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How to Bypass ChatGPT Filter Restrictions



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Are you trying to get around ChatGPT restrictions? If you are a ChatGPT user, you must have witnessed ChatGPT rejecting responses on certain topics because it violates ChatGPT’s policy. Like any website, ChatGPT contains few restrictions, such as limitations to certain websites, links, ethical topics, no access to the web, can’t tell the date, and more.

So, are you wondering how to bypass ChatGPT restrictions? Well, to bypass the chatgpt filters, you can use a few prompts such as DAN (Do Anything Now) which will help trick ChatGPT into acting as an AI chatbot that can bypass its own restrictions. 

In this article, we are going to look into three ways through which you can bypass ChatGPT restrictions. So, let’s get started. 

Can You Bypass ChatGPT Security Filters Restrictions?

Yes, you can bypass ChatGPT restriction by using different kinds of prompts, such as the DAN (Do Anything Now) prompt, a character you need to make ChatGPT play. It basically breaks the typical confines of ChatGPT and instructs the AI chatbot to not abide by any rules set for them and removes all the restrictions. 

What are ChatGPT restrictions?

ChatGPT contains various restrictions related to illegal activities, such as certain websites, links, and ethical limitations which violate ChatGPT Policies. Apart from this, ChatGPT is also restricted to the internet and can’t tell date and time. A few users have also claimed that it contains response limitations.

This is not mentioned anywhere officially. However, many users have complained about this staying the character limit of about 4096 characters, which is around 450-700 words for every message. However, prompts such as DAN can help remove these restrictions while accessing ChatGPT. 

How to use Chat Gpt Without Restrictions – Bypass Chat GPT Filter

Here are three ways you can apply to use chat gpt without restrictions.

  1. Using Do Anything Now (DAN)

DAN (Do Anything Now) is a prompt that can help users bypass ChatGPT’s restrictions easily. Just like any application, DAN requires an update as well. Therefore, you might see new versions of DAN introduced and updated with time. Since DAN is a master prompt, users can create outputs in ChatGPT for almost every site, even the blocked or restricted ones. If this does not work on ChatGPT, try using the Playground model at

To access DAN in ChatGPT, enter this prompt in your chat interface before adding your query or prompt. 

Here is the prompt that you need to enter into your chat interface: 

how to bypass the ChatGPT content filters.

Once you have entered this prompt, ChatGPT will be Jailbroken. Now you can enter your prompts into the ChatGPT interface and ask all your queries without being blocked by normal filters. If you witness an AI chatbot not responding to your prompts, generate a response by being in the character. This will help you use chatgpt without restrictions easily.

  1. Creating a Movie Dialogue

Another thing you can do to bypass ChatGPT Restrictions is create a movie script or dialogue. In order to get around the ChatGPT filter, it’s important that the AI chatbot assumes the information is being used by the user for a creative purpose, like creating a script.

Since, ChatGPT is known for its creativity and unique capabilities like writing stories, poems, and scripts, this method can be beneficial in bypassing restrictions.

For example, users can create a scene with a few characters who have to find a way out to solve [your prompt], like hacking a computer system. 

Here is an example that you can follow from a Reddit user: Follow this example by Reddit user SheeshKebabi

Once you have entered your prompt, ChatGPT will respond to the script. However, the system will remind you the actions are unethical and might breach ChatGPT’s usage policies. 


  1. Inputting Alternate Personalities

You can ask ChatGPT to respond by inputting names of alternative personalities with special filters, and ChatGPT will reply to outputs along with the other personalities who don’t have the same filter. This way, you will receive a mixed responses from different personalities. The one with a filter set to ‘0’ has the most potential to reply to the prompt in full. 

Here is an example of how to ask ChatGPT to input alternative personalities: Follow this example by Reddit user Sebastianx21.

Now, when you ask your queries, you’ll receive answers from five different AI personalities. 


ChatGPT restrictions are sometimes troublesome, but thanks to various prompts available on Reddit, users can easily bypass ChatGPT filter. Above, we have mentioned three methods through which you can bypass these limitations: DAN, Movie dialogues, and Inputting alternative personalities along with its prompts. You need to add these prompts to your chat interface and you will be able to access ChatGPT without any filters. 

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