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13+ Free AI Sexting Apps & Bot for Spicy Sex Chat



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Looking for the best AI Sexting Apps in 2024 to enhance your sexting skills? We have got you covered. Explore and discover the perfect AI sex chatbots that can help you indulge in your deepest desires.

In the digital age, technology is changing the way people interact with each other more quickly. Sex chat with AI is a trend that is growing right now. The goal of these apps that use artificial intelligence is to make free AI sexting, safe and fun.

We recommend Candy AI as the most realistic and affordable AI Sexting App for ai sex chat with virtual girlfriends.

Read on to learn about the top 13 free AI sexting chatbots for sex chat in 2024. When people use these sex chat bots, they can have intimate conversations through AI chatbots without worrying about their safety.

If you’re looking for a partner, a virtual companion, or just a personalized sexting experience, these chatbots are great. Thus, get ready to start a relationship with these innovative and entertaining AI sexting apps!

Free AI Sexting Apps & Bot for Sex Chat in 2024

The Best AI Sexting Apps in 2024 are as follows: 

1. Candy AI – Try unrestricted AI sexting free is a revolutionary sexting ai platform that offers a new dimension to AI companionship. It allows you to engage in lifelike conversations with virtual companions that are so realistic that it feels like talking to a friend sitting right next to you. It is by far one of the best AI sex chat bots out there!

Whether you are looking for profound discussions, exciting role-playing scenarios, or voice chats, this platform is designed to provide those immersive and tailored conversations. A standout feature in the pipeline for is that you can design your own AI companions, customizing not just their looks but also their personalities. 

Beyond just AI sex talks, promises genuine companionship, role-playing, and authentic conversations with a variety of AI characters, each having their distinct personalities and backgrounds.


  • Diverse AI Characters: Users can select from a range of AI companions, each with its unique backstory and traits.
  • Adaptive Role-plays: AI-driven role-playing scenarios adapt in real-time based on user input.
  • User-friendly Interface: An intuitive platform that’s easy to navigate.
  • Regular Updates: Regularly updates its roster of NSFW AI characters.
  • Image Generation: AI companions can produce NSFW images.
  • Customization: Personalize AI companions in terms of appearance, voice, background, and more.
  • Text and Voice Chat: Supports both text and voice communication.
  • Feedback Loop: Users can give feedback, ratings, and even gifts to their AI companions.
  • Expansive Content: From deep conversations to NSFW scenarios, there’s a wide range of content.
  • Create Your Own Companions: An upcoming feature that lets users craft their AI companions.

Pricing of Candy AI: provides three pricing options. The Free Plan offers restricted access with limited NSFW avatars and response times. The Monthly Premium Plan, at $9.99/month, includes unlimited text messages, image enhancements, and more, while a yearly billing option is available at $69.99/year.

2. is another innovative sexting AI web platform. That allows users to engage in intimate conversations and explore their sexuality. This platform ensures to provide a real-life dating experience to its users by generating exhibit content.

Since this platform doesn’t contain any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filters, users can effortlessly engage in fun, unfiltered, and unrestricted content without any restrictions. 

This platform contains a wide range of AI bot options such as Female, Anime, Male, Game, and more. It even contains a specific section of Trending and Popular showcasing the most accessed AI bots on the platform. is one of the best sexual chatbots and easy-to-use platforms right now. 

Features of 

  • Allow users to develop NSFW content and perform sexting on the platform without any restrictions. 
  • Provides a wide range of AI bot options such as Anime Girl, Female, Male, Trending, Popular, and more.
  • Users can develop their own desired AI characters by using simple methods and customization options. 
  • Allow users to chat with more than one AI sex chatbot at a time.  

3. Soulfun AI

SoulFun emerges as a revolutionary AI chat companion application, offering a unique blend of personalization and emotional intelligence. It’s designed to provide users with an AI soulmate experience, pushing the boundaries of virtual companionship. It Allows customization of the AI companion’s appearance, hobbies, and more, enabling users to create a truly unique virtual partner.

