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Best AI Sex Chatbots of 2024



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AI sex chatbots are one of the most recent developments in the field of companionship and intimacy. They allow people to fulfill their fantasies and engage in meaningful conversations by providing customizable virtual partners. Many people are turning to using AI sex chatbots since the virtual characters are diverse and possess outstanding features that resemble those of a real partner.

With their ability to adapt and learn from interactions with their users, AI sex chatbots have now become more than just entertainment tools – they are also trusted partners in exploration. However, with all the AI sex chatbots available today, how do you know which one will fascinate you most?

Best AI Sex Chatbots

1. Candy AI

Candy AI is rocking the boat in the world of NSFW AI sex chatbots, bringing something wild and different to the table. Candy AI gives you access to ready-to-use virtual girlfriends for AI sexting. You can choose from various AI characters in realistic and anime styles. But, if you do not like the girlfriend given to you, you can also create your own. Select the features of your ideal partner from a dozen physical characteristics and personal traits to make them perfect.

Some of the outstanding features of this AI include:

  • Variety of AI characters
  • Engaging chats with characters
  • Integrated audio and photo features
  • Adaptive role plays
  • AI voice

With Candy AI, you can request specific images or audio images from your AI character to make your experience feel more natural and personal. The “Ask” button on the platform allows you to request a high-quality NSFW picture or audio. However, to receive a voice message, you need to have subscribed to the premium plan.

2. GirlfriendGPT

Girlfriend GPT is one of those AI sex chatbots that’s for you if you’re not always in the mood for the hot and heavy stuff and you just want to hang loose with a laid-back chat or if you want to turn up the heat. The main catch of the platform is its ability to cater to different needs and preferences, offering everything from simple companionship to more complex, adult-themed interactions. With more than 25,000 AI characters, you will surely find someone that catches your eye and matches your vibe. Some of the most prevalent AI characters from Girlfriend GPT are Sarah, Lily, Marie, Your Boss Natalie, Abby the Office Intern, and Joan the Therapist.

Some of the standout features of GirlfriendGPT are:

  • DIY NSFW AI characters
  • No-holds-barred chats
  • Conversational fluency
  • Selfie generation
  • Platform integration

The characters in Girlfriend GPT closely mimic real-life conversations and even have the ability to send or receive selfies. The platform is also available 24/7 to make companionship accessible at any time.

3. DreamGF

DreamGF adds to the list and is renowned in the AI sex chatbots /community due to its image quality. You can generate images in two ways on the platform: using the image generator or through chatting. Also, you can decide what personality you would like your character to have. The platform gives you a chance to choose from 13 different personalities: nurse, lesbian, LEWD, casual, submissive, mean, nympho, cougar, stepmom, gamer, dominatrix, innocent, and girlfriend.

Some of the standout features of DreamGF are:

  • Matching algorithm
  • Chat interactions
  • Fantasy characters like Ezra and Scarlet
  • Diverse and realistic characters
  • Roleplay and voice memos

The most significant feature of DreamGF AI is possibly its fictional AI character. The tool allows you to converse with virtually designed fictional characters like Disney princesses, Wonder Woman, or any other character you wish. To make it even better, you get to customize the traits of the virtual character according to your interests and preferences.

4. Intimate AI

Fourth on the list is Intimate AI, which uses natural language processing and machine learning technologies to create a virtual companion that can engage in human-like conversations and adapt to user preferences. The AI girlfriend learns from interactions and adjusts to user preferences to engage in discussions that appeal to the user. One of its many groundbreaking features is its ability to respond to different learning styles, preferences, and moods to personalize companionships.

With Intimate AI, you will experience:

  • Realistic media interactions
  • A secure and private platform
  • An emotionally intelligent AI
  • 24/7 availability and accessibility across all devices

Recently, Intimate AI negotiated with several OnlyFans models about becoming platform ambassadors. The models aim not only to provide their likeness for the AI partners but also to bring in their unique personalities to create a deeper and more genuine connection for users. With this move, Intimate AI aims to bring its users closer to their favorite personalities, enhancing user experience and providing an impossible level of intimacy and interaction on other platforms.

5. SoulGen Chat

SoulGen chat is a platform designed for simplicity and accessibility to designers, artists, and anyone interested in exploring the intersection of art and AI. Unlike most AIs on the list, SoulGen AI is an art generator specializing in creating photo-realistic and artistic images from text prompts. Luckily, you can also use the AI to generate NSFW AI images. When generating NSFW AI images, you can create custom portraits, edit existing pictures, or apply fun styles like anime.

Some of the features you will enjoy when using SoulGen include:

  • Text-to-image conversion
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lookalike image generation using reference photos
  • Advanced editing capabilities

To use the tools’ text-to-image generator, enter a descriptive prompt, then choose your image’s style and aspect ratio. Alternatively, you can use a base image to guide the AI. For instance, you can use a royalty-free picture to create a new image in that person’s likeness. However, subscribe to the premium plan to use the base image feature.

6. CrushOn AI

CrushOn AI creates immersive and natural chat conversations with fictional characters from various categories like celebrities, animation, games, and more. The platform has an NSFW filter, which allows users to choose between NSFW and SFW content. NSFW content will enable users to access restricted content and encourage appropriate romantic conversations. Also, the filter system lets you decide what type of experience you want on the platform.

