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What is OpenAi PlayGround – How to Use the GPT-3 Chatbot



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You must have heard about ChatGPT and DALL-E, Artificial Intelligence tools. But have you heard of the Open AI Playground, a similar AI platform developed by Open AI?

The Open AI Playground is a predictive language model that allows humans to write or improve any text in a human-like manner. At first glance, you might think that the Open AI Playground is ChatGPT. But that’s not the case!

ChatGPT is designed for generic purposes, while Open AI playground is mainly for programmers. The tool provides an interface for developers to develop or fine-tune other machine-learning models. And it has several distinct functionalities to explore.

This blog shares detailed information about Open AI Playground and how to use it.

What is OpenAI PlayGround

What is OpenAI Playground?

The Open AI Playground is a web-based software developed by Open AI. The tool offers an interface to developers willing to access and experiment with the Open AI language models like GPT-3. The platform offers flexibility in terms of customization and usage. Developers can customize the platform to develop a model as per their preferences.

OpenAI Playground and ChatGPT Playground do have a lot in common since they were both developed by OpenAI. They both use similar generative AI models, but they are designed for different user groups and have distinct purposes​.

Like ChatGPT, Open AI is designed to respond to questions in a conversational tone. It comes with some predefined templates. For instance, to begin a conversation, you can hit the Chat button. It also offers a Q&A button for users to set up a question-and-answer session with the bot.

Open AI Playground can perform various tasks. These include summarizing text, analyzing concepts, writing novels, etc.

Most importantly, the Open AI Playground gives access to Open AI APIs making it more popular amongst developers.

Is OpenAI Playground Free?

OpenAI Playground is free to use but When you sign up for OpenAI Playground, you’ll get an $18 credit to begin with. This will allow you to use AI models that can generate around 650,000 words for free. However, your time with the free credits is limited; after three months, they will expire and you would need to contact OpenAI’s sales team in order to purchase more. If you find yourself running out of credits before then, it might be a good idea to purchase additional ones beforehand.

How to Use OpenAI GPT-3 PlayGround Chatbot

That said, let’s see how to access Open AI Playground:

1. Create an Account

You cannot access Open AI’s products without creating an Open AI account. So, head to and hit the sign-up button to create a new account. Enter the necessary information and complete the sign-up process.

You can also click login to sign into your existing account using your Open AI login credentials. Alternatively, click the sign up with Google or Microsoft account option to use your Google or Microsoft account details.

2. Enter a Prompt

After creating your account, a large text box will display on your screen. This is the Open AI Playground. To use this software, you need to enter a prompt.

A prompt is a question, an incomplete sentence, or an instruction. Type the prompt in the space provided and hit enter. GPT-3 will generate an appropriate response immediately.

For instance, enter prompts like:

  • What are the top 10 gadgets for gardening?
  • Why is digital marketing important for businesses?
  • Suggest a diet plan for vegans
  • Write a resume for a pharmacist
  • What is the meaning of Computer

3. Experiment With Different Ideas and Prompts

The best way to get the most out of GPT-3 is by giving specific yet creative prompts. You can brainstorm prompts related to your search queries and ask GPT-3. The tool will respond to the prompts accordingly. Don’t limit your search to generic What is or how to type questions.

For instance, you can ask GPT-3 to create a poem, write a bedtime story, or generate a computer program. You’ll love the responses.

4. Keep Track of Your OpenAI Playground Credits

The Open AI Playground gives its users $18 worth of free credits. These credits expire in three months, after which you need to purchase new credits. So, while using the Open AI Playground, you must keep an eye on these credits. After exhausting your credits, you’ll need new ones or have to give up on your Open AI Playground account.

You can check the remaining tokens by clicking Personal on the top right corner and selecting Manage Account. This option also displays the tokens you use every time.

5. Switch to a Different GPT Model

The GPT-3 model uses Davinci, Babbage, Curie, and Ada. The major difference between these models is their speed and cost of working. The Open AI Playground allows users to switch between models while exploring the platform.

To switch to a model, click the Model option in the Settings Menu and choose the model you wish to use.

By default, Open AI Playground uses Davinci, giving the best results even for complex questions. Again, you can switch to Ada for the lowest costs and fastest results. 

6. Improve Your Results

One of the best GPT-3 parameters is the temperature setting. By modifying this setting, you get varied answers for the same prompt. However, if set to zero, GPT-3 will generate the same response even if you ask the same prompt a hundred times.

If you want variations in your answer or to fine-tune the results, change the temperature setting to 1 or above. And observe how GPT-3 generates unique results every time.