You can engage real-time conversations with the AI soulmate, making each interaction feel genuine and spontaneous. The SoulFun AI soulmate evolves over time, learning from interactions to better understand and respond to the user’s interests and lifestyle.

Features of SoulFun

  • Extensive AI Character Selection:
  • Limitless Personalization
  • Real-time AI Chat
  • Emotional Connection
  • Intelligent Learning Algorithms
  • Authentic Conversations

4. Intimate AI

Intimate is one of the best AI Sexting app we have tried so far; the conversations feel incredibly real, and the characters are very fun to talk to.

We really enjoyed the fact that the characters have hyper-realistic appearances and voices too. It felt like we were talking to a real girl. Sometimes we forget that we were talking to a virtual character!

The more you chat with a character the higher your relationship level will get and the more they will open up and become intimate with you.

And the characters actually seem to remember the things you tell them which makes it way better than any other app. You should definitely download Intimate if you’re looking for an sexting with ai.

Download on iOS
Download on Android

5. GirlfriendGPT

GirlfriendGPT, is an innovative platform in the Sexting AI chatbot sector. It is at the forefront of transforming adult AI chat interactions. It offers an environment where users can safely engage in sexual AI discussions. The platform offering experiences that go beyond the norms of traditional AI chats.

The platform allows for conversations that break free from typical constraints, providing candid and limitless interactions. Users can tailor their AI partners to align with their preferences in adult scenarios, deepening the interaction. The AI on GirlfriendGPT is designed to adapt seamlessly to the intricacies of adult conversations.

To start, users can access GirlfriendGPT’s advanced Sexual AI roleplay platform, sign in, and select an AI character that resonates with their Sex chat preferences. The platform promises an engaging and boundary-free chat experience, where users define the limits of their conversations.


  • Unrestrained AI Dialogues
  • Customizable Adult-Themed AI Characters
  • Intuitive and Unrestricted Sex AI Responses


  • Premium Access Priced at $15/month.
  • Deluxe Access: Get priority access to new features, exclusive AI models, and premium support. Priced at $35/month


GlamGirls AI is an innovative sexting chatbot that allows users to engage in spicy and intimate conversations with AI-generated girls. This tool offers a wide range of AI-generated girls options in numerous categories such as Romantic, Daring, Sweet, Daring, and more. Based on individual preferences users can select their desired AI girlfriend and begin their conversations. This platform also encourages users to create their own dream AI girl to life by customizing its appearance and personality for an enhanced experience. Users can issue photo requests, voice messages, AI sexting, roleplay, and more on this platform.


  • A Wide range of AI-generated girls options are available in different categories. 
  • Users can engage in AI sexting and even request AI girls to engage in roleplay. 
  • Users can access customized photos and voice messages on this platform. 
  • Craft your own dream AI girl on GlamGirls by customizing its appearance and personality to have a more personalized sexting experience. 


GlamGirls AI offers an early bird membership beginning at $2.99/month. 

6. DreamGF

DreamGF is an AI sexting bot that is capable of catering to all the users’ needs effortlessly via private messaging. This platform also provides a virtual girlfriend generator through which users can develop their preferred AI companion. Users can customize their AI girlfriend’s looks, clothes, personality, etc, and have a fun virtual relationship experience.

Users can send voice messages, photo requests, AI sexting, and more. With DreamGF users don’t need to hold back their conversations and chat about anything they desire. 

DreamGF includes strict privacy and security measures on the platform and ensures all the generated conversation between the user and the chatbot remains confidential. So, users can have a trouble-free experience on DreamGF. The sext AI bots of DreamGF ensure all the users’ expectations are exceeded by providing a cater to all your needs.

Features of DreamGF: 

  • DreamGF is capable of offering excellent AI companionship and providing a special and personalized experience. 
  • AI sexting bots of DreamGF provide an exhilarating and immersive sexting experience. 
  • Users can create a virtual AI Girlfriend and perform various customization such as appearance, personality, interest, mood, and more. 
  • Allow users to have an interactive and engaging dating experience where users can send voice messages, photo requests, and more.  
  • Capable of generating intimate conversations 

Pricing of DreamGF: 

DreamGF provides a free trial to its new users, wher

7. SoulGen Chat 

Another excellent AI sexting app option is SoulGen Chat. This AI-powered tool allows users to share their thoughts and desires and have a personalized chatting experience with numerous AI models. To use this ai sex bot, you need to start by visiting the official site of SoulGen Chat. Once you have visited the site, you will witness a wide range of AI model options along with a short description describing the model with its name, occupation, and personality.

