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11+ Best AI Story Generator Tools for Writers (2024)



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To create an impactful story it’s important to come up with unique ideas, plots, and storylines which can be quite tough for writers. While most times, writer’s block can interrupt an exciting writing session. That’s where AI Story Generators enter as a savior. 

These tools can help writers brainstorm new ideas, plot twists, and characters, and help you write the story. You can use these AI story generators to gain inspiration or ask the tool to write the entire story itself. In this article, we will list 11+ best AI story generator tools for writers (2023) that can help you generate interesting storylines, plots, titles, and more. So, let’s begin. 

What is an AI Story Generator?

AI Story Generators are AI assistants that can help users generate unique and exciting stories using Artificial Intelligence. To generate AI stories, users need to provide a prompt explaining what kind of story they are looking for.

The AI story generators will then create well-written fiction stories for their users instantly. These tools can also help brainstorm ideas, titles, plot twists, characters, and more. AI Story Generators are easy to use and can be accessible by anyone regardless of their skill level. 

11+ Best AI Story Generator Tools for Writers

The 11+ Best AI Story Generator Tools for writers are as follows: 


Sudowrite is an AI writing partner that can guide users in writing stories, editing, brainstorming, and more. Sudowrite’s canvas can generate multiple plot points, character secrets, twists, etc. to make your story more appealing.

Sudowrite is based on language models GPT-3 and GPT-4. Not only does Sudowrite help you generate exciting stories but also helps provide feedback by reading your work within a few seconds. 

This tool can easily auto-complete your sentences by analyzing the tone, plot, and characters and creating the next 300 words of your story by providing multiple options. Overall, this is an excellent AI writing tool for fictional authors who are keen on generating exciting stories. 


  • Capable of rewriting your story 
  • Maintains the tone 
  • Help users brainstorm ideas, plot, twists, titles, etc 


  • The Canvas requires more structure 
  • Can be overwhelming at times 

Pricing of Sudowriter: 

Hobby & Student Professional Max 
$10/month$25/month $100/month 


Jasper is one of the best AI story-generating tools in the market. It is capable of generating engaging and memorable stories in a matter of minutes along with various other types of content such as blogs, novels, songs, captions, and more.

Jasper can help you create an outline of your story, twists, and plots, and even write the entire story itself using natural sound. 

Apart from this Jasper can also generate AI stories in multiple genres such as mystery, horror, fantasy, romance, and more. Users can truly transform their ideas into AI stories using Jasper’s story-generating tool. It contains a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to access Jasper effortlessly. So, if you are not a writer but have an idea and want to write a story, then you can use Jasper. 


  • Can generate high-quality stories 
  • Flexible tool
  • User-Friendly Interface 
  • Active community 


  • Might be a learning curve 
  • Doesn’t offer a free plan 

Pricing of Jasper: 

Creator Plan Teams Plan 
$49/month $125/month 

Plot Factory

Plot Factory is an online story planner that lets users plan, organize, and write stories. With this app, users can craft their universe, forge rich characters, and create fun and engaging stories. Plot Factory helps gather all your information in one place and provides access to everything in one dashboard. With this tool, you can create new stories, answer questionnaires, and character names to help generate your story plot. 

Plot Factory allows users to create a universe, so users can create multiple stories within the universe and turn them into a fantasy series. Allowing users to transform their imagination and creativity into fantastic stories.

It can also narrate your stories in lifelike voices so you can hear your stories and point out any grammatical mistakes, errors, and more. The best part is that you own all the rights to your work generated in the Plot Factory. This app supports Android/iOS and can be accessed by users from anywhere.


  • Mobile-Friendly 
  • Allow users to create their universe 
  • Feature-rich writing
  • Organize all your information properly 


  • Only supports English for narration 

Pricing of Plot Factory: 

Basic Hobbyist Enthusiast Novelist 
Free $9/month $14/month $19/month 
250 word narration a day 1000 word narration a day Unlimited narration Unlimited narration 


Writesonic is a versatile AI writing tool that can generate exciting stories, ideas, and outlines. Writersonic utilizes artificial intelligence to process your input and generate amazing AI stories using it.

Users need to provide a sentence or paragraph explaining what kind of story they are looking for. The AI technology will then instantly process that input and generate a story plot and profile of various characters that fit with your provided input. 