Openai Playground is mostly free but has a time limit

The good news for Open AI Playground users is that it doesn’t require buying credits while signing up. Initially, the Open AI Playground offers $18 credits for free. This credit is enough to generate around 650,000 words. You can test this platform using these credits without paying a single penny.

Keep in mind that these credits expire after three months. So, after expiry, you’ll need to purchase new credits to continue using the Open AI Playground. You will also need to purchase new credits after exhausting the current ones.

Can You Use GPT-4 in OpenAI Playground?

OpenAI shook up the field of generative AI with their release of GPT-3 to the public. This was followed shortly afterwards by the launch of GPT-3.5 through ChatGPT, and then further accelerated with the introduction of GPT-4. This new version of the artificial intelligence model brought many exciting new features to users worldwide.

GPT-4 has a new feature that enables users to input images to the model. The model can comprehend the images and provide text responses to discuss and respond to them.The system has been advanced to support multiple modes, which is impressive. At present, only individuals who have access to OpenAI’s GPT-4 API can use the GPT-4 model in OpenAI Playground. The waitlist for the GPT-4 API is quite long as you would imagine.

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies like OpenAI to regulate the release of new models through research previews and limited waitlists. Priority is often given to developers that have well-conceived ideas for incorporating the technology into an application or product. This helps ensure that only those who will use it in responsible, innovative ways are able to access it

Exploring the possibilities of GPT-3 can still be a rewarding experience, especially for those who are interested in experimenting with generative AI simply for enjoyment. As you wait for the newest model to be released, you can use GPT-3 as a place to experiment.

Openai models

The Open AI Playground supports four base models: Ada, Davinci, Babbage, and Curie. Davinci is the most popular model, which offers the best responses to complex questions. You can switch between different models to see which generates faster responses at lower credits.

Select the appropriate model under the Model option on the right-hand side menu to switch between a model.

However, note that all models won’t give the same performance for different purposes. Below is an overview of when to use each GPT-3 base model:

  • Curie – Curie is less costly than Davince and processes request faster. It is best for translating or summarizing text, answering questions, or extracting important information.
  • Babbage – Babbage is fast and less costly. It can generate excellent responses for repetitive prompts. The model is ideal for brainstorming ideas, completing sentences, or generating story plots.
  • Ada – It is the fastest model and consumes the least credits. You can use it to generate precise answers or for creative purposes. It is not ideal for generating descriptive responses.

Open AI offers various settings over other language tools. You can play around with its different Modes like:

  • Complete – This is the default mode which tells the AI to start from where you left the previous conversation.
  • Insert – The insert mode uses the [insert] tag to fill in the blank spot in the conversation.
  • Edit – This mode won’t generate a new response. It will modify the existing response or rewrite it.

The Open AI Playground also offers advanced settings options like:

  • Maximum length – This option allows you to define the length of the AI tool’s response.
  • Temperature – This option tells the tool to generate various responses for the same prompt.
  • Show probabilities – This option tells the AI to highlight various words within the response and tell you how the AI is considering them.
  • Frequency/ Presence quality – This option changes the AI’s likelihood of reusing specific words and sentences for the same topic. 

Download OpenAI Playground Desktop App for Windows 11/10 PC and Mac

How to install OpenAI Playground on Windows PC?

To install OpenAI Playground on Windows PC, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official site of WebCatalog using this link on your Windows PC 
  • Now, you need to click on “Download” and install WebCatalog on your PC 
  • After this, you need to click on the “Apps” section and search “OpenAI Playground” or you can also click on this link
  • Click on “Download” and wait till the file gets downloaded 
  • Now, begin the installation procedure of OpenAI Playground by tapping on “Install”
  • Once the app is installed, click on log in and enter your OpenAI account email address and password (If you don’t have an OpenAI account, click on the sign-up button and create one using your email)
  • l Now, you can begin using the OpenAI Playground Desktop app on your PC

How to install OpenAI Playground on Mac?

To install OpenAI Playground on Mac, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • l You need to launch the official site of WebCatalog using this link on your Windows PC via your preferred browser 
  • l Click on “Download” and install WebCatalog on your PC 
  • l After this, you need to click on the “Apps” section and search “OpenAI Playground” or you can tap on this link
  • Click on “Download” 
  • Once the file is downloaded start the installation process of OpenAI Playground by clicking on “Install”
  • Till will take a few minutes for the app to be installed 
  • After the app is installed, click on the login button and enter your OpenAI account email address and password
  • Now, you can begin using the OpenAI Playground Desktop app on Mac


The Open AI Playground offers several text generation features. You can use this platform to generate content or develop customized bots based on your preferences. You can test the Open AI Playground for free using its free credits and later purchase new ones. So, follow the instructions in this guide to start using the platform immediately!

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