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ChatGPT in Classrooms – How can it be used?



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Unlike the old classrooms, modern classes are equipped with various technologies. The traditional methods of teaching are being replaced with smart tech gadgets. Likewise, a new smart tool is entering the classrooms of almost every school, ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool developed by Open AI. This tool uses artificial intelligence to answer almost every question you throw at it. Now that means it can also help students with their homework, solving complex questions, etc.

But is that the only way to use ChatGPT in classrooms?

Of course, not!

ChatGPT comprises various features, and it can assist teachers and students in different ways. So, let’s look at some interesting ways to use ChatGPT in Classrooms.

ChatGPT in Classrooms - How can it be used?

How can ChatGPT be used in the classroom?

ChatGPT is a popular artificial intelligence tool used in various industries. The tool can assist in the education industry as well. ChatGPT can be used by teachers and students in classrooms.

For instance, teachers can use ChatGPT to rectify grammatical or writing mistakes. They can also use it to grade students’ work. However, for that, teachers will have to input information on how to assess the work. The tool will then take care of the rest.

Similarly, students can use ChatGPT to improve their writing skills. They can also take help from ChatGPT when they are stuck solving assignments or complex mathematical questions.

Concerns About ChatGPT in Classrooms

ChatGPT can be a helpful tool in classrooms. But every good thing has some negative points. Regarding the use of ChatGPT in classrooms, the outcomes of using this tool can lead to some serious issues. For example:

  • ChatGPT sources data from the internet, and it is a new tool. So, relying entirely on ChatGPT is not advised. The results may only be accurate sometimes.
  • This tool will always provide answers at students’ fingertips, preventing them from utilizing their brains. This way, the creative thinking abilities of students won’t develop.
  • The tool might produce plagiarized content. If the student uses ChatGPT only to write essays and answer assignments, the student’s work will be considered plagiarized.
  • If students start using ChatGPT for their homework and assignments, it will prevent them from studying hard.

19 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Classroom 

Various reasons encourage students and teachers to keep using ChatGPT in the classroom. Here are a few ideas for using ChatGPT in a classroom:

  1. Use ChatGPT to generate writing prompts. Teachers or students can enter an original idea into ChatGPT and turn the text into a story or essay.
  2. Teachers can ask ChatGPT to generate a comprehension to test the students’ reading skills. Students can then answer the comprehension questions after reading the passage.
  3. Use ChatGPT to find grammatical errors or writing mistakes in a text. Teachers can use it to provide feedback to students, while students can use ChatGPT to practice their grammatical skills.
  4. Teachers can use ChatGPT to automate their tasks, like providing feedback to students or assigning grades to their assignments.
  5. Students can use ChatGPT to answer their homework or assignment questions.
  6. Students can use ChatGPT to practice their writing skills. For instance, you can write a text and ask ChatGPT to spot the mistakes, show a different vocabulary for a word, or provide feedback.
  7. If you want to generate ideas for something, ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas.
  8. Students can use ChatGPT for revision. They can write answers to questions and ask ChatGPT for feedback.
  9. ChatGPT can help in creating outlines. You can enter a topic or question in ChatGPT and ask it to prepare an outline highlighting important concepts from the topic.
  10. Students can use ChatGPT to learn a new language. ChatGPT can help students to translate text into various languages. Students can type in a text and learn its translation in any language by commanding ChatGPT.
  11. Students can use ChatGPT to play various mind games. The app supports various games. You can ask it to play a game with you, and it will create a relevant prompt. You can then enjoy gaming!
  12. Students can use ChatGPT to learn and practice their coding skills. The tool can help students in writing programs in different computer languages. It can also assist in debugging the code.
  13. Teachers can use ChatGPT to generate fill-in-the-gap exercises. This will enhance the reading and writing skills of their students.
  14. ChatGPT can be used to generate infinite vocabulary words. Teachers can ask students to say words starting from a particular letter or related to something, and ChatGPT will verify whether they are correct.
  15. ChatGPT can help students in writing short stories or poems. Students can enter their requirements, and ChatGPT will generate a story or poem accordingly.
  16. Teachers can use ChatGPT to explain topics to their students according to their class level. For example, they can tell ChatGPT to explain a complex topic as if it is explained to a 6th-grade student.
  17. Teachers can use ChatGPT to create test papers for their students.
  18. Students can use ChatGPT to review a particular concept in any subject. For example, ask ChatGPT why mercury is a metal?
  19. Students can use ChatGPT as a discussion or debate tool. Give it a statement and ask it to argue on it. You can also ask for feedback at the end.

How Teachers and Students Are Using ChatGPT

Teachers and students are using ChatGPT in different ways within the classroom. Teachers use the tool to create tests, explain topics to students, generate writing prompts, and grade students’ assignments.

Contrarily, Students use ChatGPT to generate essays, answer homework and assignment questions, revise concepts, practice coding, or improve their writing skills.

ChatGPT can help students with their studies, but it isn’t advised for students to completely rely on this tool. As it may produce plagiarized and inaccurate content.

Can I use ChatGPT for School?

ChatGPT got popular soon after its release. However, the tool created several concerns for schools since it would limit students’ thinking and creative capabilities.

So, some ChatGPT Banned in Schools. Students caught using ChatGPT in such schools would be punished.

However, several schools still support the use of ChatGPT. If you wish to use ChatGPT in your school, you’ll have to check the school’s guidelines to see if they allow ChatGPT. If ChatGPT is not banned in your school, you can use it without any worries.

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What is the impact of ChatGPT on education?

ChatGPT is a helpful tool in the education sector. It can be of great help to students and teachers if used ethically. However, the tool comes with some negative factors that should be addressed.

For example, students shouldn’t rely on this tool entirely as it would limit their growth and development. Again, this tool should be used to practice and improve the student’s skills.

If used properly, ChatGPT can help students and teachers in various ways, as explained in this guide.

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