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13 Free AI Character Generator Apps (no sign-up, no limits)



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Step into the future of AI character generator from text with revolutionary Artificial Intelligence driven platforms. Whether you’re looking to bring to life a fairy tale character, a dynamic 3D model, or even an eye-catching anime Character, these online AI Character Generator tools are here to transform your visions into reality.

From random characters that spark creativity to precise designs inspired by your very own concepts, these Character Generators ensure limitless possibilities.

Dive into the world of AI character generator, where you can craft cartoon characters, fantastical creatures, and much more, all without signing up.

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm and evolving in a way no one ever expected. From chatbots to online shopping, AI technology has been everywhere. But one particular domain where AI seems to be creating a lot of impact is “AI Character Generation.” 

Which allows users to create their own AI characters using texts and have conversations with them. AI character generators allow users to turn their imagination into visuals within a few minutes.

But with such a wide range of options available, you must be wondering which is the best AI character-generating tool. In this article, we will mention the Top 13 AI character generators in 2024 along with their prices. Harness the power of AI and embark on your character design journey today!

13 Best AI Character Generators

Here are the top 13 AI character creator that allow users to create their own characters and have conversations with them: 

1. Candy AI

Candy is a best AI character generator that allows users to engage with AI-powered virtual characters. With its advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies, Candy AI creates dialogues and scenarios that are remarkably human-like.

Candy AI can adapt to a wide range of user preferences. Users can customize the appearance, voice, background, mood, and personality of their AI companions and make each interaction extremely realistic.

Whether you’re looking to have casual chats, romantic encounters, or create NSFW AI characters, Candy AI’s user-friendly interface and regular updates will ensure ensure you always get a fresh and engaging experience.

Candy AI Pricing:

Candy AI provides monthly and annual subscriptions for creating AI characters and accessing various features like unlimited texting and voice messaging. The monthly plan is currently priced at $12.99, while the annual plan costs $69.99. New users can get up to a 75% discount.

2. Soulgen

Soulgen is an anime image-generating AI tool that can develop realistic AI anime characters using text prompts. Soulgen allows users to generate anime characters in a variety of styles and allow their imagination to come to reality.

Soulgen is easy to use and contains a simple interface which makes the AI image generation process easier and faster. All you need to do is describe your thoughts in simple prompts and within seconds Soulgen will develop your dream image.

Soulgen is also one of the best adult AI art generation tools out there. Users can also edit, extend, add, and remove content from images to get their desired results. Users can subscribe to SoulGen’s pro plan to access advanced features such as No watermark, priority queue, removing blur, modifying AI Girl’s looks, and more. 

Soulgen Pricing: 

Soulgen has a monthly premium plan of $9.99/month and a yearly plan of $.69.99. By subscribing to the Soulgen premium plan you can access the AI character-generating tool without any limitations. 

3. Character AI 

Character AI is based on neural language models that can create human-like text responses. Through Character AI users can generate human-like conversations with fictional characters such as Viper, Wednesday Adams, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more.

Apart from fictional characters, users can also have fun chats with celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and more. Through Character AI users can create their own character after signing up on the platform.

You can create your own character and select a name, greeting, and avatar of your choice. 

Character AI pricing:

Character AI contains a premium plan available for $9.99/month. Through this premium plan, users can get additional features and can build their own characters. 

4. CrushOn AI

CrushOn is a character AI generator platform through which users can create stunning AI characters without filters. With this tool, users can experience genuine, unrestricted NSFW AI interactions with AI characters. CrushOn AI allows users to craft and customize AI characters based on their likes and create a character that perfectly fits their persona. 

This tool provides advanced customization options through which you can create your desired AI characters and engage in fun conversations with them. You can also generate unique stories, characters, and worlds based on your preferences and get personalized recommendations for movies, books, music, and games from CrushOn AI’s OC based on your preferences. 

CrushOn AI Pricing: 

A free plan is available through which you can send up to 50 messages a month. The premium plan begins at $1.5/month through which you can send 2000 messages a month.

5. Perchance AI

Perchance AI character generator allows users to create random characters using textual prompts and art style. This AI tool uses sophisticated algorithms which can contain a massive range of data that helps generate complex and nuanced characters.

Perchance even contains a community page where users can get inspiration and look at the work of other artists and creators. Perchance contains a vast range of art styles such as oil painting, crayon, illustration, Ghibli, and more.

Perchance also has a simple and flexible interface that is easy to understand and can be accessed by beginners as well as experienced creators. 

Perchance AI Pricing

Perchance AI is a free AI character generator that can be accessed by anyone. Users need to simply create an account on a perchance and start generating their characters. 

6. Veed 

Veed is another AI Character generator that can transform your descriptions and imaginations into visual masterpieces. Veed’s AI character art generator allows users to create astonishing characters, gaming avatars, and even 3D models.

Veed is capable of automating the generation process which allows content creators to iterate and fine-tune characters based on your preferences. 

Users can enable their creative vision and imagination through this tool and create visually stunning characters. Veed is also extremely fast and capable of generating AI characters within a few minutes.

