Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT Writing?

As students are turned to online learning, their need for information and knowledge is only increasing. But in the virtual sphere there’s also concern about new forms of cheating that may arise – which leads us to today’s question: Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT writing? As more educators learn about this AI (artificial intelligence)-enabled tool, they’re wondering if they can be sure that the assignments being submitted are original pieces by their students, or if this new technology will bypass existing plagiarism algorithms. In today’s post we’ll dig into how ChatGPT works and discuss ways it could potentially be flagged by Turnitin software as a sign of suspicious activity.

Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT writing

Quick Facts

  • Yes,Turnitin software can detect ChatGPT writing.
  • It provides a Similarity index and originality report to support its identification. 
  • Educators and lecturers can use this AI-writing detector to check students’ work. 

Turnitin ChatGPT Screening 

Availability of AI chatbots like ChatGPT has made it easier for students to generate content within a few seconds. Users can simply raise a request for essays, articles, blogs, etc and ChatGPT will generate in a human-like tone. 

A wide range of students use ChatGPT for their assignments, homework, and college essays. This has led to many serious issues such as copying, and inauthentic content which removes the whole purpose of universities and colleges giving assignments and homework. 

AI chatbots’ ability to produce content and responses in a human tone, has made it difficult for schools and universities to distinguish between AI-written and human-written content. To avoid this issue, AI content detectors like Turnitin were introduced. Turnitin ChatGPT Screening can identify and analyze the originality of the content provided. It can analyze and detect content from scratch. 

Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT Writing? 

Yes, Turnitin has stated its technology can detect content written by AI chatbots such as ChatGPT. Turnitin is a plagiarism checker that can properly analyze content to ensure the originality of the work submitted. Universities and educators can now easily check the work presented by students and check the originality of the content. Turnitin’s ChatGPT Screening can inspect all the content written through an AI chatbot. 

The groundbreaking plagiarism checker will be able to detect content’s originality from scratch. Apart from identifying AI written content, Turnitin also provides a report identifying the occurrence of plagiarism. Schools and universities will highly benefit from Turnitin, as nowadays students tend to use AI chatbots to complete their assignments and college essays, which eliminates the originality, authenticity, and true intention of assignments. 

How does Turnitin work? 

Lecturers or educators can put up a Turnitin assignment, through the university’s online learning environment or upload it directly on Turntitin’s official site. Then students are asked to submit their respective assignments online and upload them as per the given due date. 

Once the assignment is submitted by students, Turnitin will examine and analyze the entire submitted work. This plagiarism tool will identify each and every sentence and match it with other sources to detect the originality of the content within a few minutes. 

Submitted work can be viewed by the working staff and it also allows lecturers to make online work and include comments and grades which are returned to the respective students once all the papers are checked and have been marked. 

There are two things provided by Turnitin each for submitted work: 

Similarity Index: Turnitin’s software takes the content submitted and compares it with a wide range of databases of content, including academic, internet, and student paper content. Then turnitin starts looking for similarities and reports them with a percentage. This includes the total percentage of matched or plagiarized content analyzed by Turnitin with other sources. Proper indication of matched content in the submitted paper will be showcased in the similarity index. Students and educators then check what sentences or phrases are matching and what changes need to be made to avoid further similarity issues. 

Originality Report: It will provide a complete report of matched content in extra detail including the sources found by Turnitin. It can include articles, blogs, websites, books, and more which has been previously submitted. 

With Turnitin software available, it will be way easier for universities and schools to detect AI-written content within a few minutes. Now, students can work on preparing original assignments and essays rather than asking chatbots to generate content and solve queries for them.  

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  1. I can personally attest that TurnitIn’s ChatGPT detection feature does not work. As both a student and an educator, I have tested it out multiple times, and it has yet to be flagged as of today.


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