Writersonic mainly generates relatable scenarios that fit well with your input and ensures the writing has been processed in a natural way. This tool can also polish your content and ensure perfection so users don’t need to worry about editing. Overall, writersonic is a decent AI writing tool for generating stories from scratch. 


  • Helps create exciting stories, outlines, plots, etc 
  • Provides instant results 
  • Generate AI stories from scratch 


  • Limited customization option 
  • Little confusing at times 

Pricing of Writersonic: 

Free Plan Unlimited Plan Business Plan 
$0/month $16/month Starting $12.67
10,000 words Unlimited words 200,000 words 


Scalenut contains a powerful AI story-generating tool that can help users write better stories with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This tool utilizes natural language processing to identify all the essential elements and keywords of the story. You can either create a completely new story on Scalenut or finish an existing story by adding interesting plots and twists. It provides a wide range of options to help improve your storytelling skills. 

This platform allows users to explore creativity by combining two different scenarios or plot points. It even contains a feedback loop that can help you provide an update on your writing skills and track your process.

It can even correct all your grammatical mistakes from your stories and make them error-free. This tool is perfect for those writers who want to improve their writing skills. So, if you are an aspiring writer then Scalenut is a great AI story-generating tool for you. 


  • Multiple options to improve storytelling skills 
  • Corrects all the grammatical mistakes itself 
  • User-Friendly App


  • Can sometimes be repetitive
  • Lack of templates  

Pricing of Scalenut: 

Individual Growth Pro
$12/month $32/month $60/month 

Copy AI

Copy AI is a leading AI story-generating tool that is powered by the GPT-3 large language model. Users need to provide their input such as the plot, story, and genre, and Copy AI will process and create a list of engaging and unique stories based on your input. It even contains various templates designed for story generation, which can be useful for producing various stories. 

The best part about Copy AI is its ability to generate natural-sounding stories that truly appear to be written by a human. Copy AI contains a Chrome extension that authors can download to make the story-generating process easier and effortlessly. Also, this tool isn’t limited to stories generated but can also be used for Copywriting, advertisements, blogs, emails, and more. 


  • Provides various freestyle template options 
  • Contains a Chrome Extension 
  • Easy to access 
  • Versatile can generate stories, blogs, long-form content, etc 


  • Sometimes generate unwanted scenes 
  • Needs proofreading 

Pricing of Copy AI: 

Copy AI contains a pro plan available for $49/month through which users can generate unlimited stories. 


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that utilizes the GPT-3 language model to process your input and generate engaging stories based on it. This tool has been trained for generating long-form content and stories. 

You can create different versions of your story using Rytr and then choose the one you feel is the best. Rytr keeps on updating and learning new stories. To generate your AI story, you need to provide a prompt or short description of your idea of the story. Once you enter your idea on Rytr, GPT-3 will analyze your input and generate a full-fledged story for you. This is a great story-generating tool for fictional authors, who are keen on exploring their imagination and creativity. 


  • Contains an in-built plagiarism checker 
  • Allow users to choose their creativity level
  • Creates different versions of the story
  • It contains a “creativity” option that allows users to determine the level of creativity on a scale from 1 to 6.


  • Not very streamlined 
  • Isn’t great with long-form content 

Pricing of Rytr: 

Free Plan Saver Plan Unlimited Plan 
Free $9/month $29/month 
Generate 50K characters a month Generate unlimited characters a month Generate unlimited character a month 

Shortly AI

Shortly AI is a story-generating tool powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that can provide you with a remarkable story-writing experience. It utilizes GPT-3 technology to generate excellent short and long-form content for you. 

To generate stories on Shortly AI you need to provide keywords or a short phrase, you need to specify the kind of content you are looking for and the app will generate suitable ideas for you. Shortly AI is specially developed to help authors, content creators, writers, and more come up with intriguing and engaging story ideas. 


  • Allow users to generate stories using commands
  • Users can decide the length of the story
  • Generate high-quality output 


  • Can be inaccurate at times 

Pricing of Shortly AI: 

Shortly AI has a premium plan available for $79/month that allows users to generate unlimited stories on the platform. 


