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Who is Andrew NG, and his Net Worth?


Andrew NG

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Are you wondering who Andrew NG is? Why is he so popular, and what’s his background? You are in the right place!

Andrew NG is an American Computer Scientist and entrepreneur born in the United Kingdom. He co-founded Google Brain and has made substantial contributions to the online learning sector as a founder of Coursera and He also supports various AI-based startups through his organization AI Fund.

Andrew NG is one of the most popular business personalities worldwide.

Who is Andrew NG, and its Net Worth?

Who is Andrew Ng?

Andrew Ng (aka Andrew Yan-Tak Ng) was born in the United Kingdom. His parents were immigrants from Hong Kong. Andrew Ng spent time in Hong Kong and Singapore during his early life.

He later graduated from Singapore and moved to Pennsylvania for undergraduate studies. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Andrew Ng researched reinforcement learning and model selection at AT&T Bell Labs.

After completing undergraduate studies, Andrew NG went to MIT for a Master’s degree. He later completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at California University, Berkeley.

Andrew Ng began his career in 2002 as an assistant professor at Stanford University. Later he joined Google in 2012, where he founded Google Brain. In 2018, Andrew Ng revealed his latest project AI Fund, which funds AI-powered startups.

Andrew Ng Net Worth

Andrew Ng is the co-founder of Google Brain, Coursera, and He has also worked as an assistant professor at Stanford University, as Chief Scientist at Baidu, and runs AI Fund.

His net worth is expected to be more than $110 Million. He also owns a luxurious home in California and several luxury vehicles.

How Did Andrew Ng Make His Money?

Andrew Ng began his career as an assistant professor in 2002. He then worked at Google, where he founded and directed the Google Brain deep learning project. Ng also co-founded Coursera, an online learning platform.

His online course for deep learning was one of the most popular courses machine learning on Coursera, with 1000+ students. Ng also worked for Baidu as a Chief Scientist.

Andrew Ng has developed various projects in the machine learning field. And these innovations have helped him earn a lot. He also helps AI-based startups by funding them and holds shares in Coursera.

How Rich is Andrew Ng?

Andrew Ng is a rich person with a net worth of $110+ Million. He also owns luxurious properties and cars in California.

His research in the machine learning and deep learning sector has added substantial value to the online learning department, and this has eventually helped him make tremendous money.

Why is Andrew Ng Famous?

Andrew Ng is a famous computer scientist and technology entrepreneur. He is known for his extensive contributions to the online learning field.

Andrew Ng has created platforms like Google Brain, Coursera, and He has also published books to educate people about artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Andrew Ng has also received various awards for his remarkable contributions to society. He has also made up the list of the Fortunes 40 under 40 and Times 100 Most Influential People. His achievements and contributions have made him a famous personality worldwide.

Where Did Andrew Ng Go to College?

Andrew Ng completed his graduation from Singapore. He then pursued his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, majoring in Computer Science, Economics, and Statistics.

For a Master’s degree, he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge. Finally, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at the University of California, Berkeley.

Andrew Ng Google Scholar

Andrew Ng has authored more than 300 publications. These publications spread knowledge regarding machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence concepts.

You can find some Andrew Ng publications on Andrew Ng’s Google Scholar by clicking the following link (

Does Andrew Ng Have a Ph.D.?

Andrew Ng possesses Ph.D. in Reinforcement Learning. He pursued Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2002 under the supervision of Michael I. Jordan.

What is Andrew Ng Known for?

Andrew Ng is a famous computer scientist known for his substantial contribution to online education. He is known for founding education platforms like Coursera and

He has also been awarded the best paper awards at academic conferences. However, Andrew Ng is highly known for his Machine learning courses, Ng: Machine Learning and Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

What is Deep Learning by Andrew Ng?

Deep Learning by Andrew Ng is a Coursera course designed and instructed by Andrew Ng. The course helps students understand the capabilities, challenges, and consequences of deep learning.

Students can also train neural network architectures and master various theoretical concepts. It also makes students industry-ready and gives them career advice.

Andrew Ng Machine Learning Coursera Course

Andrew Ng has published various machine learning courses on Coursera. This course helps students master AI fundamentals, build and train models, and develop practical machine-learning skills. Some courses published by Andrew Ng include:

  • Machine Learning Specialization
  • AI for Everyone
  • Understanding Research Methods
  • Deep Learning
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning

Is Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Course Good?

Andrew Ng has conducted extensive research and published several papers in the machine learning field. He has developed various platforms that utilize AI and machine learning concepts. His courses help students learn various machine-learning concepts and gain practical skills.

Hence, it is worth paying for Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Courses. These courses will make students industry-ready and help them secure a better career in machine learning.

Which is the Best Course by Andrew Ng?

The best machine learning course designed by Andrew Ng is Ng: Machine Learning. This course is ideal for beginners and experts. The course overviews machine learning, the required maths, linear algebra, and neural networks.

It is an eleven-week course, and you can join it without prior knowledge or experience in this field. Once you complete the Machine learning course, you can move on to advanced courses.

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