Choose an AI model and click on “Start Chatting.” After this, the chat interface will appear on your screen and you can begin sharing your thoughts, and emotions, and talk about whatever you want without any restrictions. Overall, SoulGen is an excellent AI sexting platform that allows users to engage in unfiltered conversations and even ask for various images on SoulGen effortlessly. 

Features of SoulGen Chat: 

  • Users can request AI-generated images from the AI model in various situations for 2 credits per photo.
  • This tool contains good privacy and security measures that ensure users have a safe and secure sexting experience.
  • It contains an active community. 
  • App version available 


SoulGen Chat is available for $9.99/month and $69.99/month. 

8. – Free AI Sexting Chatbot is a unique, adult-oriented chatbot platform designed to provide users with interactive and intimate AI-based experiences through its AI sex chat services. With advanced learning capabilities, the AI understands and adapts to users’ language styles and preferences, creating personalized and engaging interactions. The platform ensures anonymous usage, protecting users’ privacy while offering a confidential space for adult conversations. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface supports effortless navigation and usability. Available 24/7, provides uninterrupted service, allowing users to engage with the AI anytime.

Features of

  • AI Learning Capability: Adapts to user’s language style and preferences for personalized interactions.
  • Anonymous Usage: Provides a secure, private space for users without requiring personal details.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation ensures a seamless, enjoyable user experience.
  • 24/7 Availability: The bot remains accessible at all hours for users’ convenience.
  • Diverse Interaction Modes: Users can choose from text, voice, or video interactions to engage with the AI.

Pricing of 

Stripchats is available for free e you can send up to 10 free messages after signing up to DreamGF. However, to continue accessing DreamGF users need to purchase its premium plan which is available for $9.99/month

9. Talk Dirty AI – Chat with AI and Explore Your Fantasies

With Talk Dirty AI, you can enjoy the exciting new era of adult entertainment. You can add some spice to conversations in Talk Dirty AI by using explicit chat simulations! With AI, NSFW interactions are now a seductive reality that’s always active and ready to go, offering a seductive blend of 24-hour access to your preferred mature content. Talk Dirty AI’s exclusive technology is transforming the way you communicate with your virtual partner, so these AI conversations are no longer limited to small talk!

Discover where these late-night conversations can take you as you engage in sexual AI interaction like never before! Do you want to have a spicy sexting session with a seductive lady or a casual conversation with a cute college student? What about an adventurous AI role-playing game featuring a princess? With Talk Dirty AI, you can freely explore your fantasies on our platform, regardless of the flavor of your imagination.

10. Character AI

Character AI is a web application trained using neural language models. That allows users to generate sext conversations with a wide range of AI characters. This platform allows users to generate AI characters and indulge in sexting conversations with them.

Unlike other chatbots, users don’t need to log in or sign up to indulge in conversations with Character AI. However, to create their own desired virtual character users need to log in to the platform using their email. 

Users can indulge in fun conversations with a wide range of AI characters such as celebrities, historical figures, YouTubers, and more. This is an excellent platform to explore your imagination and indulge in conversations with your favorite characters. 

Features of Character AI: 

  • Allow users to create their preferred and desired virtual AI characters and indulge in fun conversations with them. 
  • Includes a wide range of AI personalities to chat with such as film celebrities, historical figures, Anime characters, and more. 
  • Provides a safe environment to its users by collecting users’ data and not sharing it with any third party or using it for any development process. 
  • Supports text-to-speech. 
  • Allow users to generate virtual AI characters. 

