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11 Free AI Painting Generator



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Paintings are referred to as an expression of ideas and emotions but not everyone is capable of transforming their ideas into paintings. 

This is why AI Painting generators were created, these tools help users convert their ideas into artificial intelligence art by using text prompts or photographs. This provides professional artists as well as newbies a platform to unleash their creativity and gain inspiration from other users. 

With these tools, users can generate custom paintings using different AI styles such as Oil Painting, Vibrant, Illustration, Matte, and more. In this article, we will list down the Best AI Painting generators that can help you create stunning paintings. 

11 Best AI Painting Generator for Free

We have collected a list of the best AI painting generators that can help you create stunning and unique paintings for you. So, let’s explore them one by one.  

1. NightCafe

NightCafe is one of the leading AI Painting generators that allow users to unleash their creativity and transform their ideas into stunning AI paintings. It contains multiple AI algorithms through which users can generate unique paintings and artworks efficiently. 

To generate your AI painting using NightCafe you need to start by selecting a model such as DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion 1.5, SDXL 1.0, and more. 

After this, you need to enter your text prompt explaining what kind of painting you want and select your AI style such as Oil painting, pixel art, illustration, etc. 

Once you have provided all your requirements click on ‘Generate’ and NightCafe will begin the creation process of your painting. This tool is perfect for creative people who like to experiment with their skills and imagination. 

Key Features: 

  • Multiple Art style options such as Oil Painting, Vibrant, Illustration, Matte, etc.
  • Allow users to select a variety of machine learning AI algorithms. 
  • Credit earning activities. 
  • An active community where users can share their paintings and gain inspiration from others.  

Pricing of NightCafe: 

AI Beginner AI Hobbyist AI Enthusiast AI Artist 
100 Credits 200 Credits 500 Credits 1400 Credits 

2. Hotpot AI 

Hotpot is another AI painting maker that can create stunning paintings, images, and graphics for you using text prompts or descriptions. It is a cloud-based NFT creation tool that allows professionals and newbies to spark creativity and perform automated tasks. 

With this tool, users need to enter a text prompt explaining their requirements and needs. Hotpot AI will then analyze your prompts and instantly generate excellent AI paintings for you in seconds. 

Painting creations can take up to 4 to 10 seconds to generate for paid users. Meanwhile, for free requests, it takes up to 1 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic at the moment. 

Overall, Hotpot AI is a great tool to bring your painting ideas to life and generate stunning illustrations, images, and paintings. 

Key Features: 

  • Quick painting generation. 
  • Free photo generation credits on a daily basis.
  • Contains API/Batch creation without code. 

Pricing of Hotpot AI: 

Hotpot AI credits are available at a starting price of $10 for 1000 credits. 

3. OpenArt AI

OpenArt is an AI painting-making tool that can generate unique paintings using DALL-E 2 or Stable Diffusion. This tool allows users to create their own vision and elevate it using Artificial Intelligence. 

Users can effortlessly transform their ideas and imaginations into stunning AI paintings without spending hours on complex prompting. Users need to simply provide a prompt describing their requirements and within a few seconds OpenArt will generate your desired output for you. 

This also contains a “Negative prompt’ option where users can enter elements they don’t want to include in their painting. 

Apart from this, OpenArt also provides users the option to select their Aspect ratio, Height, Width, Upscaling, etc. It also has its own community where users can discover and browse other users’ paintings and gain inspiration.  

Key Features: 

  • Contains various AI models such as Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2. 
  • Allow users to utilize generated painting for commercial purposes. 
  • Users can add negative prompts, aspect ratio, upscale, width, height, etc. 

Pricing of OpenArt AI: 

OpenArt AI contains a free plan with limited features, while the paid plans are mentioned below: 

Starter Plan Hobbyist PlanPro Plan 
5,000 monthly paid credits15,000 monthly paid creditsUnlimited monthly credits

4. Starry AI

Starry AI is a unique AI painting maker that focuses on transforming your imagination and ideas into stunning NFT art. Users need to simply describe what they want to see and the advanced Artificial intelligence in Starry AI will instantly transform your thoughts into AI paintings. 

Starry AI is extremely customizable and allows users to select from a wide range of models, styles, aspect ratios, and more. The best part about Starry AI is that it allows users to create up to 5 free artworks daily without any watermakers. 

Also, users have complete ownership of their creations, so users can access their paintings for personal as well as commercial use effortlessly. Starry AI is also extremely user-friendly and can be accessed by users through their official apps available on App Store and Play Store. 

Key Features: 

  • Highly customizable allows users to select sizes, upscale, and more. 
  • Contains more than 1000 styles
  • Provides a free 5 AI painting generations every day. 
  • Complete ownership of your generated creations

Pricing of StarryAI: 

Starry AI allows users to generate 5 stunning AI paintings for free, while the paid plans begin at $15.99. 

