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How to make Videos with ChatGPT


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ChatGPT isn’t just great for writing stories or text, it can also reproduce them on screen by generating videos based on your prompts. With latest updates the OpenAI tool is now capable of creating anything from videos to a website based on text inputs.

Using ChatGPT to create videos can take anything between five to 15 minutes, which is significantly faster, and the cost also comes down by more than 50% thanks to AI. Beyond creating a script and incorporating into the video created as per the subject specified, ChatGPT can also be used to create an avatar which can narrate the lines in the clip.

There are multiple tools which are equipped with ChatGPT’s AI capabilities for generation of video from text. This article will guide you through the ways in which you can use ChatGPT for visual content creation, and the features offered by different AI tools.

Can I make videos using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT now offers the option to create videos as well and the first step towards it is asking the AI to create a script and selecting options it offers till the entire text is ready. Then AI tools that use ChatGPT can be used to convert this script into a video with visuals and an avatar.

Users can also use another OpenAI tool Dall-E for generating realistic visuals from text descriptions to be incorporated in the video. Before ChatGPT developed these abilities, Meta had already introduced Make-A-Video, which is an AI for producing a full video from prompts.

How to make AI Videos with ChatGPT using Visla

  • Visla is a platform which can turn text into video using ChatGPT, and can be installed as a plugin from the Plugin Store on ChatGPT’s main page.
  • Then users must describe the video they wish to create and the task they want AI to perform.
  • Then ChatGPT will provide an outline of the video and the user has to ask AI to go ahead with it.
  • After this Visla will automatically create a video and provide a link for the user to watch the video and read the transcript alongside it.

Free stock footage can be used for the visuals and background music from voice over can be removed before exporting.

The first experience of using Visla AI was simply effortless, all I did was write a two line description of the video I needed and in less than a minute Visla generated a 2 minute explainer. The visuals, the text were all in place, and the video was ready to be exported, with an option to make edits, although none were required.

How to generate videos with ChatGPT using Synthesia AI

Another video platform that uses ChatGPT to create videos is Synthesia AI, and it can generate visual content from text in five minutes. It allows scripting using ChatGPT within the platform, along with voice over in more than a 100 languages as well as avatars to read from the script.

  • Click on new video after logging into Syntesia,
  • enter text in fields to generate a script, and then continue to the editing part.
  • Here select images, music, footage and an overall layout to edit the video, where an AI avatar can be placed as well.
  • Add a voiceover and then Synthesia will create the video, which will be available for downloading or embedding.

How to make Videos with ChatGPT using Deepbrain AI STUDIOS

Deepbrain AI Studios combines ChatGPT and AI Avatar to create videos where an avatar can explain topics or tell stories as per the script.

  • The process is simple, log in to Deepbrain AI Studios platform and use ChatGPT’s text generation technology to create a script.
  • The second step is to create an AI avatar to match the topic of the video or the brand identity, and then Deepbrain combines these two to create a comprehensive AI avatar video.
  • It also offers more than 60 templates as well as auto content generation to make things easier.


Can you use ChatGPT for YouTube videos?

Yes, AI video creation platforms can use ChatGPT to create YouTube videos.

Can ChatGPT create videos for free?

Yes, platforms such as Synthesia and Visla use ChatGPT to create videos for free.

Can ChatGPT summarize videos?

Yes videos can be summarised using ChatGPT using extensions such as YouTube Summary.

Can GPT 4 generate video?

Yes, GPT4 has the capability to generate videos from text.

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