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Can you use Midjourney Commercially?


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Midjourney lets its subscribed users generate creative images from simple text prompts any way they see fit. Once you get the AI-generated image for yourself, you are the sole owner of that digital piece of art. Whether you decide to use it commercially, keep it for personal use, or sell it off entirely, it is up to you. 

Our article here will specifically discuss the permissions, guidelines, and applications for using Midjourney commercially. Using Midjourney to its full potential would bring significant benefits in terms of business as well.

Can I use Midjourney generated images for commercial use?

Can you use Midjourney Commercially?

Yes, you can. If you have an image entirely generated by Midjourney, you can also use it commercially. You just need to ensure that while generating, the user is logged in to his account, and is also subscribed to one of Midjourney’s subscription plans.

Can you sell Midjourney art?

Yes, you can sell your Midjourney creations for some money, but you need to subscribe to one of the Midjourney’s plans, and the piece of art needs to be created from that subscribed account.

If you created the art using a trial offer or other free means, you are not allowed to sell the piece for the money. But if it is created via a subscribed account, the art can be exchanged with someone for money.

Commercial use of Midjourney images: Licensing terms and conditions

Using Midjourney-created images has some restrictions for different kinds of users in terms of commercial use. The terms and conditions for free users are different, and for the subscribers, they are different. 

Let’s take a look into the intricacies of the different users.

Licensing terms for free users

For a free Midjourney user, produced images are limited to personal and non-profit use. That is, these creations or images cannot be used commercially. This is set as per the guidelines of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0). It allows remixing, copying, and redistributing images but with appropriate attribution. This regulation strictly prohibits commercial use of the items, which in this case are the images.

Licensing terms for paid users

Paid Midjourney users do have the right to use the generated images commercially. This falls under the platform’s General Terms of Service. There are some limitations in specific use cases, though, and to understand that fully you need to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions of Midjourney regarding commercial use. In general, though, paid users can use Midjourney images commercially.

Are Midjourney images copyright free?

No, a subscribed Midjourney user does not have copyright ownership of the generated images. The user can use the images for projects, but they do not have exclusive rights to the content they generate. This means other users can use or modify the images if they get the same ones while working on Midjourney.

When to use Midjourney commercially

Now when it comes to using Midjourney commercially, you can do it for various reasons. However, we have picked a few use cases to help you understand how to use these Midjourney-created images.

Marketing material and cover art

One of the most prominent use of Midjourney images can be in the form of marketing materials, advertising content, and for cover art. This serves as an excellent tool of choice for people who are looking the have an competitive edge over other in terms of the utilization of the latest technology in hand.

Merchandise and prints

Merchandise and prints is another use case for Midjoueny images as one can easily generate any specific design they can think of while instructing the AI to keep it apt enough to be used in merchandise and prints. New raw attractive design will allow any t-shirt, posters, or other similar product to stand out from the usual.

Logos and branding

Midjourney can also be used as an effective tool for designing logos and branding materials. With the unique artistic touch that the Midjounrey-generated images posses, any image designed for branding will stand as a unique symbol of identity for a business.

Limitations and restrictions for using Midjourney Commercially

Now that we have discussed the use cases of Midjourney in terms of commercial use, let’s take a look at their limitations and restrictions as well.

Commercial use limitations

One essential thing to realize with the commercial use of Midjourney is that even though the images are commercial use ready for subscribers, they are not exclusively owned by the creator. Meaning the generated images of one user can be used by another user as well.

Companies with high revenue

Midjourney has an unusual restriction on companies that generate more than $1,000,000 in annual gross revenue. If such a company uses Midjouney’s service, they need to be subscribed to the Pro Plan to use the images commercially.

Compliance with Terms of Service (ToS)

When using Midjourney-created images commercially, the user needs to ensure that he/she abides by the platfform’s terms of service. Failing to do so might result in severe legal consequences for the end user. So give the terms of service a thorough read to better understand the compliance terms for commercial use as well.

Can I use AI-generated art commercially?

Yes, you can use AI-generated art commercially, but there are certain limitations as well. Firstly, not every AI-art generated would let you use the creations commercially. And even if they do let you use the art commercially, there will be certain terms and conditions to meet. So it all depends on the art generator tool you are using and its platform’s terms for commercial use.

Can I still use the images If I cancel my Midjourney subscription?

Yes, you can still use the images even if you cancel the Midjourney subscription. The images that you generated won’t be deleted from your account or the discord channel where you used the bot. You can open either of them anytime after the cancellation to open and use the images as you see fit. And yes, the commercial use of the images is also possible for you even after the cancellation.


So Midjourney is a promising platform that has a lot of potential when it comes to commercial use. Anyone looking for one such AI art generator will have excellent use case creating unique designs and images within seconds while ensuring commercial use a viable option for these unique creations.

The flexibility of the tool makes it perfect for any sector or industry that needs constant image or logo generation capabilities. Any company can save a lot of money by hiring fewer designers now.

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