Best AI Art generators: Choose your weapon wisely

Best AI Art Generators: Choose your Weapon Wisely

AI image-generating tools have made it easier to create original artistic images. You need to provide a brief description of the image you want simply and the art generator will create it for you in a span of a few seconds.  Choosing an appropriate AI art-generating tool is extremely important to produce photo-realistic portraits and … Read more

Is ChatGPT safe? Is it a cybersecurity threat?

Is ChatGPT safe

ChatGPT is an excellent AI chatbot that can be extremely beneficial for its user in solving queries, writing stories and poems, generating essays, etc. Ever since ChatGPT’s release, it has been extensively used by people, with subscribers adding up every day.  But regardless of the benefits provided by ChatGPT, there are still a few limitations … Read more

Microsoft’s AI chatbot is now available on the Bing app on iPhone and Android

Microsoft's AI chatbot is now available on the Bing app on iPhone and Android

Microsoft introduced a preview release of its new AI-powered Bing and Edge app on iPhone and Android. It also included new features “Voice Input” and accessibility to its AI chatbot with ChatGPT-like powers. This latest update was made possible due to the partnership of Microsoft and OpenAI, makers of the AI chatbot, ChatGPT.  Now, users … Read more

Best Plagiarism Checkers for ChatGPT and other AI tools

Plagiarism-detecting tools are highly essential to determine the originality of the text. Not only does it help identify duplicate texts but also detects texts that detect plagiarized content, even when AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard AI, Bing, and more have rearranged the words. In addition, plagiarism detectors also provide proper reports indicating duplicate content.  In … Read more

How to Download Microsoft Edge Browser With New Ai Chatbot Features

Microsoft announced integration between OpenAI’s Chat model and Edge browser, earlier this month. With this integration, the Microsoft Edge browser will provide new AI capabilities such as Chat and Compose.  New features initiated in Microsoft Edge will allow the summarization of reports and content composition for its users, making it more straightforward for users to … Read more

What is Google Bard AI & How to use it?

What is Google Bard AI & How to use it?

Google’s latest AI chatbot, Bard AI, is currently one of the most anticipated chatbots in the market. Bard is a conversational chatbot that accesses data from the web to deliver human-like responses. Even though Bard hasn’t been released to the public yet, still it has been considered a direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.  In this … Read more

Microsoft Bing AI sign-up, login link – How to access Bing Ai chatbot?

Microsoft Bing AI sign-up - How to access AI search tool?

Microsoft has launched a new AI-powered version of the Bing AI search tool. This new upgraded AI search engine has been looking forward to enhancing and improving the search engine experience for its users. Bing AI’s features like a creative spark, summarized responses, conversational search, and more have created quite a buzz in the market. … Read more