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Average Screen Time for Adults Statistics 2024



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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions to switch to online learning, working, and living. An average adult user spends 6 hours and 58 minutes online scrolling through social media apps or streaming digital content. Many users spend 3 hours and 42 minutes on a smartphone. The pandemic has fallen behind and the citizens are opening the doors to access the outside world.

Here’s the latest average screen time for adults statistics 2024, where you will find the historical data, screen time data, screen time decline, country distribution, etc.

Average Screen Time Stats 2024

  • Users aged 18 – 64 across all platforms and devices have an average of 6 hours and 38 minutes of screen time daily. (2023 Data Reportal Research)
  • Smartphone users have an increased 3 hours and 49 minutes of screen time. It is 1.3% times higher than the 2022 statistics.
  • The world spends 44% of their wake-up time staring at the displays.
  • Children in the US aged 11 – 14 years spend 9 hours on their smart devices.
  • An average individual picks up a smartphone 58 times per day. 30 of those occur during the working hours.
  • The global pandemic has boosted screen time numbers. Cambridge Open Engage discovered that the faculty members, students, staff, and alumni in the United States have increased the screen time by 20% – 30% than usual.
  • Individuals who access the internet visit streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.
  • Statistica has reported that South Africans spend 9 hours and 27 minutes on their devices.
  • The Philippines are glued to smartphones for 5 hours and 31 minutes daily.
  • United Kingdom users spend 2 hours and 55 minutes on the desktop and 2 hours and 52 minutes on smartphones.
  • Phone usage has increased by 60% after the pandemic among young adults. It has gotten harder for the young generation to go without a smartphone with internet access.  
  • The average screen time decreases as you get older and wiser.
  • Research indicates that the number of users spending time online has increased. It has severely increased negative emotions, such as depression, irritability, and anxiousness.
  • Studies have shown that on-screen time has increased physical health complaints. Many users are complaining about neck pain, headaches, poor sleep cycles, and other health issues.

Average Screen Time Historical Statistics

The latest data indicates that an average person spends 6 hours and 58 minutes daily on a device with an active internet connection.

The daily screen time has increased by 13% or 49 minutes since 2013.

Check the average screen time historical data of devices with an active internet connection since 2013.

YearAverage Screen TimeScreen Time Increased  (%)
Q3 20136 hours 9 minutes
Q3 20146 hours 23 minutesUp  by 3.8% 
Q3 20156 hours 20 minutesDown by 0.8%
Q3 20166 hours 29 minutesUp by 2.4%
Q3 20176 hours 46 minutesUp by 4.4%
Q3 20186 hours 48 minutesUp by 0.5%
Q3 20196 hours 38 minutesDown by 2.5%
Q3 20206 hours 54 minutesUp by 4%
Q3 20216 hours 58 minutesUp by 1%

The updated statistics indicate that an average user spends 40% of their waking time staring at a display. Many studies have shown that users will stream and watch online content even more. 

The Situation Is Not the Same for Everyone As Some Countries Have a Dip in Screen Time

The market has various smart devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and others. Almost every device is connected to the internet service. The vast number of users are streaming content on the devices.

Here’s a breakdown of countries that have increased the screen time between 2021 – 2022.

CountryScreen Time (%)
United Arab Emirates (UAE)Up by 1.12%
TurkeyUp by 0.44%
IndiaUp by 0.42%
South AfricaUp by 0.39%
PortugalUp by 0.37%
EgyptUp by 0.26%
Saudi ArabiaUp by 0.21%
ThailandUp by 0.21%
CanadaUp by 0.19%
BelgiumUp by 0.16%
BrazilUp by 0.11%
SwedenUp by 0.06%
SwitzerlandUp by 0.04%
IrelandUp by 0.01%
JapanUp by 0.01%

However, the statistics show a steep decrease in screen time in some countries.

CountryScreen Time (%)
ArgentinaDown by 0.01%
IsraelDown by 0.02%
RussiaDown by 0.02%
AustriaDown by 0.04%
ColombiaDown by 0.04%
PolandDown by 0.04%
GermanyDown by 0.05%
ChinaDown by 0.06%
MexicoDown by 0.06%
MalaysiaDown by 0.07%
SpainDown by 0.07%
United States of America (USA)Down by 0.07%
South KoreaDown by 0.08%
VietnamDown by 0.09%
FranceDown by 0.12%
ItalyDown by 0.12%
DenmarkDown by 0.13%
United Kingdom (UK)Down by 0.13%
IndonesiaDown by 0.15%

Average Screen Time By Region

South Africa ranks on top in average screen time usage. The Philippines follows SA in the second position. The chart below describes the situation by country, device, and number of hours spent on the device.

