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Best AI Music Generators in 2024 (Most are Free)



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Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning technology have truly transformed the way artists, musicians, and individuals generate music and soundtracks.

From using sheet music and physical instruments to software and AI tools the music industry is witnessing a massive jump. AI Music generators allow users to create original songs, melodies, harmonies, and more using advanced AI technologies. 

Not only do these tools help create amazing music but also allow users to customize it by using different genres and styles. Currently, some of the best AI music generators are Mubert, AIVA, Soundful, and more.

Various artists often use these tools for creating music for different platforms such as apps, video games, music videos, movies, etc. 

In this article, we will list down the best AI music generators in 2023 (Most are Free) along with their pros and cons. So, let’s begin. 

What are AI Music Generators?

An AI music generator is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms along with machine learning technologies to generate unique songs, melodies, harmonies, and more.

This method completely differs from the traditional method of music composition. AI music generators rely on human creativity and input provided to create original music pieces. 

Can AI Really Create Music?

Yes, AI can create music. AI music generators are capable of composing music using complex algorithms and an extensive database of music to generate unique compositions.

These tools process rhythm, melody, and harmony patterns and use this information to create new original music pieces.

Various artists and content creators are already utilizing AI music generators to create music pieces for podcasts, social media posts, presentations, videos, and more. 

What is the best AI music generator?

To generate good AI music, it’s important to utilize an AI music generator that can truly meet all your requirements and demands.

Therefore, we have listed down some of the best AI music generators that can help you create amazing original AI music instantly. 

1. Mubert

Mubert is a unique collaborative platform that pairs musicians and content creators with AI. This AI music generator allows users to unleash their creativity with the help of technology.

It utilizes an extensive database of pre-made tracks and real-time generative music. Mubert offers an advanced and innovative approach to creating unique and catchy soundscapes.

It contains a massive range of license types, streaming presets, and over one million samples from more than 4,000 musicians. Mubert is by far one of the most powerful and versatile licensing platforms in the market.

Mubert also contains an API, that allows users to generate new unique soundtracks in their games, apps, and other platforms. Another great quality about Mubert is that users can sell their AI-generated tracks on Mubert Studio, a marketplace specially built for the best AI works.

Overall, Mubert is a great AI music generator choice for musicians, content creators, and businesses who want to enhance their in-store experience and marketing content with tailored music. 


  • Allow users to create original music based on their preferences
  • Provides API to generate royalty-free music 
  • Contains other filters such as genres, mood, etc


  • Lacks human touch 
  • Limited customization option 

Pricing of Mubert: 

Mubert contains a free plan that allows users to generate up to 25 tracks a month. However, to access additional features and generate more than 25 tracks, users need to subscribe to its premium plan mentioned below: 

Creator Plan Pro Plan Business Plan 
$14/month $39/month $199/month 

2. Soundful

Soundful is another leading AI music generator that allows users to create royalty-free background music for videos, podcasts, streams, etc. with a few clicks.

This tool utilizes complex algorithms to generate unique AI-generated music which can be further customized and modified based on the creator’s demands.

Soundful contains a simple and straightforward process where users need to simply select a genre, customize their input, and generate tracks. Soundful offers more than 50 templates on a variety of genres to help start your music creation journey. 

The best part about this music generator is that it provides customization of beats per minute along with base notes in major or minor keynotes.

There are various use cases of Soundful, users can access the generated music in podcasts, presentations, social media posts, and much more.


  • Innovative AI technology 
  • Royalty-free music 
  • Allow users to explore a variety of themes and mood templates


  • Potential copyright issues 
  • Limited customization option 

Pricing of Soundful: 

Soundful contains a free forever standard plan that allows users to access 25+ free templates a month with a total of three loops and track downloads.

