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How to Buy Chat GPT Stock? Can you Invest in It?



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ChatGPT continues to take the world by storm through its massive success and is expected to generate a revenue of $1 billion by 2024. With such high success and recognition, most people must be wondering about investing in this AI chatbot. This raises the question of how to buy ChatGPT stock. 

Unfortunately, you cannot buy ChatGPT stock since OpenAI is not publicly traded and is still a private organization. Therefore, users cannot invest in ChatGPT directly. However, there are indirect ways through which you can invest in ChatGPT, which we will be discussing in this article. So, let’s get started. 

Is there a Chat GPT Stock?

ChatGPT is not publicly traded. Therefore, users can invest in ChatGPT stock directly, as the company needs to go public first. However, users can invest in ChatGPT through an indirect medium by investing in companies partnered with ChatGPT. For example, Microsoft, as it takes a massive position in the company, therefore, investing in Microsoft, is an indirect way to gain exposure to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.  

What is Chat GPT Stock name?

ChatGPT does not have its own ticker/stock symbol as it’s not publicly traded. 

ChatGPT Stock

Can you buy ChatGPT Stock right now?

You can’t buy ChatGPT Stock right now. As the company that developed ChatGPT, OpenAI, is not publicly traded. It is currently a private company, meaning that its shares are not available on any public stock exchanges. But if you still want to gain exposure to ChatGPT, you can invest in Microsoft as the company is partnered with ChatGPT and takes a large portion of the AI chatbot, which will help you invest in ChatGPT indirectly. 

How to invest in Chat GPT Stock?

You can not invest in Chat GPT Stock directly, but you can buy shares in companies such as Microsoft that have heavily invested in ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT is a private company that only attracts private funding from leading and eminent investors. However, users can get exposure to ChatGPT by investing in Microsoft, as it has obtained a massive part of ChatGPT.

Users can even invest in NVIDIA as they utilize AI purposes and are trained using a large language model like ChatGPT which is also another indirect way to invest in ChatGPT. 

There are three option through which we you can invest in chat GPT.

  • Microsoft (MSFT)
  • Perion Network (PERI)

Other Generative AI Stocks to Watch as ChatGPT Soars

Here are some of the other Generative AI stocks to watch as ChatGPT Soars: 

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Investing in Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is one of the best ways to get exposure to OpenAI’s ChatGPT as it directly connects to the AI chatbot. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its third investment in OpenAI in January 2023, followed by two previous small investments in 2019 and 2021. This investment is rumored to be worth around $10 billion. 

This is Microsoft’s third investment in late February, Microsoft released a new update on Windows 11, announcing the integration of Bing AI chatbot with the company. With this integration, users can directly raise queries using the windows 11 search bar.

This integration will enhance Bing’s capabilities to generate more detailed replies to users’ inputs. Currently, the Microsoft Bing search engine holds a 9% market share, but with integration into ChatGPT, bing is expected to become a large player in the search engine market. 

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Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is the parent company of the popular search engine “Google”. This year, Alphabet also introduced its own AI chatbot known as Bard AI, a rival to ChatGPT and Bing. Currently, Bing is available through waitlists in the US and UK. Google holds around 84% of the search engine market (according to Statista). However, the top position competes with Microsoft’s integration with OpenAI. for which is currently


You can even gain exposure to ChatGPT by investing in NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA). Since the GPUs are often utilized for AI purposes, training using large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT helps process a wide range of data. 

NVIDIA is one of the top companies in graphics processing unit technology for mobile devices, laptops, notebooks, PCs, workstations, and more. The business model of Nvidia majorly focuses on automotive electronics, AI, gaming, and mobile devices.

Apart from graphics processing units the company also supports assist Meta systems (NASDAQ: META) which are used in AI supercomputers. 

In addition, the company is working with Dell technologies on various Artificial intelligence applications for enterprises, ranging from speech recognition, language-based services, and cybersecurity.  


Amazon’s cloud-computing and subsidiary platform “Amazon Web services” (AWS) is one of the world’s largest technology companies. Amazon web services provide various services such as storage, computing, networking, databases, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and more. AWS’s revenue is expected to break the $100 billion level in 2023. 

AWS contains four AI business tools: AI platforms, AI infrastructure, AI services, and AI framework. Therefore, generative AI is not new to Amazon, since the technology form is too similar to Alexa’s conversational experience. AWS also expanded its collaboration with Hugging face an AI company. The collaboration is expected to give a rise to the development of generative AI applications. 

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) 

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) is considered a pioneer in IT and communications networks. The company includes a massive portfolio of multi-cloud applications and products. It even contains strong relationships with Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. 

The company AI and machine learning offers a high range of computing solutions for enterprises including solutions for cybersecurity and protection from security threats and malware. 


IBM (NYSE: IBM) contains one of the largest AI research programs in the world. The company offers a wide range of AI solutions for IT operations, computing, business automation, natural language processing, healthcare, and more. 

The AI team at IBM research is, for now, working on creating a new generative AI tool that can help generate a more reliable and trustworthy application. Apart from chatbots, IBM has also utilized generative AI techniques in creating antimicrobial drugs which can help target antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 


Intel is the largest semiconductor chip manufacturer in the world as per its revenue. It produces microprocessors that help power several mobile and computer devices worldwide which has made intel a household name. 

Intel stated its media team is building generative AI that will help better people’s lives, build tools and help reduce harm by generating tools that will make technologies more natural and benefit humans. Intel’s ARLA open-source urban driving uses generative AI to help generate more natural and realistic 3D action for the training, development, and validation of driving tools.  

Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU)

Micron Technology is a company that produces dynamic random-access memory, USB flash drives, and flash memory. Micron is a leader in the semiconductor industry globally. It is also the only US DRAM, memory, and NAND flash manufacturer. 

This is particularly vital for the US Artificial technology sector as according to Forbes; Generative AI technology highly depends upon semiconductors and around 85% of semiconductors are currently being manufactured in Asian countries.

Chat GPT Stock Price currently?

ChatGPT is not a publicly traded company, so there is no ChatGPT stock price

Future of Chat GPT Stock

According to IG Group’s Kelvin Ong, a financial writer, there is a possibility that ChatGPT might go public this year. Although there have not been any talks about an initial public offering yet, Ong stated that earlier this year, OpenAI was in talks for funding with venture capital firms Thrive Capital and Founder Fund for a private tender sale of shares. Read this guide to know does Openai have stock.

Tender sales, through which investors would purchase shares from existing shareholders like employees, might amount to a total of US$300 million. This would make the company value US$29 billion, which is almost double to 2021 company value, says Kelvin Ong. Reuters reported in December 2022 that OpenAI is expected to have US$200 million in revenue in 2023 and US$ 1 billion in revenue in 2024. In January, Microsoft also announced a US$10 billion multi-year investment in OpenAI. 

Is ChatGPT Publicly Traded?

ChatGPT is not Publicly traded; it’s still a private company. Even ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI is also not publicly traded. ChatGPT is a private organization. Therefore, it generates private funding from leading investors. ChatGPT would require an initial public offering (IPO) to become publicly traded. 

The Best AI Stocks to Buy as of May 2023

Company Market Capitalization
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) $2.3 trillion Inc. (AMZN) $1.0 trillion
Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) $714 billion Inc (AI) $2.1 billion
Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) $1.4 trillion
Micron Technology Inc. (MU) $68 billion
Tesla Inc. (TSLA) $512 billion

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