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9 Best AI Logo Generators Free Without Watermark


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Artificial intelligence-based tools are popular these days, with simple text prompts creating creative art to creating an entire essay on a particular topic with just a single line. And now have AI logo generators after art generators like Dall E. You no longer need a graphic designer directly to create logos for you. You can just use one of the many AI logo generators Free Without Watermark.

In this post, we will look into the best 9 AI logo generators you can try and decide whether you see anything you like. Some of these generators are Free Without Watermark, while some charge some money for their service.

Well, whatever may be the case for you, this article should help you decide which logo generator you want to use.

9 Best AI Logo Generators Free Without Watermark

1. Brandmark IO

Brandmark IO is one of the best AI logo generators, providing simple logos and users detailed mockups. If the user needs clarification on different logos, Brandmark IO will show the users detailed mockups of the logo on various products. 

With a simple and beautiful website design, Brandmark IO is simple for any user, even those trying out an AI tool for the first time. The user must provide basic brand details and choose a color palette from the list of available colors.

Within seconds the tool will produce logos with beautiful designs that you can further enhance by adding more details in the brand description column. Once you decide which logo you want, you must pay 25 USD for a PNG file, or you can pay 175 USD to use the logo for the enterprise.

2. logoAI

The AI engine on LogoAI is reputed because it understands the logo and can pick the best unique design from the lot. Irrespective of whether you use the tool for personal or commercial use, this logo generator should take care of all your needs. You can be sure that the logo generated from it will be unique in every way.

As a user, you must provide the AI tools with details about design requirements, including the product name and an optional slogan. Then you can customize the logo details by filling in the industry, color scheme, and font style options.

Prices for the logo start from 29 USD, and they can go up to 99 USD.

 3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix is known to be the default choice for people who don’t know anything about web development as the best platform for creating websites. But besides just website creation, WIX also has a logo generator which is simple to use but exceptionally efficient.

The user needs to insert information such as the company name, a tagline for the product, and a general vibe of the brand that best describes what the product is all about. And then, the AI tool will get to its work and create a customized logo for you within seconds.

The tool will then show the logo on different products to give you an idea of what you will see. On top of that, it also offers users the option to tweak a few settings before finalizing the final output. 

Customers need to pay 16 USD to buy the logo that the Wix logo generator created.

4. LogoMaster AI

Logomaster AI differs from the other generators we have seen so far. It holds a library of pre-created logos with different categories. When the user decides on the type of company, the AI tool calls upon its logos based on the selected category.

After this, the user will see a whole set of different company logos, and depending on his choice, a color palette version of these logos will show up on the screen. Additionally, there is an additional customization option of adding custom icons that can be added to the overall design.

A PNG file costs 29 USD, but for enterprise use, the user must spend 109 USD.

5. Designs AI

Design AI is similar to the other generators mentioned above, but some options are unavailable on any other platform. After the user provides the necessary input, the tool asks the user whether they are looking for a logo as an icon, text, or initial.

The Designs AI tool does take a lot of time to generate the final logo, though, compared to the other AI generators. But the result is undoubtedly one of the best and most unique design languages you will see with a logo. 

The price of using the logo starts from 29 USD.

6. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is an AI tool that can create graphic designs, such as social media posts, digital posters, invitations, and more. And this same tool can be used to create logos as well.

This differs from the other generators as you do not need to choose any color, palette, or design here. All you need to do is describe what you want, what your company stands for, and its personality. You should write in as much detail as possible for the best outcome.

This is a free AI generation tool.

7. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands provides effective personalization and customization options for your logos and designs. This AI tool aims to tailor logos to the taste and requirements of the user. The AI generator has exciting opportunities for font styles, and it also asks users to provide a better description of the company so that it can create a logo per that information.

Once it is done with generation, the user will see different logos and mockups on various products. They work on a subscription plan where 9.99 USD is the monthly charge, while the annual cost is 48 USD. 

8. Looka

Looka simply uses the user’s inputs, and this would include a description of the logo that the user requires. It also does not allow users to select a color palette or font style. But it does allow customization in terms of the ability to tweak around with almost every element of the logo design. 

You can edit the background, name, palette, container, and layout. As part of the yearly subscription, you can pay 20 USD for low-res logo designs or 96 USD per year for high-res results.

9. LogoPony

Logopony is the final generator in the list that takes customization to a whole new level. 

It lets users instantly edit any attribute of the logo created. 

It allows unlimited downloads as long as the user subscribes to a particular plan. And even if the user terminates their subscription, they can keep using the logo as their own.

A monthly subscription for Logopony would mean a cost of 19 USD per month.

What is an AI logo generator?

An AI logo generator enables you to use artificial intelligence to develop a logo for your company or brand. Generators combine patterns, colors, shapes, and typography frequently found in logos to create a logo that meets your criteria.

Most generators will first ask you for the name of your company. You will then need to decide on fonts, colors, and your logo’s overall look and feel. An AI logo generator will produce several logos you may use on the web, in print, and in the media based on this.

Which Ai Logo Generator is Free Without Watermark?

Microsoft Designer is the best for free logo generation without any watermarks. 


So in the market now, we have many AI-based startups, and creating a company logo can be difficult at times, especially if you are not tech-savvy. So such users can use any AI generator from this list and create a unique logo for themselves. Not every AI logo generator in this list is free. Most of them do charge for their services, but it is all worth it in the end. 

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