5. Fotor 

Fotor is the ultimate AI tool that can create astonishing AI paintings for you. This tool is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Fotor contains a massive range of art styles such as Oil Painting, Anime art, surrealistic, and more. 

This platform is perfect for beginners as well as experts since it contains a simple interface and users need to simply fill in the text, select an effect and your painting is ready. 

The best part about Fotor is that if users are not satisfied with the generated painting, it can ask the platform to regenerate another painting without changing to re-writing a new prompt. 

This is a perfect AI tool for custom made paintings for digital artists and painting enthusiasts as this tool allows users to truly explore their creativity without any limitations. 

Key Features: 

  • Supports text-to-image and photo-to-painting. 
  • Can generate 10 free paintings a day. 
  • Various lighting effects to choose from. 
  • Contains various conversion styles that users can choose from. 

Pricing of Fotor: 

Fotor offers a free plan that includes various basic features and layouts. The premium plan begins at $3.33/month. 

6. Imagine.Art 

Imagine.Art is a text-to-image AI art generator that can create AI painting masterpieces efficiently. It allows users to explore endless possibilities and generate astounding AI paintings. 

Users need to start by providing a text prompt and explaining what kind of painting they are looking for. Next, users need to select a style, and then click on ‘Generate.’ will now begin processing your entered prompt and style and instantly transform your ideas into AI paintings. 

This tool also contains advanced editing tools that allow users to Expand images, change backgrounds, and more. Users can also explore and discover various paintings and artworks generated by other users in its community section.  

Key Features: 

  • Allow users to select an aspect ratio from various options available that can match their desired outcome. 
  • Users can enhance and upscale the quality of their painting using the upscale feature.  
  • Contains an inpaint feature through which users can easily remove any unwanted elements or objects from their paintings. 

Pricing of Imagine.Art: 

The premium subscription to begins at $6.99. 

7. ArtGuru

Artguru is an online platform that allows users to transform their text prompts into AI paintings. It can also convert ordinary or simple photos into astounding AI artworks and generate personalized AI avatars for you. 

This tool allows users to explore the magic of AI painting and create eye-catching masterpieces in seconds. ArtGuru supports text-to-paint and image-to-image generations. 

To create a painting on ArtGuru, users need to start by entering their prompt or short description. Users can also upload a photo for better reference. Then, users need to select a Style, Aspect Ratio, and total number of images. 

Once done, click on ‘Generate’ and ArtGuru will generate your vision in a few minutes. If you are struggling with painting ideas then you can explore top trending AI paintings generated by other users. 

Key Features: 

  • It is capable of creating high-resolution artworks and paintings. 
  • Variety of art styles available. 
  • Supports text-to-image and image-to-image. 

Pricing of Artguru: 

Free, the paid plans for Artguru begin at $2.99. 

8. OpenAI’s DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is a text-to-image model developed by OpenAI. This tool allows users to generate AI art and paintings from text prompts and natural language. 

It is capable of combining various concepts, attributes, and styles together to generate your desired outputs. DALL-E 2 is one of the best AI painting generators available in the market. 

To create an AI painting or image using DALL-E 2 you need to start by entering your prompt and stating the desired art style. Unlike other platforms, DALL-E doesn’t work on a monthly subscription rather it utilizes credits to generate your artwork.  

Key Features: 

  • Creates paintings and images using textual prompts in high resolution. 
  • Contains various art styles and allows users to upscale images. 
  • Allow users to explore the community and gain inspiration from other artists. 

Pricing of Dall-E 2: 

DALL-E 2 works by purchasing credits, for now, this tool charges $0.02 credits to generate one AI image or painting. 

9. Cutout.Pro

Cutout.Pro is a leading AI Painting generator that can generate captivating AI artworks, paintings, and images effortlessly. 

It contains a variety of drawing styles available so that users can explore their creativity and imagination. It’s easy to use and drawing functionality allows users to create numerous drawings for personal as well as professional use. 

With this platform, users can truly experiment with their inner artist and explore their creativity and artistic side. Users need to simply describe their ideas, select a size, choose a character style such as Oil Painting and scenario style, and click on “Generate.” 

Within a few seconds, Cutout.Pro will transform your ideas into paintings. Cutout.Pro is a great AI painting generator for artistic users, marketers, social media, etc.  

Key Features: 

  • It can remove the background from any image or painting. 
  • Contains a photo enhancer and upscaler which can help transform your images into high-quality outputs. 
  • Includes a user-friendly interface that can be accessed by professionals as well as newbies efficiently. 

Pricing of Cutout: 

The subscription plan for Cutout begins at $5.00 which provides 40 credits a month. 

10. PicsArt

PicsArt is the ultimate creative platform for images, video editing, and design tools. Its AI art-generating tool allows users to create stunning AI artworks and paintings in a matter of seconds. 

