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Best AI Art generators: Choose your weapon wisely


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AI image-generating tools have made it easier to create original artistic images. You need to provide a brief description of the image you want simply and the art generator will create it for you in a span of a few seconds. 

Choosing an appropriate AI art-generating tool is extremely important to produce photo-realistic portraits and captivating artworks. But with so many options available in the market, it’s common for people to get confused about which tool to get while selecting an art generator. 

Therefore, we’re here to take that burden off you. In this article, we are going to list down the Best AI art generators that can help you generate unique and realistic artwork. 

Best AI Art Generators: Choose your Weapon Wisely

Best AI Art generators in 2023

Here are some of the best AI art generators of 2023: 

1. DALL-E 2

Dall-e 2 is powered by OpenAI and is one of the best AI art generators in the market right now. This AI art generator can develop realistic pictures and art through natural language descriptions. 

OpenAI claims Dall-e2 can be used to create images and produce creative business strategies. It can combine styles, concepts, and attributes.

It can also expand images beyond its original canvas, generate new compositions for users within a few minutes, and provide multiple image layers. 

This art generator allows you to edit your existing images from natural language captions. You can add and remove elements from images, and work with reflections, textures, and shadows into the account. 

This tool is beneficial for both professional artists and beginners. The Even Paintbrush provided by Dall-e 2 allows its users to modify the images’ lighting, color, and other attributes. 

Pricing of Dall-E 2: 

The cost of DALL-E 2 depends on image resolution.

  • 1024×1024 images can be generated for $0.02 for every image.
  • 512×512 images can be created for $0.018 for every image.
  • 256×256 images can be generated for $0.016 for every image. 

2. Jasper Art AI

Jasper Art AI can turn your ideas, thoughts, and imagination into images within seconds. You can simply write a prompt of what kind of image you wish to create, add maximum or minimum details and Jasper will create the image for you. 

You can even add extra details such as mood, artist, and more to enhance the creative expression. Jasper reads and understands your prompts and develops a set of four AI-generated images in seconds.

In addition to artistic characteristics, Jasper also includes AI writing capabilities to help you generate articles, posts, blogs, and more. 

Pricing of Jasper Art AI: 

Jasper is a paid AI Art generator that contains a plan priced at $20 per month/per user with unlimited access to all the features of jasper art. It also contains a five-day trial period which you can try before purchasing the paid plan. 

3. Lensa AI

Lensa AI is a photo editing app that utilizes artificial intelligence to create magical avatars and fulfill further photo editing tasks. With this app, you can retouch your images using magic correction with one tap. 

Lensa AI includes tons of features such as Background blur, Fx effects, Adjust lighting, effects, and more. You can even tune your image’s foreground and background separately through this app.

So, if you’re looking for a good photo editing app, you should check out Lensa AI. 

Pricing of Lensa AI:

Lensa AI is a free app. However, the portraits are charged. It contains a seven-day trial period where users can upload about 10 to 20 selfies.

But once Lensa AI’s trial period is over, users must select a package to continue using and generating unique avatars. 

It charges $3.99 for 50 artworks; for 100 pieces of artwork, the charges are $5.99, while for 200 pieces of artwork, the price is $7.99. 

4. Dream by Wombo

Dream by Wombo is an AI art-developing tool that can create high-quality artwork for you in seconds. It is considered the best AI art-generating tool for NFTs.

You need to simply enter a prompt on the text box and select an art style and your dream will create artwork based on your texts.

This AI art generator utilizes sophisticated algorithms that can use pre-existing pictures and turn them into making cartoons or animation imitation paintings based on the user’s prompt. 

Pricing of Dream by Wombo: 

Dream by wombo is a free app with an in-app purchase plan that begins at a monthly price of $4.99 and a yearly starting plan at $29.99. 

5. NightCafe AI

NightCafe AI is an excellent AI art generator app that allows users to utilize neural style transfer to turn their photos into a masterpiece. NightCafe AI is a text-to-image AI art generator.

Therefore, you need to enter texts describing what you want to see simply and NightCafe will generate the artwork for you. 

You can install the NightCafe AI app through the Play store or App store. NightCafe works with credits, which can be purchased as well as earned through volunteer work and a generous free tier. 

