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Midjourney Promo Code [2024]



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Midjourney is one of the most popular AI image-generating tools. Which allows users to create high-quality images using prompts. But to access Midjourney users need to purchase its paid plan starting from $10/month. This has led most users to wonder if Midjourney contains any Promo code. 

Unfortunately, Midjourney doesn’t have any Promo code for now, since it’s still in beta. However, users can gain a 20% discount by subscribing to Midjourney’s annual plan.

In this article, we will talk about Midjourney Promo Code 2023 and how you can save money without a discount code on Midjourney. 

Is there a Midjourney promo code?

No, Midjourney does not currently offer a promotional code to customers. However Midjourney offers a free trial option to all its new users, where you can generate 25 free AI images. Since Midjourney’s one image contains 4 grids, it’s safe to say it can actually generate 100 images during the free trial.

We recommended users check out this free trial and sign up for it, before purchasing the paid plan. This is a great way to get hands-on experience with all of Midjoureny’s features and capabilities. 

For now, there is no coupon code available to use while subscribing to the paid plan on Midjourney. However, you can save 20% of your money by subscribing to Midjourney’s annual plan.

This will also help lock the current price and avoid paying extra in case the price increases in the future. Looking at the demand for Midjourney, it’s highly possible the image-generating AI tool might raise its prices to cover the extra costs. 

Midjourney Cost Without Promo Code

The Basic plan of Midjourney is available for $10/month. This plan allows users to generate 200 images via its latest models. With the basic plan, every AI-generated image cost $5. This is quite a good deal looking at the high-quality images generated by Midjourney.

You can save an additional $2 by subscribing to the annual basic plan of Midjourney which costs $96 ($8/month). 

The Standard plan of Midjourney costs $30/month with unlimited relaxed GPU hours. While the annual subscription of the Standard plan costs $288 ($24/month).

The Pro plan of Midjourney has a monthly subscription plan that costs $60. It contains a fast GPU Time of 30 hr/month. Along with unlimited relaxed GPU time. You can save up to $12 every month, by subscribing to the annual Pro plan worth $576 ($48/month).

Lastly, the Megaplan of Midjourney has a monthly subscription plan that costs $120. This plan is excellent for professional users as it contains a fast GPU time of 60 hr/month.

You can save a whopping amount of $24 every month by subscribing to the annual Megaplan. It costs $1152 ($96/month) which is an excellent deal.  

The paid plans of Midjourney also grant users an added bonus by granting users full commercial rights to their images. Meanwhile, the images generated from the free trial contain non-commercial rights and include the website’s link crediting Midjourney. 


Does Midjourney offer a promo code?

For now, there is no promo code offer available on Midjourney. However, users can receive a 20% discount on the paid subscription to Midjourney by subscribing to the yearly plan. 

Will Midjourney offer a promo code in the future?

Midjourney might offer a promo code in the future. But for now, Midjoureny is still operating in Beta. Since it is run by a small group of people that is currently dedicated to improving the product and enhancing users’ experience.

There are more chances of the team shifting their focus to customer acquisition, once the full version of Midjourney is released to the public. 

Does Midjourney offer a free trial?

Midjourney has currently put their free trial on an indefinite hold. Since there has been a huge demand for computing resources.

Previously, Midjourney offered a free trial, where users could generate up to 25 AI images after creating a Discord account. 

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