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100+ ChatGPT Users Statistics as of [2024]



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ChatGPT is a one-of-its-kind chatbot launched by Open AI in November 2022. The chatbot is trained using the GPT-3 language model, allowing it to interact with humans in a conversational manner. It can perform various tasks, including writing essays, codes, poems, lyrics, recipes, etc.

This intelligent chatbot has broken several records of established online platforms and set new ones. In this post, we will share the latest information regarding ChatGPT Statistics and ChatGPT users until April 2023. It also highlights Open AI and GPT-4 statistics and analyzes the performance of these platforms. So, without wasting time, let’s hop in!

How Many ChatGPT Users Are There?

According to the latest available data, ChatGPT currently has over 100 million users and it sees approximately 1.8 billion visitors per month. These figures demonstrate the site’s continued success in providing a reliable platform for users to connect with each other.

In just three months (from February 2023 to April 2023), ChatGPT made an incredible amount of progress in terms of user and traffic growth. This impressive achievement was accomplished at a record-breaking pace.

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ChatGPT Statistics At A Glance

  • ChatGPT was released on 30 November 2022 worldwide.
  • ChatGPT was free for everyone until February 2023. The company then added a subscription plan, providing exclusive features to ChatGPT Plus members at $20 monthly.
  • The platform has over 100 million active users.
  • ChatGPT is the fastest-growing tool on the internet. 
  • ChatGPT is trained using GPT-3.5. However, the plus members can access GPT-4 from March 2023.
  • ChatGPT has a dataset trained with 570 GB of text and 300 billion words.
  • The site is trained with thousands of A100 GPUs.
  • Open AI is the parent company of ChatGPT, and Microsoft is the major investor in this company.
  • ChatGPT receives approximately 10 million queries per day.
  • ChatGPT is powered using Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
  • The cost of running ChatGPT is $100,000 per day.
  • ChatGPT is an online platform. It cannot be downloaded on a device as an app or program.
  • ChatGPT uses 175 billion parameters.
  • ChatGPT is fine-tuned over GPT-3. Using supervised and reinforcement learning methods.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t connect to the internet. Its answers are based on its knowledge base.
  • ChatGPT has approximately 25 million daily visitors.
  • ChatGPT’s advanced version GPT-4, is integrated into several online applications.
  • Elon Musk founded Open AI but is no longer affiliated with the company after quitting in 2018.
  • More than 60% of ChatGPT’s traffic is from YouTube.
  • ChatGPT is banned in some schools and universities.
  • ChatGPT User Growth

    OpenAI reported that after its November 2022 launch, ChatGPT gained 1 million users in only 5 days. It took Instagram 2.5 months to reach 1 million downloads when compared to Netflix, which had to wait almost 3.5 years before achieving the 1 million users. 

    ChatGPT User Growth

    Here’s a breakdown of the approximate time taken to reach 1 million users for various online services:

    Online Service

    Launch Year

    Time Taken to Reach 1 Million Users



    5 days



    2.5 months



    5 months



    7 months



    10 months



    13 months



    2 years



    2.5 years



    2.5 years



    3.5 years

    * 1 million backers ** 1 million nights booked *** 1 million downloads

    In January of 2023, ChatGPT reached an incredible 100 million monthly active users, making it the fastest-growing application ever seen. This is in contrast to TikTok which took 9 months to reach 100 million users and Instagram which took 2.5 years to hit the same milestone. On any given day that month, 13 million unique visitors used ChatGPT – each day in January – over 2x more than in December.

    Here’s how ChatGPT monthly visits progressed over its first six months:

    Month Number of Visits Change Over Previous Month Change Over Previous Month (%)
    November 2022 152.7 million
    December 2022 266 million ↑ 113.3 million ↑ 74.2%
    January 2023 616 million ↑ 350 million ↑ 131.58%
    February 2023 1 billion ↑ 384 million ↑ 62.34%
    March 2023 1.6 billion ↑ 600 million ↑ 60%
    April 2023 1.8 billion ↑ 200 million ↑ 12.5%

    Source: StatistaReuters

    ChatGPT User Stats

    As reported by Similarweb, in the past 30 days, has seen approximately 1.8 billion visits – a rise of 180% from 1 billion back in February 2023 and a massive 7 times more than 266 million visits in December 2022.

    ChatGPT has a bounce rate of 17.33%.

    Each ChatGPT visitor views an average of 6.22 pages per visit. And each user spends an average of 8 minutes and 32 seconds on the website.