Region/Country NameSmartphone Screen Time (%)PC Screen Time (%)Total Screen Time
South Africa5 hours and 9 minutes (48%)5 hours and 37 minutes (52%)10 hours and 46 minutes
Philippines5 hours and 47 minutes (%)4 hours and 40 minutes (45%)10 hours and 27 minutes
Brazil5 hours and 25 minutes (53%)4 hours and 54 minutes (47%)10 hours and 19 minutes
Mexico4 hours and 37 minutes (52%)4 hours and 18 minutes (48%)8 hours and 55 minutes
Indonesia4 hours and 56 minutes (57%)3 hours and 41 minutes (43%)8 hours and 37 minutes
UAE4 hours and 35 minutes (53%)4 hours and 1 minutes (47%)8 hours and 36 minutes
Taiwan4 hours and 12 minutes (52%)3 hours and 55 minutes (48%)8 hours and 7 minutes
Saudi Arabia4 hours and 35 minutes (56%)3 hours and 30 minutes (44%)8 hours and 5 minutes
Egypt4 hours and 2 minutes (55%)3 hours and 37 minutes (45%)8 hours and 2 minutes
Turkey4 hours and 16 minutes (45%)3 hours and 44 minutes (47%)8 hours
Portugal3 hours and 39 minutes (45%)4 hours and 22 minutes (55%)7 hours and 56 minutes
Russia7 hours and 50 minutes (47%)4 hours and 11 minutes (53%)7 hours and 50 minutes
Israel3 hours and 31 minutes (46%)4 hours and 4 minutes (54%)7 hours and 35 minutes
Singapore3 hours and 5 minutes (49%)3 hours and 50 minutes (44%)7 hours and 28 minutes
India3 hours and 43 minutes (53%)3 hours and 14 minutes (47%)6 hours and 57 minutes
Colombia10 hours and 3 minutes (51%)4 hours and 54 minutes (49%)10 hours and 3 minutes
Argentina5 hours and 4 minutes (53%)4 hours and 34 minutes (47%)9 hours and 38 minutes
Malaysia4 hours and 49 minutes (53%)4 hours and 21 minutes (47%)9 hours and 10 minutes
Thailand5 hours and 28 minutes (53%)3 hours and 38 minutes (40%)9 hours and 6 minutes

The global average is around 6 hours and 57 minutes in total screen time. The users spend 3 hours and 43 minutes on the mobile phone and 3 hours and 14 minutes on the PC.

Average Screen Time By Age

One-third of parents expose their children to television at a tender age. Research says 90% of children spend time watching cartoons on TV. Parents buy the latest tablets and allow 67% of the children to watch their favorite cartoons.

The table below shows how children aged 0 – 11 years have screen time.

AgeTelevision (%)Tablet (%)Smartphone (%)Desktop/Laptop (%)Gaming
0 – 2 years74%35%49%12%9%
3 – 4 years90%64%62%21%25%
5 – 8 years93%81%59%54%58%
9 – 11 years91%78%67%73%68%

Most children aged 0 – 5 years watch content on television. However, the devices change when they reach 8 – 11 years and have access to an iPad, Android tablet, or a PC. They learn to navigate and use advanced equipment for entertainment.

The Distribution of Screen Time Explain on How Users Prefer To Use Devices

Most readers think that several US citizens spend time playing games on consoles or gaming PCs. However, the number indicates that Americans spend 14% of screen time watching movies, and 16% playing games.

ActivityScreen Time in Hours Total Screen Time (%)
TV and videos3 hours and 16 minutes34%
Video Games1 hour and 46 minutes16%
Online Videos12%
Social Media1 hour and 27 minutes9%
Content Creation14 minutes
Social Media1 hour and 27 minutes
Browsing Websites51 minutes

34% of users watch television and stream content or play games on the device. 

Here’s where users stream content for 8 hours daily.

Platform NameScreen Time
Hulu130 minutes
Netflix110 minutes
Amazon Prime97 minutes
Disney+89 minutes

Users spend eight hours daily streaming on Hulu or other similar platforms. An average user has access to over four different platforms. Apple TV and HBO Max will have some market share somewhere down the line.

Average Screen Time Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Which country has the highest screen time in 2024?

South Africa has the highest screen time at 5 hours and 9 minutes on a smartphone and 5 hours and 37 minutes on a PC.

Which country has the lowest screen time in 2024?

Romania has the lowest screen time at 7 minutes.

How many hours of screen time is ok?

Your body and eyes can handle three hours of daily screen time. 

Does high screen time trigger headaches?

Yes. Your mobile display and PC monitor can increase eye fatigue and trigger headaches.

Does a smartphone affect the sleep cycle?

Yes. Many medical experts have suggested that higher screen time impacts the sleep cycle negatively.

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