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Midjourney Gallery: Top 5 Places of Inspiration


Sagar Choudhury

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Midjourney Gallery is a go-to option for creative professionals worldwide to explore collections of amazing AI-generated images. This became possible due to Midjourney’s ability to crunch out innovative and lifelike images for its users with just a simple text input, and all the users need to do is let their imaginations run free.

What is Midjourney Gallery?

Midjourney gallery is the collective space where the images generated by the tool are stored for everyone to see and take inspiration from. All these images are the results people worldwide have generated using textual search queries.

Top 5 Places to See Various Midjourney Gallery

Different Midjourney galleries are available online, and we will look at the top 5 places here.

1. Midjourney Gallery Official Showcase

Community Showcase is the official Midjourney gallery. It is available for everyone to explore the all-time most popular images generated by Midjourney users. 

Any image you see here is generated through some text prompt; if you are curious about that information, you can just hover over the image. Hovering over the image will also reveal the model that was used to generate the image.

Midjourney Seed for Text Prompts

Most users look for the text prompts to generate the same image for themselves, but it won’t work that way. The pictures generated will differ even when you enter the same search prompts.

You can use a seed parameter to generate images similar to what you see as inspiration in the gallery. Midjourney’s seed parameter for any generated image is an initial starting point. So to get identical photos, you need to use the same seed parameter and text prompt in your search for your image. 

2. Midjourney Community Feed

Midjourney Community Feed is a gallery available to only the paid subscribers of Midjourney. This premium offering features a wide variety of filters and search options that you can use to see any image you want.

The community feed also lets you copy the entire text prompt of an image you check out, which is unavailable in the official gallery mentioned above. Clicking on any of the pictures here will reveal a plethora of information, like parent generation and the initial four-image grid generated by the tool while generating the entire image.

You will also see image-specific text prompts, such as aspect ratio and model version, used while generating the image. This allows users to customize their text prompts further to get even more identical results. 

The text prompt that you will see for the images will also be broken into separate sections separated by commas. You can click on any individual units and check out even more pictures related to those phrases.

3. Midjourney Reddit Gallery

This is one for the masses, for sure. The Midjourney Reddit Gallery does not pull images from Midjourney’s servers. Instead, it is filled with user submissions, and if you use the Reddit mobile app, you will enjoy this the most as you can just choose the grid view option here and check out multiple images together.

4. Deviant Art

Deviant Art is not Midjourney’s official place by any means. This is like a social network for over 60 million artists who share Midjourney-generated art all the time.  

But there is a downside to this. All the places mentioned above give accurate information about the text prompt used to generate the images. But that is not the case with Deviant Art, as most posts here include inaccurate text prompts. We figured this out the hard way.

So this is an excellent place for art enthusiasts to check out various AI-generated images, but not ideal if you are checking out galleries for text prompt ideas.

5. ArtStation

ArtStation is a famous platform where artists sell their digital goods online. And you can search for specifically Midjourney-generated images by enabling the Midjourney filter under software.

However, like Deviant Art, you only sometimes get the original text prompt and seed information with the images. Additionally, to appear more appealing, some artists further enhance the generated images using various editing tools.


How do I see my Midjourney gallery?

Login to the Midjourney website using your login credentials, and you will see all your upscaled images in one place. 

You can even choose to view every image you have generated by switching to the grid view.

Is my Midjourney Gallery public?

Midjourney gallery images are always public unless the user enables Stealth mode. And the Stealth mode is only available for the Pro Plan subscribers.

Those who do not have their Stealth mode turned on will show their images in Midjourney’s search results if anyone enters related search terms.

Where can I see all my Midjourney creations?

Login to the Midjourney website using your login credentials, and you will see all your Midjourney creations there. 

Midjourney’s integration with Discord also lets users keep track of their images in the Discord app if the user submits text prompts directly via messages and not through public channels.

Are Midjourney images copyrighted?

No, they are not. Midjourney lets you generate images only with a subscription plan, which comes with General Commercial Terms.

So you can use your Midjournye-generated images for any purpose that you see fit.

Furthermore, US Copyright Office states that no one can copyright AI-generated images. So you can not claim ownership for any of your generated images either.

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