But to access premium features and download more tracks and loops, a user needs to subscribe to its paid plans which are as follows: 

Content CreatorMusic Creator Plus 
$29.99/year $59.99/year
100 downloads per month 300 downloads per month 

3. Aiva

Aiva is a popular AI music generator that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to compose emotional soundtracks.

This tool allows users to create music from scratch along with producing various modifications in existing songs without the struggle of any music licensing processes.

Aiva is capable of designing soundtracks for numerous media, video games, advertisements, and more. With Aiva users can compose music in predefined styles such as Modern Cinematic, Pop, Electronic, Fantasy, Jazz, etc. 

Another option is to compose music with influences, where you can use temp tracks to compose the composition process. This AI music generator offers a variety of presets and specified music formats that can help you generate your desired tracks effortlessly.

Overall, Aiva’s simple and intuitive interface makes it a leading AI music generator choice among beginners and professionals. 


  • Create original and emotional music 
  • Compose music in various genres and styles 
  • Learns from your influences and preferences 


  • Might not be able to capture human creativity and expression 
  • At times it cannot handle complex musical structures 

Pricing of Aiva: 

Aiva contains a free forever plan for beginners, where users can utilize composition for non-commercial use cases only. The paid plans of Aiva are mentioned below: 

Standard Plan Professional Plan 
$15/month $49/month 
Copyright owned by AIVACopyright owned by YOU 

4. BeatBot

BeatBot is the most unique AI music generator that allows users to generate short songs on the platform using text prompts. BeatBot is an AI music maker from Splash and it utilizes proprietary AI from Splash to generate music and vocals.

While it utilizes OpenAI’s large language model GPT-3 for its lyrics. To generate music on BeatBot, users need to start by providing a text prompt about the kind of music they are looking for.

Beatbox will analyze your submitted prompt and generate a short song for you within seconds. In case you are unsatisfied with the generated result, you can click on “Retry” and BeatBot will create a new short song for you.

BeatBot is a great AI music generator for both beginners and professionals thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface. 


  • Provides high-quality music production 
  • Allow users to experiment with sound and styles 
  • Custom drop and drag options


  • Lacks creativity in music generation 

Pricing of Beatbot: 

BeatBot offers a free plan through which users can generate unlimited short song lengths of 15 seconds.

But to access unlimited commercial licenses, more AI singers, longer song length, and additional features users need to subscribe to its paid plans mentioned below: 

Starter Plan Max Plan 
Song Length 3 minutes, 10 AI singers, 3 AI RappersSong length 3 minutes, 10 AI singers, 3 AI Rappers

5. Beatoven

Beatoven is an AI music generator that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create royalty-free music that can upraise your story.

This tool combines advanced music theories and various production concepts together to generate amazing music for you. Beatoven allows users to perform various customization to generate their desired AI music. 

Users can adjust the length, genre, mood, instruments, and more to create unique AI music tracks. Generating AI music on Beatoven is extremely easy and straightforward. You need to start by selecting a genre/style and make a few cuts on the track.

Now, you need to change the mood from a rich selection of 16 moods available and lastly click on “Compose” and let Beatoven do the entire music generation.

This is a great AI music generator for content creators and music enthusiasts who want to create royalty-free music using simple steps. 


  • Generates Royalty-free music 
  • Allow users to compose mood-based tracks 


  • Still under beta version 

Pricing of Beatoven: 

Beatoven offers a free trial to its users, through which you can create an unlimited track, access instrument selection, and more. While the premium plan of Beatoven begins at $3/month.  


SOUNDRAW is another AI music generator created for artists and creators. This tool allows users to generate royalty-free custom music based on a wide range of genres, beats, and instruments.

You can make your intro shorter or change the composition of your song using a few clicks. SOUNDRAW also allows users to download unlimited music in standard audio WAV file format.

To create unique tracks and music on SOUNDRAW, users need to start by selecting a theme, mood, and the length of the music. SOUNDRAW’s AI will then process your specifications and create 15 original tracks based on your selected musical framework.

