The Battle of AI: Comparing ChatGPT to Other Language Models in the Market

The Battle of AI: Comparing ChatGPT to Other Language Models in the Market

ChatGPT is amongst the most remarkable inventions of Open AI. The AI chatbot interacts with users in a human-like language. The chatbot performs various tasks, making it distinct from other chatbots in the market. For instance, it can solve problems, compose music, and translate text into languages. Conversely, many companies have joined the race to … Read more

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Us Safer?

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Us Safer

Artificial intelligence has been gaining massive recognition for its simulation of human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities for years. Its natural language processing, machine vision, and expert system have made it a huge part of various industries such as Advertising, Marketing, Education, Healthcare, and more.  But with cybercrimes, fraud mail, and malware arising every day, the … Read more

Who is Andrew NG, and its Net Worth?

Who is Andrew NG, and its Net Worth?

Are you wondering who Andrew NG is? Why is he so popular, and what’s his background? You are in the right place! Andrew NG is an American Computer Scientist and entrepreneur born in the United Kingdom. He co-founded Google Brain and has made substantial contributions to the online learning sector as a founder of Coursera … Read more

Best Udemy Machine Learning Course 2023

Need help learning and acquiring skills in machine learning? Now it’s easy for you because we’ve researched and listed the Best Udemy Machine Learning Courses. Today’s most fascinating and promising employment prospects are those for specialists like Machine Learning Engineers and NLP Scientists. But how can you decide which course to take when so many … Read more

9 Best Coursera Machine Learning Courses on 2023

One of the leading platforms for online education in the world is Coursera. The best machine learning course on Coursera collaborates with more than 200 institutions of higher learning and businesses to offer various learning opportunities. With so many online options and courses on Coursera, it can be difficult for beginners to navigate through all … Read more

Top Machine Learning Conferences 2023

Machine learning conferences play an important role in advancing the field of artificial intelligence. They provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to collaborate, share their latest findings, and collaborate on new projects. This article aims to provide a ranking of the best machine learning conferences and to give an overview of the … Read more

10 Best Machine Learning Certifications 2023 to boost your Career

In this article, we will review the top 10 best machine learning certifications that will be in demand in 2023. To ensure that their students are equipped with the skills and information necessary to thrive in the field, reputable institutions offer certificates in the subject.  In today’s highly competitive job market, a machine learning certification … Read more