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GPT 4 Parameters – Is it 100 trillion?


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The US website Semafor, citing eight anonymous sources familiar with the matter, reports that OpenAI’s new GPT-4 language model has one trillion parameters. Its predecessor, GPT-3, has 175 billion parameters.

OpenAI has been involved in releasing language models since 2018, when it first launched its first version of GPT followed by GPT-2 in 2019, GPT-3 in 2020 and now GPT-4 in 2023.

Language models like GPT help generate helpful content and solve users’ queries. Although one major specification that helps define the skill and generate predictions to input is the parameter.

In this article, we will talk about GPT-4 Parameters, how these parameters affect the performance of GPT-4, the number of parameters used in previous GPT models, and more.    

GPT 4 Parameters - How many parameters will ChatGPT-4 have?

What are GPT Parameters?

Parameters are configuration variables that are internal to the language model. The value of these variables can be estimated or learned from the data. Parameters are essential for the language model to generate predictions. The values help define the skill of the model towards your problem by developing texts.  

Explanation of GPT-4’s Parameters

Currently, no specifications are displayed regarding the parameters used in GPT-4. Although, there were speculations that OpenAI has used around 100 Trillion parameters for GPT-4. This was later denied by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. But since GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters added we can expect a higher number on this new language model GPT-4. 

This increases the choices of “next word” or “next sentence” based on the context input by the users. Bring more similarity to human thinking than the predecessor. Since Language models learn to optimize their parameters, which operate as configuration variables while training. By adding parameters experts have witnessed they can develop their models’ generalized intelligence. 

How many parameters in GPT 4?

Prior to GPT-4, OpenAI had released three GPT models and had been developing GPT language models for years. The first GPT launched by OpenAI in 2018 used 117 million parameters. While the second version (GPT-2) released in 2019 took a huge jump with 1.5 billion parameters. 

The current GPT-3 utilized in ChatGPT was first released in 2020 and is currently used in ChatGPT with 175 billion. However, OpenAI has refused to reveal the number of parameters used in GPT-4.

But with the development of parameters with each new model, it’s safe to say the new multimodal has more parameters than the previous language model GPT-3, with 175 billion parameters. 

How parameters affect the performance of GPT-4

The size of a model doesn’t straight affect the quality of the result produced by a language model. Likewise, the total number of parameters doesn’t necessarily influence the entire performance of GPT-4. Although, it does influence one factor of the model performance, not the overall outcome. 

For now, we are unaware of the number of parameters used in GPT-4, but if we look into GPT-3 and its parameters, there are much larger AI models with a larger number of parameters that aren’t considered the best in performance, regardless of their parameters.

Microsoft and Nvidia launched Megatron-Turning NLG, which has more than 500B parameters and is considered one of the most significant models in the market. However, MT-NLG is still considered the best in performance. 

In addition, the cost of fine-tuning increases with larger models. The current model of ChatGPT, GPT-3, was expensive to train, and if OpenAI increased the model size by 100x, it would turn out extremely expensive in computation power and training data. 

Due to this, we believe there is a low chance of OpenAI investing 100T parameters in GPT-4, considering there won’t be any drastic improvement with the number of training parameters. 

Implications of GPT-4 Parameters

The significant implication of the GPT-4 parameter is its development of natural language processing such as answering questions and understanding and analyzing the input provided with similar thinking to humans than the predecessor. Including its capabilities of text summarization, language translations, and more. 

Another major implication of GPT-4 Parameters is in the AI research field. With the advanced capabilities and features, it is likely that GPT-4 to train other AI models to accelerate the development and advancement of AI applications. 


Parameters play a major role in language models like GPT-4 in defining the model’s skill toward a problem via generating text. Above, we have noted all the information about parameters, including the number of parameters added in GPT-4 and previous language models.

In addition, to whether these parameters really affect the performance of GPT and what are the implications of GPT-4 parameters. 

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