Pricing of NightCafe AI: 

  • Beginner: It costs $4.79/month with 1.2K+ images/month  
  • Hobbyist: It charges $7.99/month with 1.6+ images/month
  • Enthusiast: It costs $15.99/month with 2.8+ images/month
  • Artist: It costs $39.99/month with 6.4K+ images/month 

6. Stable Diffusion AI

Stable diffusion can develop photo-realistic images through texts or input provided by users. It enables autonomous freedom to help develop excellent imagery and helps people generate stunning images and art within a few seconds. 

It utilizes deep generative neural networks and with sufficient description, stable diffusion AI can make almost any visual style.

This AI art generator can create fresh images by simplifying using text prompts as descriptions. The model allows the inputs to alter existing photos partially with new elements and features through outpainting and inpainting. 

Pricing for Stable Diffusion 

Stable Diffusion AI is a paid AI art generator that costs about $0.2 per image.

7. Midjourney

Midjourney is one of the most popular AI art generators in the market today. It can help transform a user’s imagination into a realistic image.

The Midjourney AI model contains high knowledge of objects, creatures, and places that can help generate high-quality images. 

You need to describe your image thoughts such as the theme simply or the elements and midjourney will turn it into an actual image with its unique artistic flair.

Apart from images, midjourney can also generate a fantastic character with your short text descriptions. 

Pricing of Midjourney: 

  • Basic Plan: This plan costs about $10/month and provides a fast GPU time of about 3.3 hr/month. 
  • Standard Plan: This plan costs about $30/month, providing a fast GPU time of about 15 hr/per month
  • Pro Plan: This plan costs about $60/month, providing a fast GPU time of about 30 hr/month. 

8. Fotor

Fotor is a user-friendly AI art generator and photo editor. Fotor includes various online photo editing techniques that can help you crop photos, generate graphic design, add text to images, resize, apply effects, create photo collages, remove backgrounds, and more. 

With this photo editing tool, you can even remove unnecessary objects from your photo and enhance your picture with just one click.

You need to upload an image on fotor and select a filter to transform it into an NFT art. You can even customize an image based on your preference and build layers. 

Pricing of Fotor: 

Here are the three plans provided by Fotor: 

  • Free Basic: This plan provides basic features, layouts, and effects. 
  • Fotor Pro: It costs $8.99/month and it’s considered best for small teams and individuals. It provides all advanced editing features, 200+ premium effects, 100,000+ Templates, and design resources. 
  • Fotor Pro+: This plan costs $19.99/month and it’s considered best for large teams and agencies. It provides all advanced editing tools, standardized and simplifies your brand identity, fonts, colors, and logos, 200+ photo effects, and accessibility to all new content and features.   

9. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator can generate impressive and dream-like artwork with just a single click. DeepDream can easily turn your pictures or inserted texts into enchanting masterpieces in various styles. It can transform simple images into different painting styles and sizes. 

In addition to the art style and size, you can also change colors, style scale, boost, enhancement, and more. Also, DeepDream contains a user-friendly interface, making this art generator tool suitable for people at all levels. 

DeepDream utilizes convolutional neural networks to search and develop image patterns using algorithmic pareidolia that keeps on delivering better results. 

Pricing of Deep Dream Generator: 

  • Advanced: This plan cost $19/month and provides storage of 20GB with a full HD resolution of (2.1MP) 
  • Professional: It charges $39/month and provides storage of 50GB with a resolution of QuadHD+ (5MP)
  • Ultra: It charges $99/month and provides storage of 200GB with a resolution of QuadHD+ (5MP) 

10. Artbreeder

Artbreeder brings together collaboration and creativity. With this AI art generator, you can create images by mixing pictures, editing their genres, and making them your own. Artbreeder utilizes machine learning to enhance photos and generate new theme variations. 

This art generator can generate portraits, paintings, anime characters, landscapes, and more. You can transform images into moving cartoons and anime through this tool.

Artbreeder allows you to remix and edit features such as hair color, skin tone, and eye color. Since Artbreeder is a community you can share your work on the platform, follow creators and interact with others.  