    Here’s how ChatGPT compares to other popular websites in terms of monthly visitors:


    Total Visits

    Bounce Rate

    Pages per Visit

    Average Visit Duration


    1.8 billion



    8 mins 32 secs


    83.9 billion



    10 mins 39 secs


    32.7 billion



    20 mins 33 secs


    16.8 billion



    10 mins 23 secs


    6.4 billion



    10 mins 32 secs


    6.3 billion



    8 mins 16 secs


    4.7 billion



    5 mins 11 secs


    4.5 billion



    3 mins 55 secs


    3.3 billion



    9 mins 24 secs


    3.2 billion



    8 mins 9 secs


    2.8 billion



    16 mins 53 secs


    2.2 billion



    7 mins 6 secs

    Source: SimilarwebWikipedia

    ChatGPT Demographics:

    USA has the highest number of chatgpt users 15.22%)

    Here’s the breakdown of ChatGPT users by region:



    Proportion of ChatGPT Users
















    Others (combined)


    Source: Similarweb

    ChatGPT By Age

    • 17% of 30 to 44-year-olds have used ChatGPT since January 2023. 
    • 15% of 18 to 29-year-olds have used ChatGPT to generate text.
    • 1 in 10 (9%) of 45 to 64-year-olds and 5% of 65+ year-olds use ChatGPT.

    Level of ChatGPT Awareness


    18 to 29

    30 to 44

    45 to 64


    I’ve used it myself to generate text





    I’ve seen text generated for someone else, but haven’t used it myself





    I’ve never used or never seen anyone else use it





    Not sure





    Source: YouGov

    About ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is a language model developed and deployed by a research laboratory, Open AI. The platform is trained using a deep learning method, GPT-3.5 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer- 3.5).

    The primary role of this AI tool is to interact with humans in a natural language. The platform can accomplish several text generation tasks and change the generated content’s tone or style. The catch is that it doesn’t possess emotions like humans.

    Below is an overview of ChatGPT

      • Launched On – 30 November 2022

      • Parent Company – Open AI 

      • Head Quarters – Open AI, Pioneer Building, San Francisco, California, U.S

      • Founders –  Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba, Elon Musk, John Schulman, Andrej Karpathy

      • Backed by/ Investors – Individual investors: Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder; Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder; Jessica Livingston, a founding partner of Y Combinator

      • Corporate investors: Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, Infosys

      • Number of users – 100 million+ users

      • Technology Used –  GPT-3.5, Reinforcement  learning from human feedback (RLHF), Supervised Learning

    GPT-4 Statistics

      • Launched On – 14 March 2023

      • Parent Company – Open AI 

      • Model Type  – Autoregressive multimodal transformer language model

      • Availability –  Only available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers and some supported applications

    Open AI’s ChatGPT was initially trained using GPT-3.5. The company recently launched its advanced version GPT-4, accessible to ChatGPT Plus users only.

    GPT-4 is a multimodal language model. The model is capable of handling text and images as input and output.

    Let’s have a look at GPT-4 statistics.

      • GPT-4 is capable of generating 25,000 words.

      • It understands more than 26 languages, including English, Afrikan, Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

      • GPT-4 is trained with data until September 2021. It doesn’t know anything after that.

      • GPT-4 is 82% less likely to respond to disallowed content compared to GPT-3.5.

      • It has a 29% chance of responding to sensitive queries related to medical science or self-harm.

      • The context length of GPT-4 is 8192 tokens.

      • It is integrated into various applications like Duolingo, Bing Image Creator, Be My Eyes, Khan Academy, Stripe, etc.

    Active users of ChatGPT

    Soon after the release of ChatGPT, the internet was taken by storm. Several screenshots of ChatGPT’s responses started flying on the internet. These screenshots increased its popularity helping it gain a tremendous user base within a few months of its release. Some facts regarding ChatGPT users are as follows:

      • ChatGPT gained over 1 million active users within the first five days of release.

      • ChatGPT is labeled as the fastest-growing app on the internet, with over 100 million active users in just 4 months of its launch.

      • According to SimilarWeb, the app recorded over 1.6 billion users in March 2023, with an average of 6.67 pages per visit.

      • In February 2023, ChatGPT had over 1 billion users and 616 million users in January 2023.

      • ChatGPT has a bounce rate of 16.07% and an average visit duration of 8 minutes and 44 seconds.

