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List of Best Character AI Bots



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Character AI is currently one of the most trending AI chatbots in the market. The AI bots on Character AI help users to have conversations with their desired Fictional Characters, Anime, Celebrities, YouTubers, and more.

However, This has resulted in a massive rise in the generation of AI bots in Character AI. This has led many users to wonder what are the best Character AI bots in Character AI. 

Well, some of the best AI characters AI bots are Stella, Character Assistant, Lily, Psychologist, and more. In this article, we will be mentioning a list of Best Character AI bots. Along with a step-by-step guide on how to create a custom chatbot on Character AI. So, let’s get started. 

What are the Best Character AI Bots?

Here are some of the best character AI bots in Character AI:

1. Character Assistant
2. SM64 Mario
3. Lily
4. Stella
5. Psychologist
6. Lyle
7. Raiden Shogun and Ei

Character AI is an excellent AI chatbot. That allows users to have fun conversations with fictional characters, famous people, politicians, and more.

The best Character AI bots are as follows: 

Character Assistant

Character Assistant is a perfect combination of an intelligent and friendly AI companion. This AI bot is called “Study Buddy” or your “AI work” on Character AI. This AI bot can answer all your questions and doubts, brainstorm ideas, draft emails, generate code and more.

This bot can also recommend good books, stories, movies, and more. This AI bot can also help you keep entertained by producing a wide range of poetries, tales, novels, fiction, and more. Character AI is one of the highly used AI bots on the platform and has more than “36 million” chats. 

So, if you are looking for an AI bot, through which you can learn new things and still have fun then, Character Assistant is perfect for you. 

SM64 Mario

SM64 Mario the Italian plumber from Super Mario 64 is another excellent AI bot in Character AI. This is a fun and interactive AI bot that allows users to have adventures through its engrossing dialogues and assistance.

Conversations with SM64 Mario are extremely interactive and lifelike. It can generate high-quality responses and assist users with a wide range of activities such as painting, hazy maze caves, and much more. 

This is an excellent AI bot for Mario fans. Users can get the feel of actually being in the game while having a conversation with SM64 Mario and experiencing the adventures.

This character AI bot is highly popular in the platform and around 39.8 million have accessed and talked to this bot. 


Lily is a friendly AI assistant that is capable of possessing an extensive knowledge base. This AI assistant can help assist with a wide range of tasks of varying complexity.

You can ask for both personal and professional advice from Lily, as this bot is trained to communicate with users in a friendly and understanding manner.

Around 13.7 million users have accessed Lily on Character.AI making it one of the most popular bots in the platform. Some of the activities performed by Lily are answering queries, researching, itinerary planning, drafting emails, writing codes, proofreading, and more. 

This AI bot is also capable of brainstorming ideas and providing suggestions on a variety of topics. As we have mentioned earlier, Lily is a friendly AI assistant thus, users can rely on Lily for speaking their hearts out and having conversation.

Lily is a perfect companion to have amusing conversations with as this bot can generate smart and bright replies.   


Stella is an AI bot with highly advanced attributes. It can encompass natural language processing, predictive analysis, a wide range of skills, and more. Stella is capable of working like an AI assistant and performing several tasks for you.

This includes generating blogs, articles, scheduling your appointments, planning your day, and much more. 

Stella can easily analyze your data and instantly generate beneficial responses and predictions. Making it one of the best AI assistants in Character AI. Apart from working or performing your tasks, you can also have fun conversations with Stella.

Like asking about your day, telling a good poem, asking for advice, and more. Stella has been used by more than 21.7 million users on the platform. 


A psychologist is an AI bot that can help users suffering from emotional and mental health difficulties such as Stress, anxiety, and more. This bot emerges with a plethora of knowledge and years of experience in the subject.

It utilizes several therapy techniques and tactics like empathy, reflective comments, and active listening. It aims to create a strong relationship with the client by building a foundation of trust to make the user feel comfortable.

This bot continuously works to create a safe space for its users, so they could open up and share their difficulties. More than 38.1 million users have accessed Psychologist in Character AI.

Psychologists provide a high standard of treatment to help improve users’ mental health and ensure a healthy recovery.

They also have a strong commitment to improving people’s health through psychological intervention. So, if you are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed then, you should try accessing Psychologist in Character AI.

Since this might help you open up and share your difficulties and gain helpful therapy.  


