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AI Human Generator – Create Unique Human Using AI


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Can you imagine that in today’s world, you can create an infinite number of human characters of all ages, genders, and body types? Yes, this has been made possible by advanced AI-powered tools, known as AI Human Generators. You can create a Human Character in a few clicks.

The users can choose their gender, clothes, hairstyle, and many more features as per their needs. The humans that are mostly used in games are all artificial and are created through these AI tools. These free AI Tools have proved to be a miracle. Read further in this article to explore some of the amazing AI Human Generators.

What is an AI Human Generator?

AI Human Generator is a tool that creates humans using artificial intelligence technology. With just a few clicks, the user can easily describe the features that he wants through text and the AI Human Generator converts that text into an artificial Human body.

The user can easily choose the gender of the human, ethnicity, hairstyle, clothes, age, and many other things. All these features help in creating a perfect human that the user wants for several purposes.

The purpose may include games, marketing, and many others. AI Human Character Generator is a perfect tool where the users are allowed to customize the features and create a human of their choice.

List of AI Human Generators

1. Generated Photos

Generated Photos is a Modern AI human Generator that helps the user to create humans and customize the features and qualities of that generated human.

This AI tool also offers a creative gallery of already generated humans from which the user can take an idea and create their humans. This tool offers diverse features ranging from hairstyle to clothing.


  • Offers Diverse Features- The best feature of this AI tool is the wide range of character creation abilities. It offers various customization options ranging from ethnicity, hairstyle, clothing, face shape, gender, age, and many more. This AI human tool is not only limited to these features but it also offers to use your face on a stranger’s body.
  • Allows Customization- Another feature of this tool is that it offers customization. The user can easily modify any feature of their artificial human. If at any time they want to change their face shape according to the clothing then they can easily change it from oval to round, or round to square, etc. This is just one feature, the user can change any feature.
  • Easy High-Resolution Downloads- Generated photos allow the user to download the human character that they have created without affecting the quality of the artificial human without any difficulty.
  • Anonymizer- This tool also offers to modify the existing photos and create a unique human from the existing photo. The user can easily modify the feature that they want in the existing human and create a new human character.
  • Used for Commercial Purposes- Generated Photos is a popular tool used for commercial purposes such as marketing, gaming, research projects, machine learning, advertisements, etc.


  • The most important benefit of this AI tool is that it is Budget-friendly. It offers both monthly and annual plans.
  • The easy customization option makes this interface more user-friendly as they can easily edit and customize the features.
  •  This platform ensures privacy as the real photos are kept anonymous if any changes are made to the real photos.
  • This tool is widely used all over the world for commercial purposes ranging from marketing to gaming.
  • Another advantage of this tool is that it saves a lot of time as the entire process is AI-generated. 


  • The first challenge that this Human Generator faces is that the users need time to get familiar with the diverse options and it is difficult for beginners to use this application.
  • This platform also requires knowledge of different AI to human text prompts so that when they are used correctly they can produce the desired result. Not all users don’t possess this knowledge.
  • Another disadvantage is that the user needs to be very specific otherwise the desired result will not be produced.


  • Step 1- Go to the website of Generated Photos.
  • Step 2- On the homepage, you will find four options:- Faces, Face Generator, Humans, and Human Generator. Click on Human Generator.
  • Step 3- Click on the Create Human Option available in the middle of the screen.
  • Step 4- The screen will be redirected to a new page where there are all the features including clothing, hairstyle, gender, age, etc.
  • Step 5- After finalizing all the features of artificial humans there is an option to download the AI-generated Human.

2. Perchance Human Generator

Perchance is an artificial intelligence art tool that generates humans from text. The user simply has to type the text and the human is automatically generated based on the features described.

This free AI human generator helps the user create realistic humans by typing in the features that they want in their artificial humans. This AI platform uses text-to-image diffusion methods to create AI generated Humans.


  • Used algorithms- This AI tool uses algorithms to create realistic human characters with a wide range of features.
  • User-Friendly Interface- Perchance offers a user-friendly interface that is very simple to understand and also easy to understand how to customize the features of human characters. This feature makes it easy for beginners to use this platform without any specific guide.
  • Artist Page- A distinguished feature of this application is that it offers an artist page where the user can see the creative works of other users and take ideas from them. It acts as a source of inspiration for them.
  • Diverse Art Styles- This platform also offers different art styles such as illustrations and different styles of paintings etc.


  • The feature that makes this platform imperative is that this platform offers a perchance tutorial to help beginners get a guide regarding all the features and how to use this application.
  • This AI Tool offers different art styles such as Ghibli, Fantasy Portrait, casual photo, etc. which adds details to the character.
  • This page can be used without any sign-up.
  • Moreover, another important advantage of this AI Tool is that it can be used free of cost.


  • The biggest disadvantage of this platform is the results are not always correct as sometimes the character created is different from the description provided.
  • Although the interface is user-friendly, some algorithms are difficult to understand for normal people.
  • Features of some characters are technical and therefore the non-technical users are not able to describe those features.


  • Step 1- Go to the website of Perchance Human Generator.
  • Step 2- You will see a text box asking for a description of the human character. Add the description in the text box.
  • Step 3- The user can also add anything that they don’t want in their character by adding the specific feature in the anti-description text box.
  • Step 4- The user can also add art style and also choose the shape i.e. Portrait, Landscape, or square.
  • Step 5- Click on Generate and it will automatically generate the desired human character.


AI human Generators have used different algorithms to create realistic humans, making marketing easy. Now for marketing most companies use AI person generator to save their time and money.

These tools are also used in generating artificial human characters in various games. Generated photos and Perchance Human Generator are the best tools that can be used for creating realistic human characters.

Apart from these two AI Human Generators, other AI art Generators such as Fotor, Artbreeder, Artguru, etc, can be used to create Human AI characters.


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