NovelAI is a powerful AI writing tool designed especially for novels. This tool allows users to add life to their stories by brainstorming fresh and interesting ideas that can perfectly fit their preferences.

NovelAI can generate unique and detailed storylines, characters, plots, dialogues, and more by taking user prompts.

This tool has been developed using intelligence algorithms that can help generate high-quality content that appears to be written by humans. Novel AI can easily fit into your input, and ideas, and maintain your voice and perspective. It can also maintain long-term coherence in the story which makes it especially perfect for authors who are working on novels. 


  • Creative and unique 
  • Great for novels 
  • Brainstorm fresh and interesting ideas 


  • Sign up process might be a bit difficult for a few users 
  • Limited free trial 

Pricing of NovelAI: 

Free Trial Tablet Scroll Opus 
$0$10/month $15/month $25/month 
100 free AI generations Unlimited AI generations Unlimited AI generationsUnlimited AI generations


Intferkit is a versatile AI story generator that utilizes advanced AI language models to produce high-quality stories. Users need to provide an input or keywords and Inferkit will generate natural-sounding stories for you based on the input. This tool utilizes state-of-the-art neural networks so users can have maximum control over the stories. 

The best part about Inferkit is its capability to resemble human-like written content. Apart from stories, Inferkit is also capable of generating long-form content which can be beneficial for writers who are looking to write a novel. This tool provides a free plan to its users through which users can write up to 8000 characters every week without even creating an account.


  • Fun and entertaining 
  • Generate natural-sounding stories 
  • The free plan allows users to write 8000 characters a week 


  • Limited characters 
  • Might generate offensive content 

Pricing of Inferkit: 

Inferkit contains two pricing plans which are as follows: 

Basic Plan Premium Plan 
$20/month $60/month 

Openai story generator

OpenAI story generator is powered by advanced AI technology and can generate interesting stories for you within a few minutes. To generate your story on OpenAI, users need to provide prompts describing their story requirements such as genres, tone, plot, length of the story, and more.

Once you enter your input on OpenAI, within a few minutes OpenAI will generate a detailed story for you. You can further modify or make changes to this story based on your choice. 

You can ask OpenAI to rewrite the story, change the tone, make the story shorter, etc. OpenAI contains an easy-to-use interface, thus anyone can effortlessly use this platform to generate AI stories without any trouble. 


  • Time-saving 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Can rewrite the entire story 


  • Lack original ideas 
  • Doesn’t always follow all the commands 

Pricing of OpenAI Story Generator: 

OpenAI story generator is a free AI tool that can generate exciting stories for you within minutes. 

Canva Magic Write

Canva Magic Writer is an AI story-generating tool powered by OpenAI. This tool can help you kickstart your creative process and generate your first draft instantly. Start with entering your prompt explaining what’s on your mind. Within seconds Canva Magic Write will generate brainstorming ideas, copy, outline, and more.

This tool isn’t limited to story generation; instead, users can access this tool for generating social media captions, blogs, articles, long-form content, and much more. Canva Magic Write organizes and stores all your ideas, data, and content in one place so users don’t need to worry about switching from one app to another. 


  • Easy draft process 
  • Multiple use cases 
  • Fast speed 


  • Can generate random plots at times 
  • Expensive 

Pricing of Canva Magic Write: 

Canva Magic Write contains a pro plan that starts from $29.99/month. 

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a story-writing tool that allows users to generate unlimited content online for free. This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate engaging and unique stories. To generate AI stories on AI Dungeon, you need to type in your prompt or short description. The AI will then analyze your provided input and generate a story based on your prompt. 

This tool allows users to explore creativity, hence you can turn your story into any direction in AI Dungeon with endless possibilities. For example, you can add a bit of thriller element into a romance novel or add a comedy element to a fantasy novel. The control is in your hands in AI Dungeon. So, if you are looking for an AI story generator where you can truly explore creativity and have fun then AI Dungeon is for you. 


  • Endless story possibility 
  • Free to use 
  • Unique and immersive scenarios 


  • Can generate sensitive content 
  • Isn’t available in offline mode 

Pricing of AI Dungeon: 

AI Dungeon is a free AI story-generating tool that allows users to generate unlimited content online. 


