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8 Free AI Presentation Maker



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If you have ever been asked to create a presentation for a client or project then you already know how time-consuming this process can be.

These presentations help users pitch their ideas and share information with their audience, customers, co-workers, students, etc., and often require a lot of effort and creativity. 

However, Artificial Intelligence technology has now made this task a lot easier with its AI Presentation maker. This tool helps transform your text and documents into well-designed presentations.

These tools ensure each presentation slide is visually perfect and ready to impress your audience. Few AI presentation tools even allow users to integrate the tool with Google Slides and generate excellent PowerPoint presentations.

In this article, we will list down some of the best AI Presentation makers that can help you create excellent AI Presentations. So you can focus more on important tasks rather than arranging slides.

8 Free AI Presentation Maker

We have collected a list of the best free AI Presentation Makers that can help you transform your ideas into visually stunning presentations in seconds.

Below we have mentioned all the features and capabilities of these Presentation makers that can help you generate amazing AI presentations effortlessly.  

1. Slidesgo

Slidesgo is an impressive AI tool that can create stunning presentations for you within a few minutes.

The possibilities in this platform are endless: Users need to simply select a topic, choose a tone and style, and leave the rest to Sildesgo. Users can also customize the presentation generated by AI by using its editing tools without resorting to other programs or software.

Make the presentation personalized by Adding text, selecting your desired colors, rearranging elements, and much more. 

To create your presentation on Slidesgo you need to start by selecting a Topic of your choice. Next, you need to choose a writing tone of your presentation suitable for your topic such as Professional, Casual, Formal, Creative, or Fun, or you can list it as Unspecified.

After this, you need to select the language and choose the total number of slides you want in the presentation.

Once done, choose a style appropriate for your presentation such as Professional, Elegant, Minimalist, etc., and click on “Generate Presentation” Within a few seconds Slidesgo will analyze your requirements and generate your presentation. 

Features of Slidesgo: 

  • Multiple style options: 

Slidesgo provides a wide range of presentation styles that are suitable for all your needs. Some of the styles available are Simple, Abstract, Elegant, Professional, Geometric, and more. 

  • Multiple languages available: 

Slidesgo allows users to generate presentations in various languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, French, and much more. 

  • Good Customization: 

This tool allows users to modify their presentation and make it more personalized by adding text, choosing colors, rearranging elements, and much more. 

Pricing of Slidesgo: 

Slidesgo offers a free version through which users can access limited templates and features on this platform. To access additional features and templates users need to subscribe to its premium or education plan available below: 

Premium Plan: 

A plan for healthcare workers, business people, and collaborating teams with access to over 15000 Premium, ad-free assets, and templates without any limitations. 

Price: $5.99/month

Education Plan: 

A special plan made for students, teachers, schools, NGOs, and other student institutions with special discounts for education. 

Price: $3.50/month


SlidesAI is an AI-powered presentation-making tool that can summarize and create visually appealing presentation slides using texts. Slides.AI is a perfect AI presentation generator that can generate excellent slides for any occasion.

Whether you are creating a sales pitch, marketing strategy, giving a lecture, or anything Slides.AI is the ultimate tool for you. Users can even install Slides AI for Google Slides. is the perfect AI Presentation ppt maker for you that allows users to select from a range of presentation styles, such as general, educational, sales, and conference.

Simply specify the total number of slides you need, and our AI-powered tool will handle all the complex and time-consuming tasks for you.

Overall, Slides.AI is an excellent presentation-making platform that can instantly generate stunning AI slides using a wide range of presentation styles. 

Features of Slides.AI: 

  • Good customization options

It contains a wide range of presentation types and customizable color presets that can make your presentation stand out.

  • Supports 100+ languages 

Slides.AI supports more than 100 languages including English, French, German, Filipino, Russian, and much more. 

  • Time-saving 

This tool can help save users time and provide excellent slide creation without spending long hours.

  • Simple and intuitive interface 

This tool contains a simple interface and doesn’t require any technical expertise. This tool can be utilized by anyone including beginners.

Pricing of Slides.AI: 

Slides.AI offers a free basic plan through which users can generate 3 presentations a month. To generate more presentations users need to subscribe to its paid plan mentioned below: 

Pro Plan Premium Plan 
10 Presentation a month Unlimited Presentations 

3. AutoSlide 

AutoSlide is an AI-powered system that can help users generate visually stunning and effective presentations within seconds.

