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How to Fix ChatGPT Cloudflare Loop



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ChatGPT is a helpful AI chatbot that can provide beneficial content and answers to your complex queries in a human-like manner. However, at times this AI chat service can also be entitled to several errors such as the ChatGPT Cloudflare loop which restricts users from accessing the ChatGPT site and keeps redirecting itself to the loop.

Users can fix ChatGPT Cloudflare loop errors by following a few simple measures such as Clearing the browser data, Disabling firewall or Antivirus software, checking DNS settings, restarting their device, and more. 

In this article, we have mentioned a detailed guide on how to fix the ChatGPT Cloudflare loop to help you get rid of this error and allow you to access ChatGPT effortlessly. 

What is a ChatGPT Infinite verifying human Cloudflare Loop?

OpenAI uses Cloudflare in ChatGPT to protect the website from any sort of cyber threats or suspicious activity. A Cloudflare loop is an error that occurs when a ChatGPT website gets caught in a redirection loop and keeps on redirecting to itself, restricting users from accessing ChatGPT’s services. 

Users might witness a message saying “Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP” which implies the website is currently restricted to access due to the Cloudflare loop. Users can face this error due to various reasons such as DNS configuration, network errors, server issues, and more. 

Why does Cloudflare Loop error happen?

There can be multiple reasons behind the Cloudflare loop error occurring on your device while trying to log in to ChatGPT. Sometimes, a Cloudflare loop error occurs when the security measures of Cloudflare detect an unusual or suspicious pattern from the device or network.

Other potential reasons behind this loop could be due to ChatGPT server being down from OpenAI’s end, issues with the firewall settings which might restrict users from connecting to ChatGPT’s website, Incorrect DNS settings, and more.

However, you can get rid of the Cloudflare loop error by following the measure we have mentioned below. 

How to Fix ChatGPT Cloudflare Loop – Can’t log in. Stuck on Cloudflare’s “Verify You Are Human”

If you are stuck in an endless Cloudflare loop while trying to access OpenAI’s chatbot, then here are some of the fixes that you can try to get rid of this error. 

Step 1: Clear Your browsing data

Outdated or corrupted data can be a major reason behind the Cloudflare loop, which is restricting you from accessing ChatGPT’s website. Therefore, you should eliminate cached files, outdated data, and cookies from your web browser to achieve smooth access. Here’s how you can clear your browsing data on your web browser. 

  • Firstly, open your web browser. 
  • On the right side of your screen tap on the three dots of your browser window 
  • Choose the “More Tools” option. 
  • Under it click on “Clear browsing data” or you can also directly click on Ctrl + Shift + Del 
  • Select a time range using the drop-down and check mark browsing data, Cookies & other data, and Cached files & images.
  • Once done, select the “Clear Data” option available at the bottom. 

Step 2: Check Your DNS Settings

If you have cleared your web browser data and are still facing the Cloudflare loop while trying to log in to ChatGPT. Then you should check your DNS Settings. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Click on the Windows Key on your PC along with + R to open the Run Dialog box 
  • Now, open the command prompt by typing in “cmd” and click on “Enter” 
  • Type “ipconfig/flushdns” and click on Enter icon 
  • Now exit the Command prompt and try visiting ChatGPT’s site again. 

Step 3: Disable Firewall or Antivirus Software

At times, there can be an issue with your Firewall or Antivirus Software which can cause a Cloudflare loop to occur on your device, while accessing a website or application. So, you should try disabling Firewall or Antivirus software temporarily to check whether it’s causing the issue or not.

  • For this, click on “Start” Menu 
  • Choose “Settings” 
  • Tap on “Update & Security” 
  • Under it, select “Windows Security” 
  • Now, you have to tap on the “Firewall and network protection” option and disable it. 

Once you have disabled Firewall or Antivirus software from your device, try accessing ChatGPT again and check whether you are facing the same issue again or not. If you are still facing a Cloudflare loop error, then try following the below-mentioned fixes to solve this issue. 

Step 4: Check Poor internet or Wifi connection

Poor internet or Wifi connection can result in trouble while accessing a website or application and sometimes it can even cause ChatGPT cloudflare loop error. Since a poor internet connection is unable to load the page properly and ends up loading the same page over and over again in a loop. 

Therefore, you should check your internet and wifi connection. You should restart your router or modem and try accessing ChatGPT’s website again. We would even suggest switching to a strong and faster wifi or internet connection to avoid the occurrence of such errors while accessing ChatGPT in the future. 

Step 5: Restart Your Device

Sometimes the best way to get rid of any technical issue or error is by switching off your device and trying to restart it again. This method has been pretty effective in a variety of cases.

Therefore, simply turn off your device and take a short break of about five to ten minutes. Then turn on your device and try accessing ChatGPT again to check whether the issue is resolved.

Step 6: Contact ChatGPT Support

If you have performed all the above-mentioned fixes and are still facing a Cloudflare loop error while trying to access ChatGPT. Then it’s best to contact ChatGPT’s contact support and let the professional look into the matter.

You can contact ChatGPT’s help center by clicking on this link and clicking on the “message icon” available in the right corner. Tap on “Messages” and then click on “Ask our bot a question.” Explain your issue in detail and the support team will help solve your issue.


Why does ChatGPT get stuck in a Cloudflare loop?

There are multiple reasons why ChatGPT gets stuck in a Cloudflare loop. Sometimes there’s an issue with ChatGPT’s server, internet connection is slow, incorrect DNS configuration, and more which causes this error to occur on your device. 

Can I prevent the ChatGPT Cloudflare loop from happening?

Users cannot completely prevent the ChatGPT Cloudflare loop from happening as sometimes the reason behind the error could be from the servers’ end. However, users can perform a few measures which can reduce the chances of Cloudflare loop occurring while accessing ChatGPT.

Some of the things you can do are regularly clearing your browsing data to eliminate any outdated or corrupted files, checking your internet network, keeping your firewall and antivirus software updated, and checking your DNS settings. 

Will fixing the Cloudflare loop affect my chatbot’s performance?

No, fixing the Cloudflare loop will not result in affecting your chatbot’s performance. Instead, it could result in improving your chatbot’s performance by ensuring the chatbot could connect to the server without any issues or errors.  


Cloudflare Loop error is quite common in websites and applications including ChatGPT. Above we have mentioned some of the beneficial solutions that can help you fix Cloudflare loop errors effortlessly.

We have also included the potential reasons that can cause this error to occur on your device and potential measures you can take to avoid the possibility of this error in the future. 

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