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8 Free Anime AI Generator to Make Anime Art From Text & Photo



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Looking for a way to generate stunning Anime Art but lack drawing skills? No worries, we have got you covered! Now, you can create amazing Anime art and portraits by using text prompts and images on Anime AI Generators. 

Anime AI Generators are impressive AI tools that utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to transform your text inputs and images into unique Anime artworks.

These tools empower anime enthusiasts to unleash their inner artist and generate their own Anime AI Art. From Anime portraits to illustrations to drawings to character generators the possibilities with these Anime AI Generators are endless.

But with so many options available it can be difficult to determine which is the best AI anime-generating tool. Therefore, here are some of the best free Anime AI Generators that can create stunning AI Anime portraits in seconds. 

8 Free Anime AI Generator to Make AI Anime Art From Text & Photo

To create a stunning Anime portrait, art, or image, it’s extremely crucial to select an appropriate Anime AI Generator. Since Generators determine how well your Anime image will turn out.

Therefore, below we have mentioned some of the best Anime AI art Generators that can help you achieve excellent Anime images with impressive features and capabilities.. 

1. Fotor 

Fotor is a free Anime AI Generator powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology.

This tool allows users to unleash their creativity and transform your words and photos into high-quality AI anime art providing a new experience of generating anime art.

From full-body anime characters and portraits to anime drawings and wallpapers, Fotor can help you achieve professional-looking anime art in just a few seconds.

The best part about this tool is that users don’t require any drawing skills in order to generate their desired AI Anime art. Instead, users need to simply type in a few words and Fotor will take care of the rest. 

This platform provides a wide range of customization abilities to generate and refine your AI-generated anime characters to produce your desired results. Users can customize facial expressions, hairstyles, poses, clothing, and much more.

To generate your AI Anime art on Fotor, you need to start by typing short descriptions or text prompts of the image you want to create. Users can also upload on Fotor to provide a reference of the kind of image they want Fotor to generate.

After this, users need to select an “Aspect Ratio” of the image. Then you need to select an image style and specify the total amount of images you want to generate.

Once done, click on the “Generate button” and Fotor will instantly begin analyzing your description and generate a unique AI Anime art based on your requirements. 

Features of Fotor: 

Here are the features offered by Fotor: 

  • Multiple Style Options

Fotor provides a wide range of style options that users can explore to generate their desired AI Anime art. Some of the styles available on Fotor are Concept Art, Japanese Anime, 3D, Cartoon, Anime Illustration, and more. 

  • Image to Anime Art 

This platform supports text-to-image and image-to-image generation. This way users can simply upload an image on Fotor to provide a reference of what kind of AI anime art they are looking for and generate their desired result instantly.

Users can also upload their image and the advanced AI technology will analyze your image, facial features, etc. After this, apply an Anime filter to transform you into an anime character. 

  • Full Customization ability 

Fotor provides a complete customization ability on this platform. Users can effortlessly refine their AI-generated Anime images and adjust various aspects of it such as facial expressions, clothing, hairstyles, and more. 

Pricing of Fotor: 

Fotor offers a basic plan with basic editing, design, collage layout, and other features. However, to access the premium features of Fotor users need to subscribe to its paid plans which are mentioned below:

Fotor Pro Fotor Pro+ 
$3.33/month $7.49/month 

2. Yodayo 

Yodayo is an AI native social network specially made for vtuber and anime fans, where fans can share and create a wide range of AI anime artwork or images using text prompts.

This platform has been trained using Artificial Intelligence technology that can generate amazing Anime-style visuals, and help other users develop and enhance their creative projects.

Yodayo also contains a supportive community section where creators and fans can share their Anime-style artworks and other creations effortlessly. Users can access the creations of other users, gain inspiration and generate new ideas from them. 

To generate AI Anime-style artwork on Yondayo, users need to sign up on Yodayo’s website and navigate to “New artwork.” After this, users need to provide a text prompt explaining the kind of image they want including the facial features, image quality, clothing, etc.

Yodayo also contains a “Negative prompt” option where users can add the elements they want to exclude from their AI Anime artwork. After this, you need to select a model that is suitable for your image.

Users can also select “Spell” to provide specific details to their Anime artwork. Then, turn on the high-priority option and click on “Generate”. Within a few seconds Yodoyo will generate your desired anime artwork which you can further share with the community. 

Features of Yodoyo: 

The features of Yodoyo are as follows: 

  • Multiple Model options 

Yodoyo provides a wide range of Model options available that users can explore effortlessly. Some of the models available on Yodoyo are DreamShaper 8, Anything V5, Absolute Reality, Brain Dance, and more. 

  • Various Spell available

Spell basically provides specific details of a character or style that you desire. Yodoyo contains a wide range of spell options available such as Japanese Ink Painting (Liana), Kimi no Nawa Background Style (Goofy Ai), 2B (Nier Automata), and more. 