This tool utilizes an advanced language generation model, GPT-3 to analyze content and create high-quality presentations. 

To access this platform, users need to start by signing in using their Google account. Now to generate your presentation you need to enter a few details about what you have in mind. This includes the topic of your presentation and the purpose.

Once you have provided your presentation description, choose an appearance type such as Dark Blue, Light Green, etc. Now select the total number of chapters you are looking for and Tap on “Generate.”

The AI Algorithm will instantly analyze your provided details and specifications and generate a visually appealing presentation for you in seconds. 

Features of AutoSlide: 

  • Uses GPT-3 language model 

This platform utilizes OpenAI’s popular language model GPT-3 to transform your ideas into virtually appealing and effective presentations. 

  • Fast and simple 

AutoSlide saves your time and effort by analyzing your content and requirements and generating your desired slides automatically.  

  • Export your presentation into different formats 

AutoSlide can help users design unique and stunning AI presentations and allow you to export them in different formats such as PDF, Google Slides, and PowerPoint. 

Pricing of AutoSlide: 

Personal Plan Premium Plan 
$1.99/month $4.99/month
5 Presentation a month 20 Presentation a month 
Up to 3 chapters Up to 10 chapters 

4. Simplified 

Simplified is an AI Presentation maker that can instantly create professional presentations and On-Brand Decks without spending hours on Design. This tool can help increase your productivity and impress clients with stunning designs.

Users need to simply enter their topic and leave the rest to the Simplified AI Presentation maker. This tool is a free AI presentation maker from text description. The best part about this tool is that it’s fully customizable.

Thus, users can easily adjust and make various changes on this platform effortlessly. From the font, text, images, colors, and sounds, you have the entire control. 

To generate your presentation on Simplified, users need to start by navigating to the Design Dashboard and selecting “AI Presentation.”

Now enter your topic and click on the “Generate” option. That’s it, now Simplified AI Presentation will analyze your topic and generate a stunning presentation for you within a few seconds.

Further, users can customize the generated presentation by adjusting the font, image, color, and more to make it more personalized. 

Features of Simplified: 

  • Creates images and design elements 

Simplified can help users generate stunning images and design elements using its AI image-generating tool. 

  • Highly Customization 

Simplified allows users to customize the AI-generated presentation by adding texts, and images, changing colors, font, etc. This way users can make the presentation more personalized and generate their desired results. 

  • Simple and easy-to-access Interface

Simplified contains a simple and intuitive interface that can be easily accessible by anyone including beginners. 

Pricing of Simplified: 

Simplified offers a Design-free plan through which users can generate AI presentations using limited features. To access premium features users need to subscribe to its paid plans mentioned below: 

Design Pro Design Business 
$9/month $15/month 

5. Wepik 

Wepik is a free AI presentation maker that can create impressive slides using its powerful technology with just a few clicks.

This platform utilizes natural language processing to analyze users’ input and create visually appealing slides. The best part about this tool is that it is 100% free and can be accessed by anyone.

Wepik’s AI Presentation Maker is your one-stop destination for designing top-notch slides. Whether it’s a New Year celebration, a business plan proposal, or anything else Wepik can generate a perfect presentation for you within minutes. 

To generate your desired presentation on Wepik, simply start by entering your topic. Next, choose a style that perfectly blends with your presentation. There are a total of 5 style options available: Simple, Abstract, Doodle, Elegant, and Geometric.

Now, click on “Generate” Wepik will instantly create your presentation based on your provided details. Further, users can make essential changes such as rearranging elements, changing colors, including your brand assets, etc.

Once you have made all the essential changes, download your presentation and you are good to go.  

Features of Wepik: 

  • Customization options

Users can easily make all the needed changes to Wepik’s AI-generated presentation using its intuitive editing tool. From color modifications to text changes to rearrange elements users have the entire control. 

  • Upload files into your presentation 

Wepik allows users to upload their files and images into your presentation to make it more appealing and presentable. Users can even use Wepik’s Image-generating tool to create new AI images using simple prompts. 

Pricing of Wepik: 

Wepik by Freepik is a free AI presentation-making tool. All features and tools in Wepik are available free of cost without any restrictions. 

6. Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI is one of the best AI presentation makers for teams that can easily transform your ideas into stunning visual slides.

