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How to Get Character AI Unblocked



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Character AI is one of the highly used Artificial Intelligence chatbots for creating AI characters. The platform has been gaining a massive range of traffic due to its amazing features and capabilities.

However, recently there have been reports suggesting that Character AI is getting blocked in schools and workplaces.

This has led to a lot of users wondering how to get Character AI unblocked. Well, you can unblock Character AI using a reliable VPN, Proxy, Web browser extension, and more

In this article, we will mention a detailed guide on how to get Character AI unblocked using various methods and access the AI chatbot effortlessly.  

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Possible Reason for Character AI being Blocked

The possible reason for Character AI being blocked is as follows: 

1. School, University, or Work Restrictions

Schools, universities, and offices tend to block various websites such as Character AI to manage their productivity. If you are trying to access Character AI within your school or work premises then you may be restricted to comply with the policies.

Another reason why schools and universities block websites such as Character AI is that the chatbot appears to be a mature game which makes it inappropriate for school and professional environments. 

2. Geo-Restricted Content

Few countries have imposed a ban on AI chatbot Character AI due to political reasons which restrict users from accessing the platform. Some of the countries that have imposed a ban on Character AI are Russia, North Korea, and China.

So, if you are trying to access Character AI from the following countries, the website will appear to be blocked. 

3. Violating Terms of Service

Similar to other AI chatbots, Character AI also contains a few Terms of service, community guidelines, and privacy policies. Violating any of these terms or guidelines can lead to you facing a ban or your access getting blocked by Character AI.

Therefore, you must follow Character AI’s guidelines and terms properly to avoid facing any block or ban on your account. 

4. Network and Firewall Restrictions

Another potential reason why you might be facing Character AI is blocked error is due to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). At times, ISP tends to impose restrictions on certain websites including Character AI.

Apart from ISP, the firewall settings on your device can also restrict access from a few websites such as Character AI. 

All the above-mentioned issues can cause Character AI to appear blocked. However, at times, the website might undergo maintenance or face downtime, which can give many users the impression of being blocked. Therefore, you should try accessing the website again in 30 minutes. 

How to Unblock Character AI at School?

The best way to unblock Character AI at School or university is by changing your IP address and switching to a different location. Here’s how you can achieve this and access Character AI at School:  

1. Use Proxies

The first solution is to use a proxy server on your device to unblock Character AI. A proxy helps users hide their IP address and allow them to access websites while being anonymous.

This way your actual IP address will be invisible and instead the proxy’s IP address will be shown. There is a wide range of Proxy options available such as BrightData, WebShare, Nimble, Smartproxy, and more. 

2. Use VPN

Another way you can unblock Character AI is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN allows users to access blocked or restricted websites by changing their IP address. Thus, investing in a VPN will allow you to easily access Character AI. 

To connect to a VPN, you need to follow these steps: 

1. Download a VPN with high location availability, we recommend ProtonVPN, NordVPN, and iTop 

2. Set your VPN account 

3. Select another IP address or country available 

4. Connect to Character AI 

5. That’s it, you can now start accessing Character AI

3. Use Web Browser Extension

Using a web browser extension is another beneficial way to access Character AI by changing your IP address. Although using a reliable VPN is a more effective method, if you are unable to invest in a VPN, you use a web browser extension.

All you need to do is select a good web browser extension such as GeoProxy, Windscribe, Stealthy, and more. Download the extension and sign up. After this, you can change your location by selecting the available IP address and accessing Character AI effortlessly.

4. Use Tor Browser

Using a Tor Browser is another effective method that can help you unblock Character AI. Tor Browser utilizes the Tor network which basically produces layers of encryption on your network.

Through this encryption, the IP address gets hidden which helps secretly unblock the access to a variety of websites such as Character AI. It is one of the most useful browsers that can assist you in hiding your actual IP address and accessing banned or blocked websites. 

For this, you need to navigate to this URL and download the browser on your device.

Once done you can visit Character AI’s website and start accessing the AI chatbot without any restrictions. Tor Browser is available for free and can be accessed by anyone on macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.

Risks and Considerations when Unblocking Character AI

Unblocking websites such as Character AI can be risky and is capable of causing potential harm to your reputation and legality. Here are some considerations to remember before you unblock Character AI: 

Violation of Terms of Service 

Character AI contains a few terms of services and policies which restricts users from attempting to bypass or unblock the AI platform. An attempt to unblock the website might cause account suspension, legal actions, or other penalties. 


There can be a legal issue or reason behind character AI being blocked. This can include legal problems, copyright violations, and security issues. Unblocking such websites without legal permission or authority can lead to legal consequences. 

Security issues

Blocked websites such as Character AI might contain malware and malicious content. An attempt to unblock such a website might expose you to potential security issues or might put your data and system at risk. 

Alternative options for accessing Character AI-like services

Character AI is an excellent AI chatbot that allows users to chat with their favorite fictional characters and popular personalities. However, few countries have banned the use of Character AI which restricts users from accessing this AI chatbot.

There are a variety of alternative options available that can provide the same results as Character AI which are as follows: 

Open-source alternatives

Here are some of the Open-source alternatives to Character AI:

1. Botify AI 

Botify AI is an open-source alternative to Character. AI. This AI platform allows users to indulge in fun conversations with their favorite fictional characters and celebrities such as Elon Musk, Sherlock Holmes, and more.

Through Botify AI users can talk about a variety of topics including NSFW content without any restrictions. Botify AI allows users to access this AI chatbot via its website, and Android, and iOS devices. 

2. TavernAI

TavernAI is another open-source platform that can help users provide access to a variety of public AI models such as Pygmalion and Kobold. Tavern AI even allows users to create their own talking robots by using simple texts.

Users can effortlessly run TavernAI on their PC or Google Colab. TavernAI is a free platform and can be accessed by anyone. This alternative is capable of having a conversation with a variety of characters and provides fast responses. 

Other AI-powered chatbots

Here are some of the other AI-powered chatbots that you can access: 

1. ChatFAI

ChatFAI is an alternative Character AI chatbot that allows users to have chats with various fictional characters. ChatFAI allows users to indulge in conversations with grown-up characters and entertain them.

However, users need to confirm their age to access these characters and need to be a minimum of 18 years old. Users can send up to 100 messages/month through its free plan. But to send out more messages you need to subscribe to its paid plan which begins at $9/month. 

2. Replika 

Replika is a popular Artificial Intelligence chatbot. That allows users to have fun conversations with a variety of characters. Users can provide specific personality traits and even change their appearances.

They can even create their own characters on Replika and have fun conversations with them based on their moods.

Users can talk to characters for free in Replika. But users need to purchase a plan to create their own character available for $19.99/month or $299.99/year. Users can access Replika through web, android, or iOS devices. 

3. NovelAI 

NovelAI is another excellent alternative to Character AI that allows users to create their own worlds, stories, and characters. This platform contains a free plan as well as a paid plan that costs $15/month.

NovelAI even contains a variety of interactive games where users can select several choices and get different results. Users can also write fictional stories using NovelAI and create exciting tales using the available templates.


Users can easily unblock the Character AI website using a VPN, web browser extension, and proxies. Above we have mentioned a detailed guide on explaining how to get Character AI unblocked using different methods.

We have also mentioned potential risks and considerations while unblocking Character AI. Along with top alternatives of the AI chatbot. 

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