Pricing of Artbreeder: 

  • Starter plan: It costs $8.99 it provides 80 image uploads, 200 high-res downloads, 100 out paintings and videos with 3000 animation frames. 
  • Advanced plan: It costs $18.99, it provides about 300 image uploads, 800 high res downloads, 200 out paintings and videos with 10000 animation frames
  • Champion plan: It costs $38.99 it provides unlimited image uploads, unlimited high res downloads, 500 out paintings and videos with unlimited animation frames

11. Runway ML

Runway ML is considered a next-generation content creation suit. It allows users to switch video backgrounds with different ones. It is a video editor that can develop 3D models and animation with various aesthetic styles. 

Runway ML contains 30+ AI magic tools, collaboration, real-time video editing capabilities, and more. In addition, Runway ML also allows its users to form teams and transmit their artwork and images to their friends or colleagues.

Apart from this users can also edit audio tracks using this tool. It contains a keyframe command, multi-track editing, and customization to facilitate audio editing. 

Pricing of Runway ML: 

Runway ML contains three plans which are as follows: 

  • Free plan: This plan allows users to generate 25 images with only three projects and limited object tool options. 
  • Pro Plan: This is ideal for individuals and small teams with unlimited projects. It allows 125 image generation a month with additional AI magic tool options. It costs $12 (per user/month)
  •  Team Plan: This plan is for large companies and teams with unlimited projects. It allows 450 image generations a month with full AI magic tool options. It costs $28 (per user/month) 

12. MyHeritage AI Time Machine

MyHeritage AI Time Machine allows users to create AI Avatars for themselves, by uploading their images. It is a fun entertaining tool that can generate fictional depictions of a person’s appearance in different time zones. 

AI Time machine uses a text-to-image technique licensed. It uses tons of images and constructs a model that can showcase the person in several different periods, poses, lighting conditions, and more.

With this AI art generator, you can transform your image with visuals of the 19th century or Egyptian period or any time you prefer. This AI art generator truly works like a Time machine in generating images.

Pricing of MyHeritage AI Time Machine: 

MyHeritage AI Time Machine contains three paid plans: 

  • Avatar plan that allows generation of 320+ images at the rate of $10 
  • Time travel plan that allows creating 480+ images at $12. 
  • The all-inclusive plan allows users to create 800+ images at $18. 

13. Dawn AI

Dawn AI is an AI art generator through which you can transform your prompts into actual pictures using multimedia content.

Dawn Ai combines visual arts with AI technology to deliver unique images. You simply need to describe your idea, on the text box and Dawn AI will transform that vision into a reality. 

Even if you don’t know what to create, you can look up Dawn AI’s community feed to get inspiration. Through this art generator, you’re just a few taps away from creating a piece of art through your imagination and idea. Dawn also contains aesthetic features, where you can choose your artistic tone in the app.   

Pricing of Dawn AI:

Dawn AI art generator contains in-purchases and its charges begin at $2.99 to $9.99. It also contains a free version, however, it includes various restrictions such as a watermark, slow speed, limited result saving, and more. 

14. Reface App

Reface AI is another AI art generator that can help you create endless image artworks and avatars while having a lot of fun.

Through this app, you can change the faces of several celebrities and influential personalities such as Justin Bieber, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and more. 

Using recent footage combine it into a cohesive whole and superimpose the face of any personality over various pre-rendered backgrounds.

Reface also allows users to generate their avatar using AI and generate cool and fun profile pictures for yourselves. Reface App is available for iPhone and Android users, you can simply download it on the App store or play store. 

Pricing of Reface App: 

Reface is a free app that contains in-app purchasing starting at the cost of $2.49/week and $12.99/monthly for face swaps and animations. 

15. Bonus: Google Muse AI

Google Muse AI is an AI art generator that is not yet released. However, Google Muse claims to be better than Dall-E-2.

According to Google, Muse AI can develop high-quality and unique images faster than DALL-E 2 and Imagen. 

Muse AI has been trained to understand and predict masked image tokens using text embedding from large language models.

Since it’s not yet released, it’ll be great to see how Google’s muse AI will perform once it has become accessible to the public. 


AI art generators have truly made it easier for anybody to create stunning artwork by simply providing small texts. We have mentioned some of the best AI art generators to help you create unique images and artwork.

All these tools can provide stunning artwork within a few seconds. We hope through this article, you were able to choose an AI Art generator that is most suitable for you.  

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