungeon 2 is a single-player and multiplayer game developed by Nick Walton in 2019. It is a text-based AI game with infinite simulation possibilities. It has no rules or objectives. All you get is a fun-packed adventure game for free.

Unlike other games, you don’t get predefined game designs or characters in this game. Instead, you have to command the AI to create different characters, scenarios, themes, and designs for you. You can also decide what action a particular character would take.

Additionally, if you don’t want to create a scenario or character, you can try out the predefined scenarios provided within the app.

How to Play AI Dungeon 2

AI Dungeon 2 is not like other apps available on the internet. So, you might find it challenging to play this game initially. But relax!

This game is fairly simple, and you can crack it as soon as you play. Below are the steps to play AI Dungeon 2:

Step 1: Select a scenario from the available option to create the script.

Step 2: You will then get settings related to your selected scenario. Select the appropriate option.

Step 3: Then start the game, and you’ll get the option to select a way to engage with the piece:

  • Do: A verb to tell the player to perform the action that must come after it.
  • Say: Followed by a dialogue list allowing players to interact with characters.
  • Story: These are sentences describing events that occur in the plot or provide necessary information to players about upcoming events.

You can also undo/ redo events while playing the game. If you are tired of the current game scenario, you can switch to another one as you play.

How to Download AI Dungeon 2

AI Dungeon 2 is officially available for Android, iOS, and PC gamers. You can download and install the game from the Play Store or App Store and play it on your device.

Below are the links to download AI Dungeon 2 on different devices:

Is AI Dungeon 2 Free

The AI Dungeon 2 app is free on Android and iOS devices. You can also play it online without paying a single penny. The app offers three premium plans for users who wish to unlock premium features.

However, if you don’t want to purchase the premium plans, you can still enjoy playing AI Dungeon 2 using a free account.

What Are AI Dungeon 2 Alternatives?

AI Dungeon 2 is a unique game. But you can find similar games online and play them by downloading and installing them on your device.

Here are some AI Dungeon 2 alternatives:

  • Write Holo
  • NovelAI
  • Dwarf Fortress
  • Magium
  • Dreamily.AI

How Much Does AI Dungeon 2 Cost

AI Dungeon 2 is a free gaming app. You don’t need to pay anything to play this game on your mobile device or online. However, the free version has limited benefits and comes with advertisements.

So, if you want to unlock the premium features of this app or get rid of the annoying ads, you need to purchase any of its three premium plans.

The AI Dungeon 2 plans are as follows:

  • Adventurer plan – $9.99 per month
  • Hero plan – $14.99 per month
  • Legend plan – $29.99 per month

Is AI Dungeon 2 on Mobile?

AI Dungeon 2 is a mobile game. You can download and use the app on your Android or iOS mobile device without restrictions. You can also play the game online from its website if you don’t want to download it.

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