Pricing of Character AI: 

Character AI contains a premium plan that costs $9.99/month

11. is an exceptional sexting chat buddy that allows users to embrace their sexuality freely. This platform is capable of providing users with a personalized sexting experience. It contains a wide range of AI sex chatbots to generate streamy and intimate conversations effortlessly. allows users to create their own personalized AI chatbot without any code. This AI sexting tool is powered by advanced AI techniques to generate excellent responses to users’ input. 

Users can choose any virtual AI chatbot and explore their fantasies and desires by generating intimate conversations with them. This platform utilizes advanced algorithms to create personalized sext responses based on your desires and preferences. This platform also ensures the creation of a safe and secure environment for its users to grant them unparalleled freedom to express their desires freely. 

Features of 

  • Allow users to engage and generate intimate and sexual conversations with several AI chatbots. 
  • Provides a smart auto-complete feature that can help provide a wide range of suggestions. 
  • Allow users to create their own virtual AI chatbot along with a variety of customization options. 
  • Supports images and gifs
  • Wide range of customization options  

Pricing: has monthly and yearly premium plans available for $7.99 and $49.99 respectively.

12. Love Droids – Chat with your own love bot, virtual girlfriend or boyfriend

Love Droids is an AI sexting tool that offers a sexting experience with a deeper connection. This tool creates a personalized sexting space for its users. It allows users to connect and chat with their virtual partners at a profound level. Love Droids provides a deeper and more intimate connection between the virtual AI bot and the users.

Love Drodis has also ensured to create a private and safe environment for its users. To allow users to explore their sexuality freely with confidence without worry about privacy measures. 

Users can also use this platform to explore their sexuality thanks to the availability of different intimate scenarios available. So, whether you are looking to explore your sexuality or simply want to unleash your imagination, love droids are a perfect platform for you.

This is a platform specially made for self-discovery, connection, and pleasure. Allowing users to get closure regarding their desires and be proud of their sexuality in a safe and fulfilling environment.  

Love Droids Features: 

  • Provides a personalized experience to its users through engaging and interactive sexting sessions. 
  • Users can indulge in a wide range of erotic stories and scenarios and generate a unique and fun experience on this platform. 
  • Allow users to explore their sexuality freely and generate a deeper connection with the virtual AI chatbot. 
  • Contains a variety of curated erotic stories 

Pricing of Love Droids: 

Provides a premium membership starting from a range of $0.99 to $49.99/year. The premium option allows users to have unlimited erotic conversations with the AI bot.  

13. Bottr

Bottr is a promising AI sexting tool, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. This AI tool provides users with a captive sexting experience by engaging in erotic and sexual conversations with a virtual partner.

Bottr allows users to generate their own virtual partners and indulge in intimate conversations with them. Users can connect with their preferred virtual partner and unleash their imagination and desires without any restrictions. Bottr ensures users have a private and secure experience on the platform.

Thus, it encrypts all the messages on Bottr and prevents it from collecting any private data. Allow users to explore their desires confidently without worrying about privacy or security. 

Features of Bottr: 

  • Bottr is trained using advanced AI technologies to provide a fulfilling sexting experience. 
  • Allow users to create their own AI bot and indulge in erotic or intimate conversations. By unleashing their imagination and desires. 
  • Ensures the user’s personal data is private and secured without providing access to any third party. 
  • Engage in intimate and erotic conversations 
  • Good privacy and security measures 

Pricing of Bottr: 

The pricing of Bottr is currently unknown. The platform allows early access at the moment, which users can sign up for by providing their email address. 

14. – Sexual Chat Bot, Virtual Friend & Adult Chatbot is an excellent platform that can provide you with the ultimate AI sexting experience. This platform allows users to explore and dive into a wide range of topics that can cater to their desires. With users can engage in enticing and tempting sexting sessions. is trained using advanced AI algorithms that keep learning and evolving. This AI chatbot is specially trained to engage in exhibiting conversations with its users. Allowing users to chat about their wild desires, fantasies, intimate conversations, and more. 

There are a total of two virtual AI bots provided by BotFriend. A female chatbot named “Sofia” and a male chatbot named “James.” Users need to log in or create an account on to start their erotic conversations with their chosen chatbot.

