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15 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Should Use Right Now



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Open AI’s popular chatbot, ChatGPT now supports plugins. Users can now integrate plugins to use additional features within ChatGPT. The plugins feature is currently accessible by ChatGPT Plus members. You can enable it from the Settings menu and add relevant plugins to your ChatGPT account.

Currently, ChatGPT has limited plugins but many more plugins will be added in the upcoming months. Open AI will also invite third-party developers to create new plugins. That said, let’s see the top ChatGPT plugins you can use right now.

Best ChatGPT Plugins You Should Use Right Now

The internet has a myriad of plugins for ChatGPT users. You can find plugins for various tasks. Here are some of the best ChatGPT plugins to use in 2023.

1. Prompt Perfect

Writing the perfect prompt is the key to getting excellent, creative, and relevant responses. But not everyone can craft the appropriate ChatGPT prompt for every question. Thankfully, Prompt Perfect is here to help you!

With Prompt Perfect, you can write perfect ChatGPT prompts that generate top-quality results. It can automatically create prompts for almost every topic. You can begin using the plugin by writing the “Perfect” keyword before any question. It will then rewrite the prompt and wait for ChatGPT to respond.

2. OpenTable

Open Table, the restaurant tech company has also partnered with ChatGPT. The plugin enables ChatGPT users to get nearby restaurants or food delivery suggestions and also make reservations. You have to enter the date, time, and location for which you want to make a reservation. ChatGPT and Open Table will suggest ideas and allow you to complete the reservation without going elsewhere.

3. Wolfram

Wolfram’s integration with ChatGPT is bliss for data analysts, students, and researchers. You can now solve complex problems, analyze charts, visualize data, and access real-time data. With this combination, ChatGPT can perform non-trivial calculations and provide information that it won’t otherwise give. For instance, it can tell the real-time date and time when integrated with Wolfram.

4. Zapier

Zapier is one of the most popular workspace applications. Its integration with ChatGPT allows users to interact with over 5000 work apps like Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheets, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. You can automate tasks and organize workflows without having to switch to another app. It allows you to draft emails, check employee messages on Slack, send emails, and much more using a single ChatGPT command.

5. Kayak

If you are a travel enthusiast, you will enjoy using ChatGPT with Kayak. Kayak allows you to plan trips, book tickets, and get personalized travel suggestions within ChatGPT. The platform asks for your personal information, travel interests, dates you are planning to travel, and travel preferences. It then suggests relevant travel options with links to finalize your trip by completing the bookings.

6. Link Reader

The Link Reader plugin enables ChatGPT to read content from various links. You have to install the plugin, enable it and enter URLs from which you want information. The plugin will read the information and perform various actions. For instance, it can read the text and analyze, translate, interpret, or summarize it. The plugin can read links, webpages, documents, images, PDFs, etc.

7. Speak

If you are interested in learning new languages, ChatGPT can be your language tutor. The Speak plugin allows you to input text and teaches how to say it in various languages. It is a translation tool that translates and explains the text in various languages. You can use it to learn a new language from scratch including grammar, tenses, verbs, sentence formation, etc.

8. There’s an AI For That

Searching for an AI tool whenever you want to accomplish your task is time-consuming. Luckily, ChatGPT’s integration with the “There’s an AI for That” tool makes it easy for users to find any AI tool on the internet. It has a huge database for AI tools for each category.

Simply ask ChatGPT to suggest a tool for XYZ. It will present a list on your screen with links to the tool. Pick the tool that meets your requirements and start using it. For example, I want a tool to convert an image in from jpg to jpeg format.

9. Instacart

ChatGPT can suggest recipes with the cooking steps but it cannot tell you where to get the ingredients from. With Instacart, this problem is solved. When ChatGPT suggests a recipe, you can immediately go to Instacart plugin and purchase the ingredients. The plugin takes you to the Instacart main page where you can shop for the ingredients you want to purchase and get them delivered to your doorstep.

10. MixerBox OnePlayer

If you are addicted to listening to music while working, eating, or travelling, the MixerBox OnePlayer plugin is worth trying. This plugin curates a music playlist based on the user’s preference and shares links to the songs. For example, if you ask ChatGPT to suggest the top five romantic Bollywood songs in 2023, it will give a list of the songs with links to listen the songs.

11. Show Me

The Show Me tool is a handy plugin for users seeking to create visual diagrams from text-based concepts. The tool takes concepts from the reader and represents them in the form of a chart or table. It can create visual representations for your next business meet, upcoming project outline, or a school topic.

12. LikeWise

LikeWise is a podcast recommendation app. You can use LikeWise in chatGPT to get podcast suggestions based on your mood, artists, and genres. It will also share links to the apps where you can listen to the podcast. You can click on the link to start listening to the podcasts. Remember, some podcasts may be paid while otherss will be free to listen to.

13. World News

We all know that ChatGPT’s training data was last updated in 2021. So, it’s impossible to get the latest news and information from the chatbot. But the World News plug-in overcomes this ChatGPT limitation. The plugin allows ChatGPT to generate the latest news from any region of the world in various languages. It also provides source links to read the full news article.

14. Chess

Do you want to challenge your brain or kill your free time? Why not challenge the AI and play a game of Chess? The Chess plugin allows users to play Chess against the computer. You can select the difficulty level and play multiple rounds of Chess with this ChatGPT plugin.

15. Change

The Change plugin shares information regarding the non-profit organizations in your locality or worldwide. It browses the internet to learn about non-profit organizations and lists them. It also shares a brief description for every non-profit organization. You can also get information about the location and how to support it.

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