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AI Dungeon, What is it, How does it work, and How to play


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Have you heard of the new text-based AI game AI Dungeon? You must have played several games on the internet, but the AI Dungeon game is a unique game that uses artificial intelligence. The game was released in 2019 and has attracted millions of gamers.

If you haven’t tried the game, get it online and start playing. Here is everything you need to know about downloading and playing this game on your mobile devices.

AI Dungeon, What is it, How Does it Work, and How to Play

What is AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a unique gaming app for mobile users. Unlike other mobile games, this one doesn’t have predefined scenarios.

Instead, it uses artificial intelligence to create an infinite number of possibilities. It allows users to create their characters and scenarios. You can also define your custom settings and stories.

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game. That means you must type in how you will react to a situation. Of course, the user interface might seem confusing as it’s an AI-based game. But you will get familiar with it after playing for a few minutes.

How AI Dungeon Works/ AI Dungeon Gameplay

You can play AI Dungeon on your mobile devices or online for free. You need to install the game and register for a free account, and you are all set to play.

Initially, the game will ask you to choose a world, prompts, survival, and a scenario. You must also choose whether to play alone or against a player.

Later, as you begin playing, you will have to choose how to interact with the game by defining three words:

  • Do – Give a verb followed by an action to perform while playing the game.
  • Say – You must enter a sentence series to communicate with the game characters.
  • Story – Enter a scenario or tell situations that define what will happen in the game.

As you write all these things, the game will respond accordingly. And that’s how AI Dungeon works.

How Does AI Dungeon Multiplayer Work

AI Dungeon Multiplayer is similar to AI Dungeon single-player, except the multiplayer version allows you to play the game with your friends.

Again, you must get the $4.99 monthly plan to play AI Dungeon multiplayer. Nevertheless, playing AI Dungeon multiplayer is like the normal version, with a few differences, as listed below.

  • Players will take alternate turns as the AI generates the result after every action.
  • The game is available for both local and online players.
  • The actions and stories will be in the third person, not the second person.
  • The host can become an AI Dungeon Master to supervise the game and modify or fix responses.

How to Play AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon requires users to have an account before playing the game. So, to start playing AI Dungeon on your device, you first need to sign up for an account after installation.

Once your account gets ready, you can play the game as instructed below:

  • Click on the Start a New Game option.
  • Select the World, Prompts, single-player or multiplayer, and survival options. You will also get the option to select a scenario.
  • Then click to play, and you will be prompted to define the Do, Say, and Story.
  • That’s it! You can now play the AI Dungeon game. You must only type the text, and the game will react accordingly.

AI Dungeon Subscription

You can play AI Dungeon for free, but the free version has limited features and includes Ads. For an ad-free gaming experience, you must get its premium plan.

The premium plans also unlock premium features for gamers to have a better gaming experience. Below are the three AI Dungeon subscription plans for gamers:

  • Adventurer plan – $9.99 per month
  • Hero plan – $14.99 per month
  • Legend plan – $29.99 per month

Additionally, to play AI Dungeon multiplayer, you must purchase AI Dungeon’s monthly subscription costing $4.99 per month. The free version doesn’t support multiplayer.

AI Dungeon Website

The official AI Dungeon website is – You can click this link to visit the AI Dungeon site and play its online version. The site will ask you to create a new account or log into an existing one to play the game.

Does AI Dungeon Use Gpt-3

AI Dungeon was initially built using Open AI GPT 2. However, the app was upgraded to use GPT 3 in the late 2020s. Currently, AI Dungeon uses GPT 3 in its premium version, the AI Dungeon Dragon model.

The free version of AI Dungeon was also upgraded to use the basic GPT 3 model and named AI Dungeon Griffin.

Can AI Dungeon Be Played Offline

You need an internet connection to play AI Dungeon since it uses GPT 3 to respond to your commands. Also, you need the internet to play the game with your online friends. So, it’s not possible to play AI Dungeon offline.

Is AI Dungeon Safe & Good

Are you wondering whether AI Dungeon is a safe game? With so many frauds and illegal apps running on the internet, it’s evident to think about your data privacy while playing AI Dungeon on your mobile device.

However, you need not worry!

AI Dungeon is a completely safe application to download and play. The app doesn’t access your private data. It is free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

So, download the app officially from these sites, not third-party websites. And it won’t cost any harm to your devices.

Is AI Dungeon Free

AI Dungeon is a free mobile gaming app. You can play the game after registering for a free account.

However, the free version has limited features and supports advertisements. You can purchase its premium plan if you want an ad-free gaming experience and access to premium features.

Is AI Dungeon Private

AI Dungeon doesn’t publish the actions, stories, or adventures created within your app publicly. However, it allows users to choose whether to post their adventures publicly.

If you select to publish your adventures online, other users can see them and choose to play them. Again, developers can see your stories even if you don’t select to publish your stories publicly.

Is AI Dungeon Down

AI Dungeon is working without any issues. The app should work on your device as soon as you load it. However, if you face issues while accessing the game, check your internet connectivity and try playing again.

Is AI Dungeon on Steam

AI Dungeon is available on Steam. You can download or play the app by clicking the link:

However, note that AI Dungeon is not available for free on Steam. It costs $29.99 per month on Steam. Once you purchase the game, you can play it without interruptions and enjoy Steam’s other features.

AI Dungeon Tips

You can have fun playing AI Dungeon as a newbie. But if you want a better gaming experience and play as a pro, these tips will help you:

  • Enter specific inputs while playing the game.
  • Remind the AI about a pending event directly or indirectly. Don’t expect the AI to remember things for you.
  • Avoid negative words like didn’t, don’t, aren’t, etc. The AI won’t respond as required to such words. Instead, replace these words with their antonyms. For instance, use dislike instead of didn’t like.
  • Remember, this game is not perfect. So you may not receive your desired response every time. You better learn to settle for a good enough response.
  • Try to talk to at most two characters at a particular time. This will keep the AI-focused.
  • Don’t distract the AI by giving it too many instructions at a given time. Keep it focused on one task at a time.

What is AI Dungeon 2

AI Dungeon 2 is a single-player and multiplayer game developed by Nick Walton in 2019. It is a text-based AI game with infinite simulation possibilities. It has no rules or objectives. All you get is a fun-packed adventure game for free.

Unlike other games, you don’t get predefined game designs or characters in this game. Instead, you have to command the AI to create different characters, scenarios, themes, and designs for you. You can also decide what action a particular character would take.

Additionally, if you don’t want to create a scenario or character, you can try out the predefined scenarios provided within the app.

How to Download AI Dungeon 2

AI Dungeon 2 is officially available for Android, iOS, and PC gamers. You can download and install the game from the Play Store or App Store and play it on your device.

Below are the links to download AI Dungeon 2 on different devices:

AI Dungeon 1 Vs 2

AI Dungeon 1 was the initial version of AI Dungeon, released in June 2019. The app was designed and developed by Nick Walton. Later, the developer upgraded this app and released its newer version, AI Dungeon 2, in December 2019.

AI Dungeon 1 was created as a beta version and released to a small number of users. However, the later model was released on a much larger scale. AI Dungeon 2 also supported multiplayer gaming.

Both versions are available for free for Android and iOS users. They were built using Open AI GPT-2.

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