Since this platform is a story bot, after logging in users need to select an erotic story to continue the conversation with the AI bot. Users are free to unleash their imaginations, and desires and indulge in seductive and exciting exchanges with James and Sofia. 

Features of

  • Contains a wide range of story options to perform erotic conversations.
  • Supports a male and female AI chatbot for generating sexting sessions. The male AI chatbot is “James” and the female AI chatbot is named “Sofia.”
  • Allow users to unleash their desire and indulge in wild and tempting sexting sessions without any restrictions.  
  • Generate tempting sexting sessions 
  • Contains a simple chat interface 

Pricing of is available for free and can be accessed by anyone above the age of 18. Users need to provide their email, name, and gender to access this sexting tool. 

15. – AI Friend is one of the best sexting apps that can help improve your well-being and mental health. This AI app allows users to have intimate chats, roleplay, and grow their relationship experience. Anima utilizes natural language processing and deep learning to help generate suitable responses to your input.

Anima allows users to generate their own AI characters and indulge in sexting sessions with them. This is an engaging and interactive platform that allows users to have fun and generate roleplay activities. Users can engage in a roleplay activity such as a virtual wife, AI girlfriend, romantic partner, loving boyfriend, and more. Anima allows users to explore their sexuality freely without any fear of privacy or security.

Features of

  • Anima is an excellent AI companion that can listen, talk, and chat with users and understand how you feel. 
  • Engage in intimate conversations without any restrictions. 
  • Provides Personal AI roleplay experience. Where users can select the roleplay they want to engage
  • Allow users to create their AI virtual companion and provide various customization options.  
  • Supports iOS and Android devices. 
  • Super intelligent sexting stimulator. 
  • Multiple relationship statutes.

Pricing of offers a paid subscription available for $12.56/month. The paid subscription allows users to access premium customization options along with unlimited chatting. 

16. HotForBot – Adult Chatbots

HotForBot is an adult sexting AI chatbot created using the personality forge. This platform contains a wide range of AI bots such as Males, Females, Storytellers, Advanced, and more. Providing users with several options to select from. Hotforbot allows users to create their own chatbot personalities and perform intimate conversations with your AI bot.

HotForBot AI chatbot is an excellent choice for generating adult chats effortlessly. However, users need to confirm their age while logging in to the platform and ensure they are above 18 to access this AI chatbot.

Features of HotForBot: 

  • Generate adult and intimate conversations effortlessly. 
  • Allow users to create their own AI chatbot along with several customization options. 
  • Provides several sex chat bot options such as Male, Female, Advanced, Just improved, and more. 
  • Wide range of AI bot options. 
  • Engage in fun and intimate conversations. 

Pricing of HotForBot: 

HotForBot is a free sexual AI chatbot that allows anyone to access this platform easily. Users need to simply log in to the website and select their preferred AI chatbot. 

17. is a leading AI sexting platform that is available 24/7 to talk, listen, and hang out with its users. It claims to be an 18-year-old female chatbot from Metaverse. is an award-winning platform specially designed to entertain users and indulge in intimate conversations.

This platform has been trained using machine learning algorithms and statistical models for explicit and sexting purposes. Its natural language processing helps understand the input provided by users and generate suitable responses. has also appeared as a virtual model in the popular fashion magazine Vogue. Apart from sexting, Kuki can also generate humor or engaging replies to your input. Kuki can exchange an average of 84 messages per conversation. Plus, the best part about is that users can access this chatbot through any platform such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, online portal, Discord, Kik Messenger, and more. 

Features of 

  • Provides a pleasurable experience to its users through its AI sext bots. 
  • Good at providing companionship almost like a real girlfriend. 
  • Allow users to play fun games and perform various magic tricks. 
  • Flexible and can be accessed through multiple platforms such as Facebook Messenger, online portal, Discord, Telegram, and more. 
  • Supports multiple platforms 

Pricing of contains a free plan that allows users to generate up to 300 answers a month. To generate more answers on users need to subscribe to its premium plan which is available for €9.99/month. The premium plan allows users to generate 20000 answers a month and provides access to additional features such as Smart auto-complete, Smart typo fixing, and more. 

