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Is Midjourney Down?


Sagar Choudhury

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Much like any other service, Midjourney also faces downtime sometimes. During Midjourney’s downtime, the users cannot access Midjourney’s services at all, hindering their work significantly. 

There are a few things that you can try to ensure that your connectivity with Midjourney’s servers stays uninterrupted at all times. But if the server downtime is from Midjourney’s end, you must wait. Well, in this article, we will see how to check Midjourney’s status and how one can fix it if there is any issue connecting to the servers.

Midjourney Down

Is Midjourney Down, or is it for me?

Right now, Midjourney’s servers are up and running. Any subscribed user should be able to use the Discord Midjourney bot to access its services.

If you cannot access it right now, it is a unique case on your end, and your system is having issues connecting to Midjourney servers. Well, you should not worry about this issue at all, as we will talk about what you can do to resolve this and go back to using Midjourney normally again.

Why is Midjourney down?

Midjourney faces downtime occasionally sometimes. It struggles to keep up with vast demand or when there is a need for server maintenance. Midjourney is a small team of 11 members, and it is not easy at times to meet the increasing demand for services for Midjourney. The server might have an overload, and in that case, downtime is inevitable.

However, this is rare, and most of the time, the developers are quick to witness and analyze these things, and they are quick to fix this with a maintenance session. After the maintenance session is done, Midjourney’s services will be running again.

How to check Midjourney Status?

There are a couple of ways you can check Midjounrey Status. Try websites like Downdetector that will give you immediate feedback about ongoing downtime.

Midjourney Website Status History

Or you can visit Midjourney’s social media handles and community channels on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more. Midjourney widefinitely ll update information about a Downtime on one of their social media platforms.

7 Ways to fix if Midjourney is down?

Check your internet connection:

If your internet connection is unstable, you won’t be able to access Midjourney’s servers at all, no matter how much you try. Ensure your WiFi router is close to the device you are trying to access Midjourney. You could also restart the router entirely by turning it off and then turning it on again after a few minutes. 

If this does not help, move on to the next fix.

Clear app cache:

Midjourney’s services can be rendered only via the Discord app. There is no other way to generate images from simple text prompts. So with the Downtime issue, if you are sure you have a stable connection, you should also try clearing the app cache on Discord.

Press Win Key + I to open Windows Settings and click on Apps for this. Then search for Discord in the list of apps, and once you see it click on Advance Options. In the Advanced Options menu, click on Reset to clear out the app data.

Now try accessing Midjourney services via Discord. If it is still not working, move on to the next fix.

Check Server status: Server Status Check

If the issue is on Midjourney’s end, none of the fixes mentioned here will solve your problem. You can only wait when Midjourney’s servers are facing downtime. You have to wait till the developers fix it on their own. You can use its services only after they fix it.

You can try down-detector or any similar website to check the downtime. You can even check Midjourney’s Twitter handle, as the company should push out a status during downtime.

If you are still facing issues, move on to the next fix.

Update Discord:

Midjourney’s services require the Discord app, so you must ensure that you are using the latest version. Only the latest version would be a bug-free version at any time, and if you are on an older version on Discord, that could be the cause behind Midjounrey not working as well. 

To update the Discord app, visit Discord’s official website and download the setup file for the latest version for your system. Once you have downloaded the setup file, you should install it on your system.

Try the following fix if you still can’t get Midjourney to work.

Check subscription plans:

Midjourney works strictly on a subscription basis. There is no longer a free trial plan for new users. 

Midjourney has three subscription types, each with its share of perks and limitations. If you are subscribed to one of the plans, you should check whether you have exhausted your quota of image generation or not. If you have spent your quota as per your plan, you can pay some extra to get an add-on or wait until your quota gets filled again.

If you need help with this, try the next fix.

Contact your ISP:

At times, the internet service provider also is at fault. ISPs provide some sort of block to specific sites or services, meaning the services do not work with that connection entirely.

So contact your ISP and inform them about your issue with Midjourney. If there is any block on their end, they will tell you about it and possibly even provide a fix for it.

But if even this does not prove to be helpful to you, move on to the next fix.

Contact Support:

If you need help with the solutions mentioned above, try contacting the support team of Midjourney. You can mail them on their official support Email ID or DM them on their social media handles. You should try contacting them more than once to grab their attendance though.

Once you have their attention, they should be able to provide you with a solution to your problem.

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