Through Veed users can develop cartoon characters, gaming avatars, fictional characters, and much more. Veed contains a variety of use cases and can be accessed by markets, animators, game developers, social media managers, and more. 

Veed Pricing: 

Basic Plan Pro Plan Business Plan 
$291/month $599/month $1500/month 
Ideal for content creators and freelancers Ideal for professional use Ideal for organizations and business 

7. Artguru

ArtGuru is a Text AI Character Generator. This tool primarily analyzes your requirements based on your prompts or descriptions entered. Depending on your prompts ArtGuru begins creating your characters.

ArtGuru contains a massive range of styles to help users customize and personalize their characters. 

ArtGuru also contains a flexible and user-friendly interface which makes it easy for users to access the tool and generator characters. ArtGuru utilizes natural language processing technology to identify and analyze all the important character traits, behaviors, and emotions.

Once ArtGuru begins the processing of your character, it embodies all those traits to provide you with excellent results.

ArtGuru Pricing: 

ArtGuru contains two weekly plans which are mentioned below: 

Mini Plan Pro Plan 
$1.99/week $3.99/week 
100 credits every week 400 credits every week 

8. Fotor 

Fotor is an anime AI generator free with no sign up that allows users to generate anime characters. Using this tool users can create a variety of character art styles such as 90s anime style, chibi art style, comic style, and more. Unlike other AI character generators, Fotor allows users to have full customization capability. 

This includes creating and refining anime characters exactly the way you want by adjusting the clothing, hairstyle, face, pose, and more. Fotor also keeps adding new features and filters which allow users to have more possibilities to explore and create new characters.

Fotor is intuitive and easy to use which makes it a suitable platform even if you don’t have expertise in character generation.

Fotor Pricing: 

Fotor Pro Fotor Pro +
$3.33/month $7.49/month
100 credits/month 300/month

9. Artflow 

Artflow is a character-generating app that allows users to generate lifelike animated characters. Through Artflow users can develop a variety of character art styles such as 3D animated characters, animations, illustrations, and more.

Artflow can be a suitable platform for digital artists, freelancers, and content creators to develop animated characters. 

Users need to simply enter a prompt explaining their requirements and Artflow will immediately develop 3D characters for you.

Artflow also provides voice integration support to help make the character creation process more easier. You can access Artflow on your smartphone or iPad using the app available. 

ArtGuru Pricing: 

ArtGuru contains a paid plan that starts from $2.99/month. By subscribing to ArtGuru’s paid plan users can gain access to its additional features and capabilities. 

10. Zmo 

Zmo is the ultimate AI Anime character generator that allows users to create stunning art, anime, images, and more from text or images. This is an ideal anime character generator tool for creators and designers. Users can replace items, swap faces, change hairstyles, and more on this platform.

You need to simply upload your collection of anime characters and Zmo will immediately create similar-looking anime on your own data.

Zmo Pricing: 

Basic Plan Pro Plan Enterprise Plan 
$59/month$199/month $799/month 
30 credits 70 credits 400 credits 

11. Crypko

Crypko is an Anime Character generation platform powered by a Generative adversarial network (GAN). Users can generate illustrations of their favorite anime characters using Crypko.

Through this platform, users can create and edit various features of their character such as the face, hair, clothes, style, and more.

Crypko has taken character generation to the next level with advanced features and deep personalization effects. Users can not only control the way their character appears but also customize the smallest details.

This includes opening or closing the mouth, accessories worn by the character, eye color, and more. 

Crypko Pricing: 

Starter PlanStandard Plan Premium Plan 
$3.34/month$6.82/month $34.67/month 

Artbreeder utilizes machine learning to generate unique and creative images. It utilizes the process of remixing to develop new images. It uses StyleGAN and BigGAN models. Users can access Artbreeder to create animated characters, landscapes, portraits, and more.

Artbreeder offers a variety of illustrations that can be managed by users in folders and later can be downloaded in PNG and JPG formats. This is a perfect image generator for creative people. 

Artbreeder Pricing: 

Starter Advanced Champion 
$8.99/month $18.99/month $38.99/month 
100 credits275 credits 700 credits 

12. Bluewillow AI 

Bluewilliow is an image-generating AI that can help you create amazing images within a few minutes. Users need to enter their prompts describing their image requirements and Bluewillow will be analyzing your prompts and generate a suitable image for you.

This image-generating tool is capable of generating logos, digital artworks, photo realistic images, and much more. It is a perfect tool for content creators and freelancers. Regardless of your expertise level, users can generate astonishing images easily with Bluewillow AI.

So, even if you are a beginner you can turn your imagination into lifelike images using Bluewillow AI. It even contains a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it a perfect image-generating tool.

Bluewillow AI Pricing: 

Willower Plan Blue Angel PlanSapphire Plan 
$5/month $10/month $20/month 
50 prompts per day 100 prompts per day200 prompts per day 


There is a wide range of free and paid character-generating tools available. Through this, you can create personalized characters using simple texts.

Above we have listed down the top 13 AI character generators along with their prices, to help you find the one that is most convenient for you. 

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