Users can further customize the composition, length, and instruments with any given track to get their desired AI music.


  • Quick and Efficient 
  • Users can customize their track using different genres and styles
  • Allow users to generate new unique sounds and compositions 


  • Lacks human touch 
  • Users might come across a few technical issues 

Pricing of SOUNDRAW: 

Creator Plan Artist Plan 
$16.99/month $29.99/month 
Background music for your content Add vocals to your beats 

7. Boomy

Boomy is an AI music generator that allows users to unleash their creativity and generate original songs within a few seconds. Boomy contains a massive range of style options such as EDM, Experimental, Rap Beats, and more.

This tool will generate various sample tracks for you and based on your taste you can choose to select or reject them.

Apart from this, Boomy also allows users to submit their generated songs to different streaming platforms and allows users to get paid for the same.

Users can join the global community of artists empowered by generative music and gain inspiration from others. 


  • Free and subscription versions are available 
  • Various features and customization options 
  • Personalized profile 


  • Limited creativity 

Pricing of Boomy: 

The Creator plan is available for $$5.99/month. 

The Pro plan is available for $19.99/month. 

8. Amper Music AI

Amper Music AI is one of the top AI music generators in the market. Unlike other AI music generators, Amper Music doesn’t require music knowledge or composition.

This tool allows users to create unique sounds for various platforms such as video games, podcasts, movies, and more. 

This tool creates musical tracks using pre-recorded samples. Then, pre-recorded samples are transformed into real audio, which can later be modified with different tempos, music keys, instruments, and more.

Amper Music AI is an ideal choice for music enthusiasts, artists, or content creators who are passionate about developing soundtracks. 


  • Quick music generation 
  • Cloud-based platform 
  • Allow users to modify with different music keys, instruments, tempo, etc


  • Generated songs can be repetitive sometimes 
  • Needs more creativity 

Pricing of Amper Music AI: 

Amber Music AI is available for free use. However, to download the generated music users need to make a purchase starting from $5. 

9. Vochlea

Vochlea is a music-generating tool that transforms your voice into a real-time MIDI controller helping you create the music of your dreams.

This is an extremely valuable tool for those artists, creators, or individuals who struggle to write down their melodies, drum beats, and chord progressions.

Meanwhile, Dubler in Vochlea can help users turn their ideas and imagination into an actual song that is unique. This tool also helps prevent any sort of unwanted notes from your melody.

Overall, Vochlea is a decent AI music generator that can help you create unique melodies, chords, drum beats, and more easily. 


  • Encourages creativity 
  • Contains incredible melody, chords, and drum beats features
  • Easy to access 


  • Can be expensive 

Pricing of Vochlea: 

Vochlea has a paid plan starting from $70. 

10. MusicLM: Google AI Music Generator App

MusicLM is an AI music-generating app that turns users’ ideas into music. This tool utilizes advanced machine-learning models that can generate high-fidelity music by using text prompts or descriptions.

To generate unique music and songs on MusicLM users can provide their creative visions using keywords and text descriptions for their desired musical elements.

MusicLM also provides a wide range of genre and style customization options such as Electronic, Rock, Jazz, and more.

The best part about MusicML is its ability to allow users to experiment with different genres and styles available and create new original music. For example, users can use a Mellow piano tune backed by a distorted guitar riff.

Overall, MusicLM contains a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users to generate music effortlessly. 


  • Utilizes advanced machine learning models 
  • Capable of stimulating human vocals
  • Allow users to use text descriptions and share their creative visions


  • At times generates inaccurate sounds 

Pricing of MusicLM: 

MusicLM is available for free download and contains in-app purchases starting from $8.99. 

11. MusicVAE

MusicVAE is an AI tool that creates a palette for blending and exploring musical scores using machine learning. MusicVAE’s Magenta Studio is an open-source tool specially built for generating new music.