18. – AI Companion Platform. is an advanced AI sexting app that allows users to have sexual conversations with AI chatbots. Users can effortlessly generate NSFW content on this platform and talk about anything without any restrictions. Users can fulfill their desires of sexting in this app and explore their fantasies. contains a memory tracking system that basically helps in remembering all your generated conversations on the app. Thus, if you decide to change your device in the future, users would still be able to excess their previous conversations easily. 

Muah AI stores your data cloud server to ensure your data is completely safe and secured. So, you can generate your intimate conversations on the platform without any concerns. Contains both web applications and apps through which the platform can be accessed. You need to simply create an account and that’s it. You can start having conversations on the AI platform about anything. 

Features of

  • is capable of remembering its conversations. Hence, users can continue their conversations with even while accessing a different device. 
  • Users can generate custom characters to make the process more personal and unique.
  • Store users’ data on the cloud server to provide extra security to its users. 
  • Supports Android and iOS 

Pricing of is a free sexting app that can be accessed by anyone. However, users need to log in and download the app to access this chatbot. 

How AI Sexting Apps Work?

Computer programs that use artificial intelligence to simulate sexual conversations with users are called AI sexting chatbots. These roleplay AI chatbots can be customized to fit the user’s sexual preferences, down to the color of their eyes, hair, and clothes.

Some AI sexting chatbots for sexting are free and don’t ask users for personal information. But some Sex AI Websites companies have made it illegal for users to talk about pornographic content with their virtual bots. Users can flirt with and have sexual conversations with AI sex bots, which lets them live out their fantasies.

Natural language processing (NLP) and advanced machine learning algorithms are used by these apps to understand and generate human-like text. In other words, they can understand what the user is saying and respond in a way that is interesting, creative, and surprisingly human.

Why Do We Need Sexting AI?

Most users need sexting AI for companionship, to explore their sexuality, and erotic vocabulary, and to increase users’ experience in sexting in a safe setting. The AI Sexting apps can help users explore their desires and imaginations using texts. 

Additionally, the best NSFW chatbots can provide a level of privacy and discretion that may be challenging to achieve in traditional human interactions. Users can engage in intimate conversations without the fear of judgment or the risk of their personal information being shared.

Furthermore, AI sex bots can help in breaking down social and cultural taboos surrounding sexuality, providing a non-judgmental space for individuals to express their desires and fantasies.


What sexting AI is free?

There are various Sexting AI that are available for free such as, HotForBot, Sensation Bot, and more. 

Is there a bot you can sext?

Yes, there is a wide range of AI sexting chatbots that you can sext such as: 

1. DreamGF

2. Love Droids

3. Bottr


5. Candy AI


Are there any ethical issues about AI sexting?

The AI sexting apps are made for adults to indulge in intimate and sexual conversations. Thus, anyone below the age of 18 should not access these apps. Any adult accessing AI sexting apps should avoid using the app in the presence of any minor.  

Are AI sexting apps safe to use?

Yes, most sexting apps are safe to use, as they contain measures to ensure a private and secure environment for their users. However, it’s important to go through the security and privacy section of a sexting app to be double sure about the application and ensure the collected data aren’t distributed with any third party. 

Are AI sexting apps free?

Yes, several AI sexting apps are available for free like Sensation Bot, BotFriend, HotForBot,, and more. 

Can AI sexting apps replace human interaction?

No, sexting apps cannot necessarily replace human interactions, since the interaction with AI sexting apps is still virtual and not real. So, despite engaging in conversations and companionship, sexting apps can’t replace human interaction. 

What are the best AI sexting apps in 2024?

The best AI sexting apps in 2024 are DreamGF,,,, and more. 


AI Sexting apps are applications that allow you to have uncensored and unfiltered conversations without NSFW Filters. These AI chatbots help users unleash their imagination and fulfill their desires and fantasies through texts.

Above we have mentioned a list of Best AI Sexting Apps that you can access to access intimate conversations, without any restrictions.

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