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Is there an Midjourney API?


Sagar Choudhury

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Midjourney API is a powerful tool that is built on the diffusion model. Its primary feature is its ability to interpret and respond to textual inputs. A simple to use API with a well documented user friendly interface lets developers use their skillset to integrate Midjourney on to their applications

So in this article, we will discuss how one can use Midjourney API for an application to work as an art generator without really accessing the Midjourney tool on Discord. 

Midjourney API

Is there an API for Midjourney?

There is no official API for Midjourney as of now.

There is news and information that the team is working towards it though. Being able to integrate Midjourney’s services would allow the team to cater to a broader audience with minimal interaction with the tool itself. 

There is a private internal API for sure that is in place with Discord. And Discord is the only way how Midjourney works by default as well. Users submit commands like /imagine into Discord’s Midjourney bot and the tools generate results within minutes. 

But, Midjourney has not released any official API for any external users. For now, there are only some third-party Midjourney APIs that do the job though. So if you are okay with using a third-party API for Midjourney, you could consider the APIs mentioned in this article.

Is Midjourney API free?

Midjourney API is not free. Midjourney does not allow users to generate a single image without subscribing to a plan. So with the internal API in place with Discord, it will continue to stay the same as well.

Even if you use any third-party API to integrate Midjourney in your applications (mobile, web, desktop), you will have to pay the third-party API service provider for their services.

What is Midjourney API?

Midjourney has an internal API which interacts with the Discord bot of Midjourney. That is how users can use Midjourney right from Discord. Unfortunately, there are no public APIs available for the developers. But there are plans to work on it sometime in the later future.

How do I get an API key for Midjourney?

You can not get the API key for Midjourney. At least, not yet. Only an internal API is available for Midjourney that the team uses to integrate with Discord. 

The company gave an official statement on this saying that they have no plan for a public API soon. 

There is some news about them having an API product under development, but it seems like a tool that will be used to integrate the Midjourney account with other Software as service applications.

As of now though, there is no way to get the API key for Midjourney. It is only available for use by the internal team.

Midjourney API Pricing:

As there is no official API available for Midjourney, we do not have any information on its pricing as well.

But if we get to see an API released by Midjourney, we can expect it to have a price tag similar to what we see with its subscription plans.

What you can do Using the Midjourney API?

An external Midjourney API integration would allow users to use Midjourney’s services without actually accessing Discord or Midjourney’s website. The API will work as a bridge between the actual tool and the application or interface where the API for Midjourney is installed.

One can directly interact with the application or interface integrated with Midjourney’s API, and perform all of Midjourney’s functions within that application or interface.


Text-to-image AI generators are not new. We have some capable tools like the Dall-E 2 from Open AI. And this tool does have a non-official API client built on Python that works the same way as a browser client does. On the contrary, we do not even have a Midjourney API for external use.

So for developers that require a text-to-image generator, using other art generator APIs could be the ideal choice for now.

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