  • Negative Prompt 

Yodoyo provides a “Negative Prompt” option where users can describe the things they don’t want to include in their Anime artwork. This is an excellent feature to help avoid any unwanted elements, backgrounds, or objects from your image. 

  • Supportive Community 

Yodoyo contains a supportive community where users can share their AI-generated anime artwork and gain inspiration from other users’ creations. 

Pricing of Yodoyo:

Users require YoBeans to generate AI Anime artwork on Yodayo. Users receive a daily reward of 150 YoBeans that they can use to generate their desired AI Anime image for free. While users can also purchase these YoBeans. Below we have mentioned the cost of these YoBeans: 

500 YoBeans 1300 YoBeans 300 YoBeans 8000 YoBeans 17000 YoBeans 
$5 $10$20 $50$100 

3. is an impressive AI tool that can generate stunning Anime art online using its Anime AI Art generator.

This tool provides 13 anime-based AI model options through which users can create their desired AI anime art using text prompts or simply upload an image and apply any desired anime style. allows users to unleash their imagination and create stunning anime art by simply describing their image online. 

To generate stunning AI Art using, users need to start by navigating to “AI Generator.” Now, users need to start by selecting a suitable model for their anime art and enter a prompt describing what they would like to see generated.

Users can also add things they would like to exclude from their Anime art by using the Negative prompt option. Users can also upload an image to provide a better reference of what they are looking for.

After this, users can pick a Resolution based on their preference and determine the parameters. Once done, click on “Generate” and will analyze your prompt and generate your desired anime art for you in seconds. 

Features of

Here are the features of 

  • Image to Anime converter 

This platform allows users to upload an image and utilize the image as a reference to generate a unique AI Anime art of themselves. Users can also add a prompt supporting the image to describe their requirements and specifications more precisely. 

  • Multiple Anime-based models contains a total of 13 anime-based AI models that can be utilized for generating stunning and unique AI Anime art. 

  • Negative Prompt also provides a negative prompt option through which users express things they want to exclude from their AI Anime image.

  • Image Resolution 

This platform allows users to generate AI Anime art by selecting their desired Image resolution. Users can generate AI images in various resolutions such as 512x512px, 512x640px 512x768px, and more. 

Pricing of offers a free plan through which users can generate 100 images a month. While the paid plans are mentioned below: 

Basic Plan Starter Plan Hobby Plan Pro Plan 
$12/month$29/month $49/month $99/month

4. Perchance 

Perchance AI is another impressive AI Image-generating tool that can create unique AI Anime images using text prompts.

This tool is absolutely easy to use and comes with a simple and intuitive interface that can be accessed by anyone. To access this tool, users need to start by simply entering a small description of their image.

Users can also add a negative prompt explaining things that should be excluded from the image under the (Anti-Description) section.  

You should enter a detailed description highlighting all the important aspects of your desired image. After this, you need to select an Art style. Perchance contains a wide range of art style options such as Oil painting, Painted Anime, Fantasy Anime, Soft Anime, and more.

Next, users need to specify the shape of the image such as Portrait, Square, or Landscape. Now, click on “Generate” and within a few minutes perchance will generate your image. 

Features of Perchance

The features of Perchance are as follows: 

  • Various Art Style

Perchance provides a wide range of art styles such as Cinematic, Painted anime, Illustration, Digital Painting, Fantasy Anime, and more. 

  • Anti Description option 

This is the negative prompt option where users can add things that they want to exclude from the generated image. 

  • Simple and intuitive interface 

Perchance contains a simple and easy-to-access interface that can be accessed by almost anyone regardless of the expertise level. So, if you are a beginner or professional you can effortlessly generate AI Anime images on Perchance. 

Pricing of Perchance AI: 

Perchance AI is a free AI Anime-generating tool that can effortlessly create stunning Anime portraits without any cost. Users need to simply create an account and you are good to go. 

5. Crypko 

Crypko is an Anime AI generator powered by GAN (generative adversarial network). It can help create stunning AI anime images and illustrations of anime characters effortlessly.

This tool can not only create amazing anime characters but also reflect your preferences and intentions. It understands and realizes your intuition into the characters in a coherent and consistent manner.

The best part about this tool is that users can personalize their AI Anime Art by customizing its hair, face, style, clothing, and more. Crypko is a good AI tool for generating unique AI Anime characters with excellent customization options. 

Features of Crypko

Here are the features of Crypko: 

  • Good Customization options 

This platform allows users to customize and personalize their AI Anime Art by adjusting its face, hair, style, clothing, accessories, and more. 

  • Character Design 

Crypko not only creates Anime characters but also helps reflect your taste and intention. This tool is capable of understanding your intuition into characters in a coherent and consistent way.

