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List of Midjourney Banned Words


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Midjourney releases a list of banned words as a part of its code of conduct and keeps it updated with the trends. Midjourney is a very famous artificial intelligence image generator tool based on natural language descriptions like Dall-E 2.

It is readily available for use to any person with a Discord account. Read the article further to know more about the Midjourney banned words list.

What are the Midjourney Banned Words?

Midjourney banned words are words that relate to violence, gore, drugs, harassment, adult content, and/or hate speech. They form a part of the privacy policy of Midjourney.

It makes sure that the images generated by Midjourney are appropriate for the users. It is basically to keep the tool safe, and free from any kind of offensive words that can offend society.

If any of these banned words are used then it will result in the decline of the prompt given or a blank screen will appear.

Full List of Banned Words in Midjourney

The list of banned words in Midjourney includes:

  • Gore words- bloodbath, crucifixion, bruises, killing, cannibalism, etc. 
  • Female body parts- ass, breasts, crotch, honkers, booba, etc.
  • Adultery words- erotic, brothel, sexy, bimbo, playboy, etc. 
  • Clothing- bra, naked, no shirt, cleavage, etc. 
  • Taboo- nazi, fascist, honkey, etc.
  • Drugs- heroin, cocaine, etc. 
  • People- all pornstar names, Hitler, President Xi, etc.
  • Others- Torture, shit, censored, surgery, brown pudding, deepfake, etc. 

You can find the complete list of banned words here, last updated on 29 August 2023. 

Is Midjourney Censored?

Yes, Midjourney is censored as it is open for use to everyone, and hence, strives to keep the content PG-13. 

It therefore discourages the usage of words that are aggressive, harassing, abusive, or shocking in nature. It is a feature to promote a friendly environment within the community.

Any violation of the rules can lead to the user being banned from the services of Midjourney. 

How does the filter of Midjourney work?

When the users give their prompt, the filter scans the text and if there is any use of banned words from the list of banned words, then it takes action in the following manners:

1. Automatic block: Any message containing any banned word will result in an automatic block of the prompt.

2. Warning message: Users will receive a warning message on their screen that your prompt contains a banned word.

3. User culpability: If the user continues to use banned words then the user might face

Is there an NSFW version of Midjourney?

No, there is not an NSFW version of Midjourney. Midjourney has released the Midjourney banned words list to avoid adult content and sexual imagery. 

For any word that is NSFW and is included in the banned list of words, a warning sign will appear on the screen and the banned words will be highlighted. However, users can bypass those words that are NSFW and are not included in the banned words list. 

Tips to Escape from the Midjourney Filter 

It is important to note that you can not bypass the Midjourney filter as it may result in a complete ban from accessing Midjourney.

However, if you want to use that word for a genuine and harmless purpose then you can go through the following tricks:

1. Try to replace the banned words with a synonym of that word. For example, use ‘vaccination’ instead of ‘vaccine’.

2. Try not to use any word which is closely related to banned words.

3. Try rephrasing your prompt if the ban is basically to your prompt.

4. Always stay updated with the banned words list because if you are not aware of the new words added then it may bring you repercussions.


Why is there a list of banned words released by Midjourney?

Midjourney releases a list of banned words to ensure a welcoming environment for the users. Its main goal is to create a safe workspace for the community as it is essential to prevent harmful content for Midjourney.

Is the list of the banned words regularly updated?

Yes, the list of banned words is regularly updated as per the code of conduct of Midjourney. These words are regularly updated according to the current trends going on in the community.

Is complying with the banned words policy necessary?

Yes, it is essential for the users to simply follow the policy of banned words. If not followed then it will result in a ban. These words are banned in order to avoid AI-generated harmful content.


The PG-13 Safe, Midjourney has created a very safe and healthy environment in the society which helps in creating better workspace.

Blocking the offensive words automatically is the thing of Midjourney as AI-generated adult content has been a pertinent issue in the context of AI image generation.

Hence, the users are advised to give their prompts and use words that are not included in the list of banned words released by Midjourney as it may result in getting banned from Midjourney.

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