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Can you use Adobe Firefly Commercially?


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Adobe Firefly is available today as beta features for the purpose of getting user feedback. Images created via the Firefly website during the beta will have a watermark indicating they are not for commercial use.

Adobe has joined the AI content creation race with Adobe Firefly, as the photoshop creator controls almost 80% market share among photo editing softwares. Firefly generates high quality images, videos, and 3D graphics based on text descriptions, and could emerge as a major competitor for Dall-E and ChatGPT.

The generative AI tool from Adobe also protects users from any copyright issues since the images that it uses for creatives, are sourced from its own library. Adobe Firefly is currently in its beta testing stage, which means that images generated through it are for user feedback.

As content creators are looking to monetise their art generated using AI tools, this article will guide you through the scope and limitations of using Adobe Firefly commercially and the sale of art created with it.

Can I use Adobe Firefly for commercial use?

Since Adobe Firefly is available in beta mode, the content created from it can’t be used commercially, and will bear a watermark that specifies the same. But Adobe has also launched Firely for enterprise users, which can be used to generate commercially safe images, according to Adobe.

This means that Adobe Firefly will be available to everyone for commercial use once it has enough user feedback from the beta phase.

Can you sell Adobe Firefly art?

The sale of any artwork created using Adobe Firefly’s AI isn’t allowed, since AI images or any content created with Adobe Firefly can’t be used commercially. To protect artists currently working with the software, Adobe has added an indemnity clause to compensate for copyright claims related to images created with Firefly.

Commercial use of Adobe Firefly images: Licensing terms and conditions

Currently the terms only allow users and enterprises to generate images from Adobe Firefly for feedback and not commercial use. The images sourced are from Adobe Stock or the visuals from public domain available freely since licenses have expired.

Licensing terms for free users

The use of Firefly Beta is governed by Generative AI Beta User guidelines laid down by Adobe, which specifies that inputs by the user shouldn’t be copyrighted by another user. The input should not be intended to create content similar to a third party’s work.

Licensing terms for paid users

In case users share Adobe Firefly images, they must tag #AdobeFirefly, so that the company knows about the art being generated. The indemnity clause from Adobe is meant to compensate users, even if they lose lawsuits related to copyrights violation in images generated using Adobe Firely.

Is Adobe Firefly images copyright free?

The images from Adobe Firefly are created using data from Adobe Stock which means that they are copyright free. Images other than the stock are also the ones for which copyrights have expired.


When to use Adobe Firefly commercially

As of now, Adobe Firefly cannot be used commercially until its beta phase ends.

Limitations and restrictions for using Adobe Firefly Commercially

All content created using Adobe Firefly will have a watermark which states that it cannot be used commercially.

Can I still use the images If I cancel Adobe Firefly subscription?

No, users forfeit unused licenses after their subscription with Adobe has ended.


Adobe Firefly is a sophisticated platform that can bring Adobe’s photo editing prowess to the generative AI space, while avoiding copyright issues. It can compete with ChatGPT, but as of now it’s commercial use can’t be explored.

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