    Open AI Statistics

      • Launch Date: 10 December 2015

      • Head Quarters – San Francisco, California, U.S

      • Founders –  Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba, Elon Musk, John Schulman, Andrej Karpathy

      • Key Employees – CEO and co-founder: Sam Altman; President and co-founder: Greg Brockman; Chief Scientist and co-founder: Ilya Sutskever; Chief Technology Officer: Mira Murati; Chief Operating Officer: Brad Lightcap

      • Total Employees – 375 (As of 2023)

      • Type of corporation – Initially non-profit. Turned into for-profit in 2019

      • Products – ChatGPT, GPT- 1, 2, 3, 4, Open AI Codex, DALL-E, Open AI Five

      • Company Valuation – $29 billion as of January 2023

      • Partners/ Investors – Infosys, Microsoft, Khola ventures, Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, Jessica Livingston

    Open AI is the company behind ChatGPT and the GPT series. The company has invented innovative AI tools for the world. Some key points about Open AI include:

      • Elon Musk left Open AI in 2018.

      • Open AI received a $10 billion fund from Microsoft in 2023. It also facilitates cloud services for Open AI products.

      • Open AI’s revenue is anticipated to reach $200 million by 2023 end and $1 billion by 2024.

      • Initially, the company was a non-profit organization, but it is now a private company with Sam Altman as the CEO.

      • Open AI ranks 41 amongst the top sites visited globally in January 2023.

      • Open AI’s page views increased by 1561% in December 2022 after ChatGPT’s launch, reaching 304 million.

      • DALL-E and ChatGPT are this company’s two most popular and successful inventions.

      • Open AI ranks number #1 on the list of the most funded AI startups of 2022.

    How many people are using ChatGPT 2023?

      • As of March 2023, ChatGPT has more than 1.6 billion users worldwide, which is 55.84% higher than February 2023.

      • The majority of the users are from the United States of America (14.84%), followed by India (6.23%) and Japan (3.63%).

      • According to Similar Web, the platform received an average of 13 million daily unique visitors in January 2023. 

    How big is the ChatGPT dataset?

    ChatGPT is trained with a massive dataset of 300 billion words which is 570 GB of data. This data comprises information from several sources like Wikipedia, Journals, Research papers, online websites, etc.

    How many downloads does ChatGPT app have?

    OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has surpassed 500,000 downloads on iOS in 6 days, making it one of the most popular apps on Apple’s App Store in 2023 and 2022 in the US.

    How fast is ChatGPT growing?

    The ChatGPT user base has been increasing rapidly since its release.

      • ChatGPT crossed 1 million users within five days of its launch.

      • ChatGPT users increased to 57 million by January 2023 and crossed 100 million by February 2023.

      • ChatGPT received more than 13 million unique visitors in January 2023, twice that in December.

      • Compared to platforms like Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ChatGPT is experiencing tremendous traffic on its platform immediately after its release.

    Is ChatGPT faster than TikTok?

    Until ChatGPT’s release in 2022, TikTok was the fastest application to gain 1 million users in 9 months. Currently, ChatGPT beats TikTok’s record by gaining ChatGPT million users in a week. TikTok was a popular social media platform launched in 2016. The app gained huge attraction soon after its launch. 

    How much data has ChatGPT been trained on?

      • ChatGPT is trained with 300 billion words = 570 GB of data.

      • The dataset comprises 175 billion parameters, equivalent to 800GB of stored data.

      • The ChatGPT app was trained using textual data from five sources:
          • It extracted 60% of data through web crawling.

          • 22% of data was taken from WebText2, including Reddit posts with over 2 upvotes.

          • 16% of data comes from internet-based books like fictional, non-fictional, or academic books.

          • 3% of data was fed from WikiPedia’s English version.

      • ChatGPT’s dataset contained 93% of English data.

    What are some fun facts about ChatGPT?

    Some interesting facts about ChatGPT are as follows: 

      • Text generated by ChatGPT is 53% less likely to be identified by humans.

      • If you are wondering who owns chat gpt, Microsoft owns a 49% stake in ChatGPT’s parent company. Being a major investor, Microsoft controls ChatGPT.

      • Humans trained ChatGPT. So, it may make human-like errors and mistakes while generating text.

      • ChatGPT doesn’t possess emotions but can tell jokes and motivate people.

      • ChatGPT supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Afrikan, Arabic, German, etc.

    Wrapping Up: ChatGPT Statistics (2023)

    Currently, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing AI platform. The tool can be used to generate content and earn money online. It is a helpful platform for almost every industry. Several ChatGPT users are sharing their experiences online and attracting more users to the platform. By analyzing ChatGPT’s performance, it seems like the platform will reach more heights.

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