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Midjourney Free Trial: Limit, Reset & Unlimited [2024]



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Midjourney is a generative AI that allows users to generate beautiful images and artworks using text prompts. New users can sign up for the free trial of this image-generating tool by creating an account or logging in on Discord.

Midjourney Free Trial allows users to generate 25 images with each grid containing 4 images making it a total of 100 free images. In this article, we will provide a complete guide on Midjourney Free Trial: Limit, Reset & Unlimited [Aug 2023]. So, let’s get started. 

Midjourney Free Trial Overview

Midjourney’s free trial provides users a complete glimpse of how the AI image-generating tool functions by providing complete access to the platform. Users can generate up to 25 images during their free trial period. With any limitation of speed or quality of the image during the trial.

Although there are a few features, which aren’t accessible during this free trial such as “Relax mode” and “Stealth mode”. To access these additional features users need to subscribe to the paid plans. However, these features don’t bring out any major differences. 

But one major difference between the free trial and paid plan users is the ability to not work solo by messaging directly to the Midjourney bot. This indicates the user needs to create their desired images by utilizing the masses on the general channels.

The only issue is that a large number of users input their prompts in the same channel. Thus, there is a possibility that you might lose track quickly of where your prompts and images end up. 

Now, let’s take a look at the Free Trial limit of Midjourney. 

Midjourney Free Trial Limit

Midjourney’s Free Trial provides a generation of 25 images. Although it states 25, in reality, it’s a total of 100 images considering one image contains a grid of 4 images. Users can access this free trial by creating an account on Discord. During the free trial, users can click on “open in browser” to crop their preferred image and download it in a full-resolution image grid. 

Note: The Midjourney license doesn’t permit the use of images created during the free trial for any commercial use.  

Once you start generating images through Midjourney, you will quickly begin getting a hang of these free credits. 

Now, you must be wondering how to get more time on Midjourney. 

Reset or Bypass Midjourney Free Trial

The Midjourney free trial is associated with the Discord account. Few users tend to have multiple Discord accounts. So, if you have a spare Discord account that hasn’t been utilized for a Midjourney free trial.

Then, you can reset the Midjourney Free trial. Although users need to be extremely cautious while resetting the free trial. Because having more than one account goes against Midjourney’s terms of service

Any user caught accessing using more than one account on Midjourney can face a permanent or temporary ban on their account. Which will restrict the user from accessing Midjourney again. 

Midjourney Free Forever

Midjourney is not Free Forever. Once you have finished your free trial, users need to purchase a plan to continue using this platform. However, there is a way users can lower their Midjourney monthly bill. 

Midjourney offers a One Free Fast Hour opportunity to its users every day. Where the top 1000 users rate the quality of the images on Midjourney. This option is currently available only for paid users. One fast hour is capable of generating around 60 images. Users can purchase the fast hour by paying $4.

You can decide whether spending 20 to 30 minutes on Midjourney rating images is worth it or not. It can be beneficial in understanding the prompt structure by watching other users’ image generation. This can also help you gain inspiration and discover new ideas by rating images. 

Even though there is no way to access Midjourney for Free forever. This is the cheapest way to access Midjourney forever.

Midjourney After Free Trial

Once your Midjourney Free Trial is finished, your entered prompts will no longer process in Midjourney. However, users can still catch sight of other users’ images through their Discord account or via the website of Midjourney.

If you are wondering what would happen to the images created during your free trial? Well, your generated images will still be available on your page. Users can still access and download the images created during the free trial period.

To continue your access Midjourney users need to purchase a paid plan. Thus, here are the Midjourney’s paid plans and their prices, that you can consider buying after your free trial.  

If you are tight on your budget and looking for something cost-effective, then you can consider going for the Basic plan which is worth $10/month. This plan allows users to generate 200 images every month with each image costing 5 cents. This is the cheapest plan available at Midjourney.

Apart from this, there are three more plans available on Midjourney. The “Standard Plan” costs $30, the “Pro Plan” is available for $60, and lastly the most expensive “Mega Plan” is available for $120. Users can save a few bucks in these paid plans by purchasing the yearly plan.

This allows users to gain an extra 20%. For example, the basic plan costs a yearly plan worth “$96 ($8/month).” While the Standard plan is available for “$288 ($24 / month),” with the Pro plan costing “$576 ($48 / month)” and Mega Plan costing $1152 ($96/month). 


Midjourney’s Free Trial provides a generation of 25 images. Each image contains four images in a grid with a total of 100 images. Once the free trial has ended, users need to purchase a plan to continue accessing Midjourney. Above we have mentioned a detailed guide on Midjourney Free Trial, along with its paid plans, limit, Reset, and more. 

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