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How to Get GPT-3 Online for Free


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Are you looking for a way to get GPT-3 online for free? There are different platforms that can help you to get the third-generation language model of GPT, that is, GPT-3 for free.

The GPT-3 was developed by openAI in the year 2020, which is one of the most powerful models and it is available free of cost. To get access to GPT-3 go further with the details provided in this article.

What is GPT-3?

GPT stands for ‘Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3’. It is basically a Large Language Model (LLM) which was trained using the data available on the internet.

The company behind creating this machine learning model is known as OpenAI and their mission is to use AI for the betterment of society.

How it basically works is the user needs to give some input in the form of some text and then the AI chatbot gives us the relevant answers in the form of text.

It has been trained on huge databases which helps it in giving you the most relevant answer to your questions and unlike search engines, it doesn’t show you multiple results that sometimes are not even related to your question.

The output given by GPT-3 seems to be identical to what a real human would answer if put into the same situation.

How to Get GPT-3 Online for Free?

You can use GPT-3 online for free, but you need to either look for tools that use GPT-3 directly or are using the same API Key as the one used in the GPT-3. Some of the options that we were able to find are mentioned below:

1. OpenAI Playground

OpenAI Playground is an official web-based platform where users are allowed to interact with all the various language models that are developed by OpenAI.

You will also be able to get the API Key that was used to make GPT-3. This website has a very simple and clean interface, which makes it easier for beginners to learn fast.

It can be used as a learning tool by experimenting with different models. When creating a new account, you will be given around $5 worth of credits which can be used to access some limited features and will expire in the next three months.

2. Writesonic

 Writesonic is a website that acts like your own personal AI writer and can write almost anything for you from essays, articles, and emails to reports, descriptions, and captions.

You can give it any task related to writing and it will be able to perform it very easily, all thanks to the built-in API key of GPT-3.

This AI chatbot runs on the same technology as GPT-3 to execute all its functionalities with ease. A regular person can use their free trial plan to get some limited features such as 10,000 words/month, 25+ languages, a Landing Page Generator, etc.

3. Hypotenuse AI           

Hypotenuse AI is a very powerful AI writer that can help you write about almost anything such as marketing ads, copywriting, e-commerce descriptions, blog articles, etc.

While using this AI generator, you are indirectly using GPT-3 as it is built on the same module and technology.

If you want to use this website, you need to create an account on their website. In the free trial, you will be given 6,000 words to use and you also get the option to try the paid plans free of cost for 7 days, without needing any credit card.

4. Simplified AI Writer

Simplified AI Writer is a website that uses GPT-3 to help you write about almost anything.

You can use it to write cover letters, resumes, letters, stories, summaries, etc. It can also act as your personal AI assistant and can answer all your questions. 

Just like other websites, this also provides a free account where you get a limit of 3,000 words which you could use to test its features.

5. Neuroflash

By using the power and capabilities of GPT-3, this website helps people create appealing and engaging content. You can generate messages, emails, newsletters, landing pages, etc.

It has been built by using the same API Key as the one used to make GPT-3.

When you create an account on their website, your free plan will be automatically activated, which will give you about 2,000 per month to write for free.

6. Reddit

Reddit is an online community where people can share their thoughts and give opinions about different topics.

The communities that people make on this website around a specific topic or general interest are called subreddits.

There are currently a lot of subreddits dedicated to GPT-3 and here is a list of a few of them:

Always remember that Reddit only gives you access to some third-party models that are similar to GPT-3 or are running on the same language model.


Can I use GPT-3 for free?

Yes, you can access GPT-3 for free using the platforms discussed above in the article like neuroflash, Reddit, and others which can provide you with human-like content for free.

Can I run GPT-3 at home?

Yes, it is possible for you to run GPT-3 at home, free of cost on your laptop, PC, or any other device. You can download different alternative AI content generators at home and run them.

How to get free GPT-3 access?

You have the following ways to access GPT-3 for free:

  • You can apply to get an API Key from OpenAI. You just need to fill out a form and wait for it to get approved. 
  • Use tools such as Writesonic, Jasper, OpenAI Playground, Neuroflash, etc. to use GPT-3 or models similar to it which are based on the same technology.

How much does GPT-3 cost to run?

It is estimated that the cost of running GPT would be between $100,00 and 150,000 without taking other costs like electricity, cooling and cooling, etc. But if we run GPT-3 in the cloud, GPT-3 would require something like Amazon’s p3dn.24xlarge which would cost around $87,000 per year.


If you were having a problem finding ways to use GPT-3 for free, I hope after reading this article, your problem must have been solved now. There are multiple ways by which GPT-3 can be used without paying any money.

Try to use this piece of technology to learn and understand how this thing works and how it could be used to your advantage.

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