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Why is Google AI called Bard? What does it stand for?


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“Bard” stands for Poet, referring to famous English literature William Shakespeare, Bard of Avalon. It directs Bard’s creative abilities to generate authentic and unique content. It contains geek roots which work well for Google’s convention of names. 

Bard is an Artificial intelligence chat service by Google. Bard utilizes the LaMDA language model to help understand the inputs provided by users and help answer users’ questions by drawing information across the web in a conversational manner. Ever since Google announced the release of Bard AI, people are beginning to wonder what does Bard mean and what does it stand for? 

Why is Google AI called Bard? What does it stand for?

The new AI chatbot has the capability of generating a variety of content such as Poems, Stories, blogs, articles, and much more. For now, Bard is under limited access and is only available to US and UK users through the waitlist available on Bard AI’s homepage.

What is the AI of Google called?

The Artificial intelligence of Google used in Bard AI is known as LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). It is the first generation of LaMDA which was released in 2021.

The LaMDA language model is utilized in Bard to help comprehend the inputs provided by users and help provide accurate and relevant answers to users’ questions by drawing information across the web in a conversational manner. 

What does Bard stand for in Google BARD AI?

The name Bard used by Google stands means “Poet”, as Bard of Avalon by William Shakespeare, famous English literature referring to its linguistic or creative abilities. 

The name contains a geek root which suits Google’s convention of names. Bards is also the name used in Dungeons and Dragons, a type of playable character. These characters were an inspiration by the old Apple II game known as Bard’s tale.  

Bard is basically a generative AI, which is a generic name given for artificial intelligence models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E that has capabilities of generating new content for users.

Usually, Generative AI contains abilities to generate video, audio, and even imagery, but since Bard AI is a chatbot, it only focuses on generating textual-based content. The primary goal of Bard AI is to develop answers to users’ input in a natural and conversational manner to help solve all your queries. 

Can Google Bard write stories?

Yes, Google AI chatbot Bard is capable of writing stories. It can even come up with different story ideas, themes, genres, and more. Bard AI is extremely creative which can help you generate stories based on your imagination, help boost your productivity and generate creative and unique ideas for you. 

You can simply enter a prompt asking Bard to generate a story with a clear context understanding such as the category, type of story, set of characters or elements, and more. By providing a clear detailed outline, Bard will be able to understand your context and generate the story that is most suitable for you based on the prompt provided.

Since the bard is connected to the web, it can generate tons of results for you within a few seconds. 

Apart from stories, you can even ask Bard to generate various content such as poems, scripts, articles, blogs, and more. You need to enter a detailed prompt simply and Bard will generate the content for you.

For now, Bard is only available for users in the US and UK who can join the waitlist to gain early access to Bard AI. You need to simply visit this link and join the waitlist. 

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