This platform allows companies and individuals to access their shared Dropbox assets and comprise them in slide templates using Beautiful AI.

This tool contains a wide range of presentation templates available that users can explore for various requirements such as marketing, sales, pitch decks, education, and much more.

Each of the templates is ready to use and can be easily customized based on your needs. Users need to simply enter their inputs and leave the rest to AI technology. Within seconds Beautiful AI will transform your ideas into beautiful presentations. 

Features of Beautiful AI: 

  • Hundreds of pre-built slides

Beautiful AI contains hundreds of pre-built and customizable smart slides available in its slide gallery that can help save your time and effort from having to begin from the start. 

  • Simple intuitive controls 

This platform contains simple and easy-to-use slide controls through which users can make edits and changes effortlessly. Users can define every value, size, and position of the content. 

  • Wide range of Presentation Templates

Beautiful AI contains various presentation templates for various needs such as marketing, pitch decks, education, sales, and much more. 

Pricing of Beautiful AI: 

Pro Team Enterprise 
$12/month $40/month Contact sales for custom plans 

7. SendSteps

SendSteps is an interactive AI presentation maker that can save your time and create excellent presentations 10x faster.

With this platform, users can create presentations in two ways: document-to-presentation and text-to-presentation AI generator.

The document feature allows users to simply upload a document and the AI technology will automatically summarize the content and generate an interactive presentation for you. 

Meanwhile, the text feature allows users to provide a short description of their topic and AI will create an interactive presentation based on your provided description.

Not only does this platform help you create a presentation but also helps users enhance their existing presentation using its AI content creator. With this tool, users can add that extra touch that can make your presentation stand out.

The AI Content Creator can assist users in generating compelling text, visually stunning word clouds, and more to amplify your audience engagement.

Overall, SendSteps is one of the best AI PowerPoint presentation maker free along with excellent features and capabilities. 

Features of SendSteps: 

  • Document-to-presentation

SendSteps allows users to create unique and interactive presentations by simply uploading document files online. This platform supports Word documents, PDF files, .txt files, and PowerPoint files. 

  • Multiple languages 

This platform allows users to generate presentations in 86 different languages including English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and much more. 

  • Includes interactive questions 

SendSteps presentations always include various interactive questions to make them more appealing and help engage with the audience. 

Pricing of SendSteps:

SendSteps offers a free plan through which users can generate 2 AI presentations. While the premium plans are mentioned below: 

Starter Plan Professional Plan Enterprise 
$9.99/month $23.99/month Contact the team 
5 AI presentations a monthUnlimited AI presentationsAll professional features 

8. Designs AI 

Design AI is an online platform that can design captivating presentation slides using AI technology. Whether you are looking for a group assignment, sales pitch, or business project, Designs AI can help you with all.

Design AI contains thousands of professionally created templates available for all your presentation needs. 

To generate your presentation on Designs AI, start by selecting a template of your choice. After you have chosen your preferred template, customize it by adding photos, texts, symbols, and other branding elements.

Users can explore a variety of fonts, colors, and other layouts to make your slide more personalized. Now, download your presentation in various formats such as JPG, PDF, or PNG file.

Users can also share their presentations online through email. Overall, Designs AI is a good AI presentation maker with excellent templates and customization options. 

Features of Designs AI: 

  • Thousands of professionally created templates 

Design AI contains a wide range of professionally crafted templates available for all your presentation needs. This includes templates for Marketing strategies, Sales pitches, Business proposals, and much more. 

  • Highly Customizable

Design AI allows users to customize their presentation and add texts, images, logos, branding elements, and much more. Users can also adjust font style, and colors, and explore various layouts on this platform. 

  • Download your presentation in different formats

Designs AI allow users to download and share their AI-generated presentation in different formats such as PDF, JPG, and PNG file. Users can even share their files online through email. 

Pricing of Designs AI: 

Basic Plan Pro Plan Enterprise 
$49/month $99/month $199/month 

Conclusion: What is the best free AI presentation maker?

Slidesgo and Wepik are the best free AI presentation makers that can help you generate excellent AI presentations in seconds.

Slidesgo contains a wide range of presentation styles, customization options, and multiple language availability that can help you generate your desired presentation effortlessly.

Meanwhile, Wepik AI presentation is another excellent presentation maker that utilizes natural language processing to analyze users’ input and create visually appealing slides. This tool contains excellent customization options and is 100% free of cost. 

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