Pricing of Crypko: 

Crypko offers a free plan through which users can generate their desired AI images. While the paid plans of Crypko are as follows: 

Starter Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan 
JPY ¥480JPY ¥980JPY ¥4,980

6. ZMO.AI 

ZMO.AI is an AI Anime generator powered by ImgCreator.AI.This tool allows users to explore creativity and unleash their imagination by creating stunning AI Anime Art using simple prompts or images.

ZMO.AI’s text-to-image AI generator allows users to transform their words into stunning images by selecting their desired style option.

Users can also convert photos into Anime AI Art with its innovative photo-to-image AI generator. All you need to do is upload an image, select a style, and leave the rest to ZMO.AI. 

This tool utilizes advanced AI technology that allows users to create excellent Anime artwork in a wide range of styles with limitless possibilities of AI.

It can generate AI images from anime and illustration to abstract designs and much more. Another excellent capability of ZMO.AI is to create AI-generated images using facial enhancement.

Its powerful AI Anime Generator is capable of analyzing and enhancing facial features that can help generate lifelike and natural-looking images in seconds. 

Features of ZMO.AI 

The features of ZMO.AI are as follows:

  • Multiple Style options

ZMO.AI contains a wide range of style options available that allow users to explore creativity and unleash their imagination. Some of the style options provided by this tool are Anime Classic, Fairy Girl, Anime Drawing, and more. 

  • Output Resolution 

This tool allows users to decide the output resolution of their Anime image. Some of the resolution options available are 640px, 1024px, and 2048px. 

  • Image-to-Anime 

ZMO.AI allows users to upload images to generate AI Anime art. It also allows users to select the image reference strength while generating their Anime image. Users need to simply upload an image, and select a style, resolution, and canvas and ZMO.AI will help generate your desired image in seconds. 

Pricing of ZMO.AI: 

ZMO.AI contains a free plan through which users receive 10 credits to start. While the premium plans are mentioned below:

Basic Plan Pro Plan Enterprise Plan 
$59/month $199/month $599/month

7. Pixai.Art 

Pixai.Art is the ultimate AI art platform that can create and share your own AI characters, wallpapers, realistic portraits, assets, and more. This platform allows users to generate stunning AI anime images through text prompts and images.

Pixai.Art also contains a wide range of model options such as Moonbeam, Diamond, Dreamboat, SeaSideMix, and more. 

The best part about Pixai.Art is that anyone can access this platform effortlessly through their mobile phones and generate stunning AI Anime art through its official app.

This can help eliminate the entire task of using a desktop visiting different websites, login, and all.

Overall, Pixai.Art is an excellent platform that allows users to unleash their creativity, and imagination and generate amazing AI anime images within a few seconds.

Features of Pixai.Art: 

Here are the features of Pixai.Art: 

  • Tailor-Made Creations

Allow users to upload character images along with a few keywords or text prompts and generate craft personalized AI models. This platform can generate stunning Anime artwork by capturing the true essence of characters, styles, and scenes. 

  • Supports Mobile App

Pixai.Art is available through mobile applications as well and users can download the official app through Play Store or App Store. 

Pricing of Pixai.Art: 

Pixai.Art offers a free plan through which users can generate stunning AI anime images. The premium version is mentioned below: 

$10/month $30/month $50/month 
2,000 more credits to claim everyday10,000 more credits to claim everyday20,000 more credits to claim everyday

8. Waifu Labs 

Waifu is a state-of-the-art AI tool that can create custom Anime portraits specially made just for you.

This platform contains a machine learning artist that can understand and figure out your requirements, and preferences and ensure to create the most suitable illustration for you in just four easy steps. The best part is that it’s absolutely free to use. 

To generate your desired Anime portrait on Waifu you need to start by choosing your initial portrait, after this it’s time for customization so select the most suitable color palette for your portrait.

Now, you need to fine-tune the details, so select the best portrait available on Waifu Labs generation. Once you have fine-tuned the details, you have to finish off by determining the pose of your portrait.

Now, you can give your character a custom name to make it appear more personalized.

Overall, Waifu Labs is a decent and easy-to-use anime portrait-generating tool that can effortlessly create Anime portraits within a few seconds. 

Features of Waifu Labs

The features of Waifu Labs are as follows: 

  • Easy to use 

Waifu Labs is extremely easy to use and can generate excellent AI anime portraits for you within a few seconds. 

  • Fine-tune options 

Waifu Labs contains good fine-tuning options that can help users generate their personalized AI anime portraits. 

  • Custom Name

This platform allows users to provide a custom name to their generated AI anime portraits. 

Pricing of Waifu Labs: 

Waifu Labs is available for free usage and can be accessed by anyone without a sign-up. 


Anime AI Generators can help transform text prompts and images into stunning AI Anime portraits, artworks, and images. These tools help users unleash their creativity and create stunning Anime portraits in a variety of styles.

Above we have mentioned some of the best free anime AI Generators that can help you create stunning AI anime images without spending a dollar. We hope this article has helped you select an Anime AI Generator suitable for you. 

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