ClosersCopy is an ideal AI story generator for fictional writers. This tool is capable of coming up with new exciting ideas for captivating and engaging stories. ClosersCopy utilizes a neural network to generate interesting ideas for your stories. 

Users need to simply enter an input explaining what kind of story they are looking for and provide little information about it. After this, you need to specify your needs by selecting the genre, style, tone, and length of your story.

That’s it, Now ClosersCopy will analyze your input and generate a story outline just for you. You can use the generated outline to begin writing your story. So, if you are looking for a tool that can help you generate interesting story ideas and outlines, ClosersCopy is an excellent choice. 


  • Extensive knowledge base 
  • Supports long-form content 
  • Generate unique AI stories 


  • Complex interface 
  • Slow speed 
  • Average output quality 

Pricing of ClosersCopy: 

There are three pricing options available for ClosersCopy: 

Power Superpower Superpower Squad 
$49.99/month $79.99/month $99.99/month 


StoryLab is a writing assistant that can help you find the missing links between the content. This tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence and it is capable of generating story ideas, titles, outlines, characters, and more.

Users can select the length, genre, and style of the story and StoryLab will instantly provide a detailed outline based on the input provided. This tool was primarily designed to help fiction writers by coming up with unique story ideas and outlines.

StoryLab app utilizes neural network techniques to create high-quality and engaging stories based on the input provided by the user. If you are a new writer, then you can share your stories and receive feedback from other users to improve your writing skills. 


  • Fast speed 
  • Can generate unique story ideas 
  • Allow users to share their stories and gain feedback 


  • Can be a bit complicated 
  • Bit expensive 

Pricing of StoryLab: 

Free Plan Pro Plan Unlimited Plan 
$0/month $15/month $19/month 
+3 AI Runs+100 AI Runs+Unlimited AI Runs

Narrative Device AI

Narrative Device AI is a computer program that can generate inspiration for a story using Artificial Intelligence. Users need to simply enter two themes such as “grandparents” and “old school” and click on “generate.” A story paragraph using your entered theme will automatically be generated for you.

Unlike other story generator tools, you don’t need to provide long sentences, instead, a few words are just enough for Narrative device AI. This tool utilizes AI algorithms to generate story paragraphs for you by interpreting the provided themes.

To generate AI stories users need to provide tokens, users can receive 5 free tokens on this platform by simply providing their email. Overall, this is a great AI story-generating tool for creating fictional stories. 


  • Easy to access 
  • Capable of generating stories using few words 
  • Can interpret provided themes


  • Not always accurate 

Pricing of Narrative Device AI: 

To generate stories on Narrative Device AI users require a token that can be brought on its official site. For now, users can buy 100 tokens for $5 on Narrative Device AI. 

How do I Create an AI Story?

To create an AI Story, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

1. Select a good AI story generator 

2. Input your information about what kind of story you are looking for 

3. Once you are clear about your story, enter your input and click on “Generate”

4. You can utilize artificial intelligence software to outline the story, create a plot, generate characters, and write the story. 

It is suggested to use AI story generators as an assistant rather than an outsourced writer. 


What is the best AI story Generator App?

The best AI story generator app Plot Factory, Shortly AI, Canva Magic Write, StoryLab, and more. 

Can AI generate stories?

Yes, AI story generators are capable of generating stories. Users need to provide a prompt explaining what they are looking for and AI story generators will instantly create an engaging story for you. Users can also access these tools for generating story titles, plots, characters, twists, and more. 

Is there a free AI story generator?

Yes, there are several free AI story generators such as OpenAI Story Generator, AI Dungeon, NovelAI, and more. 

Can AI write my life story?

Yes, AI story generators can write your life story. But for this, you need to input precise and detailed information about your life. So, the AI tool can capture all your achievements and moments properly. 

What is the AI website to write stories?

Several AI websites can write stories such as Jasper AI, Sudowrite, Writesonic, Copy AI, Rytr, and more. 


AI Story Generators tools can be highly beneficial for authors and writers to brainstorm ideas, titles, plots, and more. These tools can help users generate unique and exciting stories instantly using text prompts.

Whether you are a beginner or professional writer, you can access these Story generating tools effortlessly thanks to their user-friendly interface. Above we have mentioned 11+ Best AI Story Generator tools that can help you generate engaging stories instantly. 

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