What is Google Bard AI & How to use it?

Google’s latest AI chatbot, Bard AI, is currently one of the most anticipated chatbots in the market. Bard is a conversational chatbot that accesses data from the web to deliver human-like responses. Even though Bard hasn’t been released to the public yet, still it has been considered a direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

In this article, we are going to cover all these topics related to Google Bard AI. What is Google Bard AI & How to use it?

What is Google Bard AI & How to use it?

What is Google Bard Ai?

Bard ai is an Artificial intelligence chatbot created by google. It is developed on Google’s LaMDA (Language model for dialogue application).

It is programmed to use the internet to find the latest answers and solutions to users’ questions. Therefore, it can also deliver information related to the latest events and news. 

BardAI works quite similarly to ChatGPT, however, bard ai is optimized to use online information through google’s search engine. It is developed through an experimental conversation AI service that bard AI keeps learning and improving its performance by encountering humans. Which will also make it easier for users to find answers to their queries online. 

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How to use Google Bard AI

Bard Ai is still in its initial stage, therefore it’s not accessible for public use yet. Since Bard AI is in the testing stage, only a selected number of testers have access to Bard Ai on the google app.

So, if you are a selected beta tester by Google, then you can access Bard AI by launching the Google app on your device. 

Moving forward this AI chatbot is expected to integrate conversation AI service into a largely used Google search. There isn’t a particular date allotted for public use, though it is expected to roll out in the upcoming weeks. 

Since Google Bard AI is not yet released, we can’t really say whether the AI chatbot is free or paid. We have to wait until there is an official reveal from Google regarding Bard AI.

However, various other google services are free like Gmail, Google Drive, and more, so we can expect Google Bard AI to be free. 

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Do I Need an Account for Google Bard AI?

For now, Google Bard AI is not released to the public, therefore, you can’t use Bard AI. So, we can’t say what is the procedure for the public to use google and whether they need an account for the same or not.

However, if you are a selected beta tester, then you can use Bard AI, by simply launching Google App on your device. Click on the chatbot button, Add a prompt, tap on Enter, and you can start using Bard AI.  

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What is the Use of Google Bard AI?

Google introduced Bard AI to improve users’ comfort and help fill the knowledge and learning gap. Through this, Bard users can get complex information in simple language. It’s powered by LaMDA which can generate information from the web and build original content with accurate information.

The following are some of the uses of Google Bard AI:

Get answers and Solutions

Bard AI uses sophisticated AI algorithms that can deliver answers to your complex questions. If you have any queries, simply ask the chatbot and you will have the answers in front of you, within a few seconds. AI algorithms used by Bard AI create appropriate responses for the users. 

Latest information 

Bard AI utilizes data from the internet. Therefore, it can provide you with all the information regarding the latest events and news. Unlike ChatGPT, its data is not limited to 2021. So, you can ask questions related to news, today’s weather report, time, etc. 

Fulfill Tasks 

Google’s Bard AI has been trained to fulfill various automated tasks. This includes booking a flight, creating a schedule, making reservations, and more. With this new AI chatbot, you need to generate a request simply, and Bard AI will take care of it. 

AI assistant 

This AI chatbot works as a personal AI assistant. It can assist you in managing your time, reminding you of your schedule so you never miss out on important things. You can simply raise a request and Bard will assist you in managing your entire day. 

ChatGPT vs Google Bard Ai: What’s the Difference?

How does Google Bard AI work?

Bard AI works by acquiring information from the internet in addition to LaMDA to provide original responses. This AI chatbot tends to combine knowledge with intelligence, creativeness, and the power of a large language model.

For now, Google is releasing Bard with LaMDA’s lightweight model version. Since smaller models require less computing power, it enables them to scale more users, which helps provide more feedback. 

Since Bard is still under testing, it allows selected beta testers to examine the AI chatbot and provide feedback to learn and improve Bard’s quality and speed.

Google combines external feedback and internal testing to ensure Bard’s responses meet the higher stage for quality, Groundedness, and security in real-world information. 

Does google bard ai give incorrect answers?

Yes, Google Bard AI can provide incorrect answers. Recently, Google posted a demo GIF on their Twitter account, where newly launched Bard AI made a factual error while responding to a question, “What discoveries from the JWST can I tell my nine-year-old about.” 

Bard Ai responded with an incorrect answer saying, “JWST took the very first picture of a planet outside our own solar system.” This resulted in people raising questions on the accuracy level of Bard AI and caused a significant downfall for the AI chatbot in its first demo video. Therefore, google bard AI is capable of providing incorrect answers. 

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