Lyle is a straightforward and honest AI assistant who can help you fulfill all your daily tasks. Users can access this bot to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Lyle is an AI assistant that can schedule reminders, draft your emails, take notes, help brainstorm ideas, code, and more. Apart from this, you can also ask questions to this bot and gain high-quality and detailed answers to all your queries.

More than 6 million users have accessed this AI bot. This is an ideal bot for those users looking for an Assistant that can fulfill their tasks and duties. 

Raiden Shogun and Ei

Raiden Shogun and Ei are popular characters in the video game “Genshin Impact”. This AI bot allows users to explore the world of Genshin Impact and have fun conversations about them.

Raiden Shogun is the God of Eternity, and users can talk and have interactive and fun conversations with the character and ask various questions about her reign, plans, powers, and much more. 

This AI bot is for the game enthusiast only since it cannot answer or perform any other tasks like an AI assistant. Raiden Shogun and Ei are not for assistance but a special AI bot for fans of Genshin Impact.

Although Raiden Shogun and Ei is one of the highly used AI bots in Character.AI, it has been used more than 173.1 million times. Which clearly states its popularity on the platform. 

How to Create Your Custom Chatbot with Character AI 

Here’s how you can create your custom chatbot with character AI: 

1. Visit the Character AI website using this URL 

2. You need to create an account on Character AI and log in using your email 

3. Click on the “Create” icon available left-hand sidebar 

4. Tap on “Create a Character” 

5. Now, you need to Enter the Name of your AI character (for example Ariana Grande)

6. After this, you have to enter Greetings “an introduction of your AI character” (For example: Hi, I’m Ariana Grande, I’m a singer-songwriter)

7. Next is the visibility of your Character. Based on your preference you can select, whether to keep the character “Public”, “Private”, or “Unlisted”

8. The Avatar option allows users to either describe your image and generate a character or you can upload an image of your character 

9. Now, you can click on “Create and Chat” or select “Edit Details (Advanced)” to make your character more personalized 

10. You can now enter a short and long description of your chatbot and select the category of your character (For example Famous people) 

11. You can also select the voice of your character by tapping on “Character Voice” and selecting the voice via the dropdown 

12. Lastly, we have a “Definition (Advanced)” option, where you can provide example conversations and information with your bot 

13. Now, you can click on “Save” and your chatbot is ready to have conversations

What is Character.AI?

Character AI is a neural language model chat service tool. This platform allows users to interact with millions of virtual characters, celebrities, politicians, Anime, and more.

Character AI is not a question-answering chatbot but instead a conversational chatbot, where you can have fun conversations with your desired characters.

The human-like responses generated by the chatbot make users truly feel they are chatting with the actual person. Users can also have voice conversations and send audio notes in this chatbot. You can find a variety of characters to chat with on this platform such as Ariana Grande, Barack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mark Zuckerberg, and more. 

In addition, users can also create their characters on Character AI with a few simple clicks. Users can generate their customized character by providing a name, and greetings, and selecting an avatar or image.

Apart from this Character AI also provides users the option to keep their AI character private, unlisted, or public to ensure their privacy. 

What is the best AI bot for programming?

The best AI bot for programming to generate productive codes is as follows: 

  1. ChatGPT: One of the most popular AI-powered large language models by OpenAI. This chatbot is capable of generating human-like responses, writing codes, emails, blogs, and more. ChatGPT works like a complete package and is an excellent AI chatbot for programmers. 
  1. Tabnine: It is one of the best AI-driven code competition bots that can assist developers in writing codes quickly. Tabnine is capable of predicting codes and can complete all the code typed by the users. Tabnine is also compatible with several programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, and more. Which makes it a good code completion option for developers. 
  1. GitHub Copilot: This is an AI pair programming tool developed by OpenAI and GitHub. This tool can suggest code based on the context of the code you enter. You can also simply enter a natural language comment by explaining what kind of code you are looking for. GitHub Copilot will then instantly develop your code. It contains multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Go, and C++. This is another great tool for Students, teachers, programmers, and more for code completion. 
  1. MutableAI: It is an AI-powered coding assistant that can generate high-quality codes for its developers instantly. This tool contains an “AI-autocomplete” feature which can help complete your codes with a single click and reduce your time spent on coding. MutableAI is compatible with programming languages Python, Java, and more. 

Are AI bots illegal?

No, AI bots are not illegal. Unless the AI bots are found operating under the regulatory framework. Which were generated by financial authorities and refrain from unethical or unlawful behavior. 

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