List of Midjourney Commands

Midjourney commands can be used with a bot channel or thread to control or operate with Midjourney in any way possible. You can create images, change their quality, change their style and much more with just a single command on a channel. In this article, we will look at what various commands you can use … Read more

Midjourney Pricing Plans Explained

The Midjourney subscription plan’s pricing varies as per their benefits and tenure. You can subscribe to either a $10 basic plan with a month-long validity, or you can go all the way up to $576 for a year-long subscription to the Pro Plan. In simple terms, there is a plan for everyone as per their … Read more

How to Use Midjourney to Generate AI images

How to Use Midjourney to Generate AI images

Midjourney is currently one of the best Artificial intelligence art generators in the market to develop high-quality AI images. To use Midjourney ai, users need to follow a variety of steps such as joining the Midjourney discord server, Subscribing to a Midjourney plan, connecting to the “newbies” channel, and finally entering a detailed art prompt … Read more