PicsArt contains a web application as well as mobile apps that support both Android and iOS devices with a user-friendly interface that can be accessed by anyone efficiently. 

Users need to simply enter a prompt explaining their vision and ideas, the AI art tool will then process the information and transform those words into eye-catching AI paintings. This tool contains a wide range of styles that can help you create high-resolution paintings in numerous forms and styles. 

Key Features: 

  • Contains a variety of styles, templates, and forms that allow users to unleash their creativity. 
  • Allow users to generate AI paintings in high resolution. 
  • Generated AI paintings can be saved in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats. 

Pricing of PicsArt: 

The subscription plan for PicsArt begins at $10. 

11. is a web application that utilizes advanced AI technology to create paintings, avatars, artistic images, and realistic portraits. 

This tool allows users to enhance their images, uncropped, enhance video and audio, colorization options, etc. To access this tool users need to select their AI painting style and write down their text prompt explaining their requirements and ideas. 

Users can also upload an image to provide a more precise reference of what they are looking for and then select the number of images they want to generate. 

Once done, the tool will begin processing your ideas and provide the select number of outputs of your desired painting.  

Key Features: 

  • It offers various tools to enhance your AI-generated paintings. 
  • Improve the quality of your images, audio, and videos up to 48 kHz. 
  • Allow users to select the number of AI painting generators and outputs in HD mode. 

Pricing of 

This tool contains a free plan that allows users to generate 5 paintings. The premium subscription starts at $10.  

12. OpenDream 

OpenDream is a free AI painting generator that is powered by advanced AI technology and can generate stunning AI art and paintings using prompts. 

This tool contains various customizable templates that can help you generate stunning AI paintings. Users can visualize their ideas and transform them into beautiful paintings in less than a minute. 

The best part about OpenDream is that it can create up to 8 different ideas from a single prompt. Not only does it help users create excellent paintings and artworks but also allows users to explore the gallery to gain more inspiration. 

OpenDream also allows users to further share their generated work with friends and family as well as a wider audience for commercial use.  

Key Features: 

  • Contains a wide range of customizable templates. 
  • Allow users to share their generated work with a wider audience. 
  • Includes additional options such as AI girl generator, Anime maker, etc. 

Pricing of OpenDream: 

Essential Plan Pro Plan Business Plan 
$9.90/month $19.90/month  $189.90/year 

What is an AI Painting Generator?

AI Painting Generators are software that creates stunning AI artworks and paintings using machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks. 

To use this tool users need to provide detailed text prompts or image references regarding the kind of painting they are looking for. Based on your provided input these tools will generate your AI painting. 

How does an AI Painting Generator Work?

AI Painting Generators work by utilizing machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to generate a high-resolution painting. 

This tool basically utilizes deep learning techniques to analyze and process the text prompts or images provided by users to create a new painting or art.

Not only does it help create an eye-catching painting but also helps further modify it by upscaling, aspect ratio, removing objects, etc. 

How to Use an AI Painting Generator?

Accessing the AI Painting generator is quite easy and here’s how you can access it: 

1. First, you need to select a good AI painting generator for yourself such as NightCafe, Fotor, Hotpot, Artguru, etc. 

2. The next step is to provide a text prompt where you describe what kind of painting you want the tool to generate

3. Select your preferred art style, aspect ratio, and size

4. Click on “Generate” 

That’s it, the AI painting maker will now process your provided prompt and generate a high-resolution painting based on it.  


How much do AI Painting generators cost?

The cost of AI painting generators completely varies depending on what tool you are using. For example, if you are using NightCafe then the starting price of the tool is $4.79. Meanwhile, if you are accessing ArtGuru then you need to purchase a plan starting at $2.99. 

What is the best free AI Painting generator?

The best free AI painting generators are as follows: 

  • Hotpot AI 
  • OpenArt AI 
  • Starry AI 
  • Fotor
  • ArtGuru

Is it legal to use an AI Painting generator?

Yes, it is legal to use AI painting generators since content created by AI tools is free of copyright such as legal issues. However, it is still recommended to run through the privacy and security policy of the AI tool you are using. 

Who owns the copyright of AI Painting?

AI-generated painting or art cannot be copyrighted since it isn’t created by a human itself and such AI tools don’t qualify for copyright protection. Therefore, no one actually owns the copyright for AI painting. 

Conclusion- What is the Best AI Painting Generator?

Above we have mentioned some of the Best AI painting generators that can help you create stunning AI paintings in a matter of seconds. 

While all the mentioned tools contain different features and capabilities we would suggest NightCafe as the leading AI painting tool due to its Multiple Art style options and AI algorithms.

We hope this article has helped you find a painting tool that fits all your requirements and needs. 

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