CrushOn AI allows you to:

  • Train AI characters
  • Create custom NSFW characters and access unrestricted NSFW content
  • Participate in natural language conversations
  • Find out AI created by diverse users

You can chat with multiple AI chatbots on CrushOn AI simultaneously. To do this, you need to create your AI characters. When creating a character, you will customize the greeting, personality, and environment the character is in and then give an example of a conversation to define your character.

7. Talk Dirty AI

Talk Dirty AI provides an intuitive platform for users to explore their dirty-talking fantasies without any restrictions. The platform allows you to have uncensored conversations and unleash your wildest desires. Since Talk Dirty is AI-driven, its interface is simple, intuitive, and easily accessible even to first-time users. Also, users can explore roleplay features, unique scenarios, and storylines.

With Talk Dirty AI, you will:

  • Have profound and unbounded conversations
  • Customize experiences, scenarios, and personalities
  • Have the potential to monetize interactions through OnlyFans
  • Explore wild fantasies through AI chat
  • Have realistic discussions thanks to the platform’s advanced natural language processing

Talk Dirty AI does not have a mobile app, so users have to navigate to the platform’s official website to access it. After signing up, you will be prompted to enter an open-ended message to set the scene and be ready to go.

8. Kupid AI

Kupid AI is a chat platform that brings virtual companions to life through realistic interactions. The platform offers a secure virtual environment that prioritizes user confidentiality and privacy. The platform has 28 AI personalities, 24 of them female and 4 of them male. The female characters are versatile and come from various places, including the US, Italy, Germany, and Argentina. Their interests, job titles, and personalities are diverse, with professionals like graphic designers, personal assistants, and students. The four male characters are only available in realistic form, and there is no anime option.

Kupid AI allows you to:

  • Personalize your AI companion down to the least of details
  • Chat with AI soulmates for an interactive experience that simulates real conversations
  • Dive into a virtual dating experience
  • Engage in meaningful discussions beyond mere chatting

While the primary users of Kupid AI are those looking for a distinct dating experience, the platform can also be used by those looking forward to forming connections and relationships in a virtual environment.

9. SoulFun AI

SoulFun AI is a chatbot platform that allows users to forge deep and meaningful relationships with NSFW AI characters. The platform offers a virtually immersive chat experience that lets you choose from over 50 AI characters in movies, anime, and gaming. The app also has messaging features that use advanced NLP algorithms to understand and respond to user input, making conversations more natural.

With SoulFun AI, you get to experience:

  • Real-time AI chat
  • Interactive storylines
  • Personalized companionship
  • Surprising plot developments

Since SoulFun AI has a good share of offensive, violent, and explicit content, the app introduced Teenager Mode. This feature is purposed for users over 13 to chat with AI personalities like influencers, celebrities, and fictional characters designed for teens.

10. Pephop AI


Pephop AI is a roleplaying sex chatbot tool powered by different artificial intelligence models like GPT 4. It processes natural language to produce human-like replies, answers, and more. The platform stands out for its outstanding NSFW capabilities and proprietary Large Language Model (LLM). PepHop categorizes all in-house and community-created AI bots using tags like male, female, fictional, and nonbinary. There are also more than 200 genres of AI bots to choose from. These can be accessed from the complete list of the All Tags or Categories menu.

Pephop stands out since it has features like:

  • Extensive roster of 5000+ characters
  • Diverse chat modes
  • Safe but stimulating NSFW experiences
  • A wide range of characters with diverse personalities
  • Proprietary LLM model

To create a character, you will need to feed in an avatar, an introduction, and tags, choose whether it will be public or private, decide if it should be SFW or NSFW, and define its character and personality.

How Do Sex Chatbots Work?

Sex chatbots are like computer programs that talk to people about sex. Most chatbots have algorithms that analyze what a person is saying and then generate a response based on the input. The bots learn from conversations by studying and trying to copy people’s words and phrases. The chatbot responds with messages just like a real person would. These messages can be naughty, flirty, or just friendly, depending on what the person wants.


Are AI Sex Chatbots Safe to Use?

AI sex chatbots can be relatively safe to use, but they should be used with care. Since humans program chatbots, they may sometimes give inaccurate or unreliable information. Also, users should be cautious about disclosing any personal information since interacting with AI sex chatbots could potentially lead to sharing personal or sensitive information.

Are AI Sex Chatbots Free?

Some AI sex chatbots are free, while others may need a subscription fee to access additional features or premium content. In most cases, the capabilities and quality of paid services are higher than those offered for free. Users need to read the terms and conditions of any platform carefully to understand any associated costs before engaging with AI sex chatbots.

Can AI Sex Chatbots Replace Human Interaction?

No, AI sex chatbots can provide a form of interaction, but they cannot fully replace human interaction. AI chatbots lack the emotional depth, connection, and empathy humans can offer. Also, human interaction involves complex understanding, emotions, and non-verbal cues that AI chatbots cannot replicate.


AI sex chatbots offer a unique opportunity for people to fulfill their fantasies and entertain themselves. Their ability to simulate conversations and participate in intimate dialogue can be an intriguing experience for users. However, people should aim to prioritize meaningful relationships with friends and family, as these are the ones who genuinely enrich their lives and make experiences meaningful.

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