List of Midjourney Banned Words

List of Midjourney Banned Words

Midjourney releases a list of banned words as a part of its code of conduct and keeps it updated with the trends. Midjourney is a very famous artificial intelligence image generator tool based on natural language descriptions like Dall-E 2. It is readily available for use to any person with a Discord account. Read the … Read more

Best Midjourney Prompts You Should Try

Best Midjourney Prompts You Should Try

Midjourney is an AI image-generating tool that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to generate amazing AI Artwork, images, logos, Anime, portraits, cartoons, and more. However, to get the best results from Midjourney users need to enter a detailed prompt mentioning all their requirements such as genre, aspect ratio, style, color, and more. In this article, we will … Read more

Top 7 Free Midjourney Prompt Generators [2024]

Free Midjourney Prompt Generators

Looking for ways to generate high-quality prompts for Midjourney? We have got you covered! Explore and discover top Midjourney prompt generators that can help you create impactful prompts for your desired AI Art generation.  Midjourney is one of the leading AI Art generators that can create amazing AI images and artworks using text prompts. To … Read more

Midjourney Free Trial: Limit, Reset & Unlimited [2024]

Midjourney Free Trial: Limit, Reset & Unlimited [Aug 2023]

Midjourney is a generative AI that allows users to generate beautiful images and artworks using text prompts. New users can sign up for the free trial of this image-generating tool by creating an account or logging in on Discord. Midjourney Free Trial allows users to generate 25 images with each grid containing 4 images making … Read more

Midjourney Promo Code [2024]

Midjourney Promo Code [Aug 2023]

Midjourney is one of the most popular AI image-generating tools. Which allows users to create high-quality images using prompts. But to access Midjourney users need to purchase its paid plan starting from $10/month. This has led most users to wonder if Midjourney contains any Promo code.  Unfortunately, Midjourney doesn’t have any Promo code for now, … Read more

Can Midjourney Make NSFW Content?

Does Midjourney AI allow NSFW Content?

Midjourney is one of the most popular AI-image-generating platforms known for creating realistic images and artwork. However, one common concern users often face while accessing an image-generating tool is the NSFW content.  So, Can Midjourney Make NSFW Content?  No, Midjourney team strictly does not wish to participate in creating pornographic, offensive, or harmful images. It … Read more

Number of Midjourney Users and Statistics

OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 text-to-image generator has become the base for Midjourney to create AI art in few simple steps, which has attracted imaginative minds. Apart from creating visuals, users can also customize colours and textures using the algorithm that powers Midjourney. Founded in July 2022 by David Holz in California, MidJourney enables common users with … Read more

Can you use Midjourney Commercially?

Can I use Midjourney generated images for commercial use?

Midjourney lets its subscribed users generate creative images from simple text prompts any way they see fit. Once you get the AI-generated image for yourself, you are the sole owner of that digital piece of art. Whether you decide to use it commercially, keep it for personal use, or sell it off entirely, it is … Read more

Is Midjourney Down?

Midjourney Down

Much like any other service, Midjourney also faces downtime sometimes. During Midjourney’s downtime, the users cannot access Midjourney’s services at all, hindering their work significantly.  There are a few things that you can try to ensure that your connectivity with Midjourney’s servers stays uninterrupted at all times. But if the server downtime is from Midjourney’s … Read more

Is there an Midjourney app?

Ever imagined having an app that lets you generate creative images simply with natural language prompts? Generating AI images that can be edited and enhanced further to meet your personalized requirements is all possible now with the release of Midjourney. However, the Midjourney app have certain limitations as well. So in this article, we will … Read more

Is there an Midjourney API?

Midjourney API

Midjourney API is a powerful tool that is built on the diffusion model. Its primary feature is its ability to interpret and respond to textual inputs. A simple to use API with a well documented user friendly interface lets developers use their skillset to integrate Midjourney on to their applications So in this article, we … Read more

List of Midjourney Commands

Midjourney commands can be used with a bot channel or thread to control or operate with Midjourney in any way possible. You can create images, change their quality, change their style and much more with just a single command on a channel. In this article, we will look at what various commands you can use … Read more

Midjourney Pricing Plans Explained

The Midjourney subscription plan’s pricing varies as per their benefits and tenure. You can subscribe to either a $10 basic plan with a month-long validity, or you can go all the way up to $576 for a year-long subscription to the Pro Plan. In simple terms, there is a plan for everyone as per their … Read more

How to Use Midjourney to Generate AI images

How to Use Midjourney to Generate AI images

Midjourney is currently one of the best Artificial intelligence art generators in the market to develop high-quality AI images. To use Midjourney ai, users need to follow a variety of steps such as joining the Midjourney discord server, Subscribing to a Midjourney plan, connecting to the “newbies” channel, and finally entering a detailed art prompt … Read more

Midjourney AI Login: Quick Guide to Free Access

Midjourney AI Login

Midjourney AI is a creative tool that generates images, characters, and worlds using short text descriptions. The tool was released in June 2022 and offers incredible features for art lovers. Initially, Midjourney was a free tool. Currently, the company offers three subscription plans for its users, Basic ($10 per month), Standard ($30 per month), and … Read more