This studio utilizes cutting-edge machine-learning techniques that help musicians generate new music effortlessly. It utilizes recurrent neural networks to create notes that can follow your melody and instructions.

Users can provide an input clip and this tool will instantly extend it up to 32 measures. This is a great tool for musicians through which users can add new variations such as a drum beat or generate new material for a melody. 


  • Utilizes cutting-edge machine learning technology 
  • Open source tool 
  • Creates palette for exploring and blending musical scores


  • Lacks creativity 
  • Doesn’t contain human touch 

Pricing of MusicVAE: 

MusicVAE is free to use and can be accessed by anyone. 

List of AI Music Generator on Github

Here is a list of AI music generators on GitHub: 

1. MuseGAN

2. Muzic

3. Word2wave 

4. TuneFlow

5. MusicWithChatGPT

How does an AI music generator work?

An AI music generator works by processing a wide range of datasets using deep learning techniques. Various music tracks are collected and sent to the AI system for the training process.

Later on, the AI music generators provide this AI with an interface, through which users can specify their demands and communicate using text prompts.

Users provide a text prompt expressing what they are looking for and the AI generator provides an audio file track as the output that fits the description. 

How can I generate AI music?

To generate AI music, you need to start by selecting a good AI music generator such as AIVA, Soundful, etc.

To generate AI music on Soundful users need to start by selecting a genre, customizing input, and then creating original tracks. Soundful contains AI algorithms that have been trained using note-by-note by industry professionals. 

Meanwhile, with AIVA, users can generate their music from scratch or produce variations on previously existing songs. In AIVA users need to select a genre and style, by choosing a preset style to create a new music. 

Is AI-generated music copyrighted?

While there are strong copyright laws placed to protect the music generated by humans in the industry. There isn’t any specific protection placed when it comes to music generated by AI systems.

Since the process of generating music through AI systems is done without any human intervention. Although there are debates going around whether this type of music generation deserves copyright protection or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best AI music generator with lyrics?

Beatbot is the best AI music generator with lyrics. This tool utilizes the AI chatbot ChatGPT to generate lyrics and later it superimposes them on top of the AI loop. 

What is the best free AI music generator?

Mubert is considered the best free AI music generator as this tool utilizes groundbreaking technology along with a creative and unique approach.

Mubert assists users in breaking the boundaries of traditional music production by creating various innovative soundscapes. Mubert also contains an API, that allows users to generate new unique soundtracks in their games, apps, and other platforms.

What is the best text-to-song generator for AI?

Mubert is the best text-to-song generator for AI. Its advanced AI technology can transform your text inputs into unique song outputs. This tool is capable of generating a massive range of music genres.

Apart from this, it also contains a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily generate their desired AI music effortlessly for both beginners and professionals. 

Is AI-generated music changing the way hits are made?

Yes, AI-generated music has certainly changed the way hits are being made. AI algorithms and advanced technology can now mimic a human mind’s creative process. While AI can assist in writing stand-out lyrics and generate music and voices.

Even though AI-generated music has just begun, few artists have already been seen using AI voices to generate hit songs. 

What is the use of an AI music generator?

AI music generators can help users generate high-quality unique original compositions and also remix already existing songs. These tools can create magnificent soundtracks for a variety of entertainment categories such as TV series, movies, apps, and more. 

What AI music generator do artists use?

AIVA and Soundful are most properly the AI music generators used by artists due to their ability to generate music from scratch and produce various variations of existing songs.

Artists can use these tools to generate unique music and tracks in a variety of genres and styles by choosing a preset style. Another excellent benefit of these tools is their ability to eliminate the need for any complex music licensing processes. 

Conclusion- What is the Best AI Music Generator?

Mubert is the best AI music generator that you can utilize for generating unique AI music. This tool allows users to unleash their creativity and allows users to perform unlimited customization to generate their desired results.

Apart from Mubert, Soundful and AIVA are also excellent options for composing music using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. 

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