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How to Buy SES AI Stock – Price, News and Prediction


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In today’s online world, there are different AI stocks to invest in. Among those AI stocks, SES AI (NYSE:SES) is one of the best options to trade in.

SES AI has a hand in the development and production of high-performance lithium (Li) metal rechargeable batteries for EVs, electrical vehicle take-off and landing, and other various applications.

Go through this article in detail to learn more about SES AI stock:

What is SES AI?

SES AI is an integrated lithium-metal battery manufacturer. It’s a Mine-to-Men AI software for Li-meal batteries.

The main goal of the company is to reach new limits and provide unlimited freedom in the case of electric transportation, both on land as well as in the air. It is going to become a world leader in next-generation development of Li-metal batteries.

Is there a SES AI stock?

Yes, there are SES AI stocks as SES AI is a publicly traded company so the stocks are available on different platforms. Based on 0 buy ratings, 1 hold rating, and 1 sell rating it has a consensus rating of “SELL”.

Should I buy SES AI stock?

According to Wall Street analysts, the SES AI has received a consensus rating of “SELL” so it is not recommended to buy. It has not been recommended as a ‘buy’, ‘hold’, or ‘strong sell’.

Due to negative earnings over the last 12 months, it doesn’t have a meaningful P/E. The 12-month revenue of SES AI made 0.0% progress and the stock price also has gone down by -56.53% in the last 52 weeks.

How to invest in SES AI Stock?

Here, in this tutorial we’ll see how using eToro you can invest in SES AI stock: eToro is a very user-friendly platform with 3000+ assets and ready-made portfolios.

1. Go to the official website of eToro and sign up for a free account. Set up your profile because it is necessary to protect your data and it is needed to meet the eToro’s strict obligations.

2. Credit your account with funds. The main currency of eToro is $USD but you can deposit money in other various major currencies like £GB.

3. Now, you can go to the Discover section and here you can search for SES AI stock. You can now buy SES AI stock.

4. eToro provides a section of Watchlist where you can create different watchlists.

Future of SES AI Stock?

The earnings of SES AI stock are expected to decline by -33.2%. Annual revenue is expected to grow at 65.1% per year. Earnings per share (EPS) is expected to decline by 32.8 %.

Return on equity is forecasted to be around -7.9% in 3 years. Seeing these stats shows that the stock currently is not turning out to be in “BUY”.

Is SES AI Publicly Traded?

Yes, SES AI is publicly traded and not a private entity and stocks of SES AI are available on different platforms like eToro, etc. Users can invest in it through these platforms. Currently, their price per share is $2.23. 

5 related SES AI stocks to invest in

1. Stem(STEM): Stem provides clean energy solutions and services fashioned to maximize the economic, and environmental value of energy assets and portfolios.

2. Novonix(NVX): Novonix is a battery materials company which is providing solutions to service the electric vehicle and energy storage marketplace.

3. ESS tech(GWH): ESS is one the leading manufacturers of long-duration energy storage systems for commercial applications.

4. Radware(RDWR): Radware provides cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software data-defined centers.

5. PubMatic(PUBM): Pubmatic works on the development of online advertising software and strategies for digital publishing.

Latest news about SES AI stock

1. SES AI was invited to present at the Emerging Growth Conference on September 7, 2023. This live event gave opportunities to existing shareholders and the investment community to interact with the company’s chief financial officer, Jing Nealis. SES AI presented for 30 minutes.

2. SES reported 2nd quarter 2023 financial results which ended on June 30, 2023.

SES AI stock prediction in 2025

For the SES AI stock prediction for 2025, a forecast is offered for each month of the year and the average forecast for the year 2025 is $2.618, with a high forecast of $6.9, and a low forecast of $0.7.

The average prediction for price in 2025 shows a +17.40 increase from the last price of $2.23.


What is the current SES AI stock price?

Currently, the stock of SES AI is priced at $2.23. For real-time updates about the SES AI stock price, you can click here.

What is SES AI stock name?

The name of SES AI stock is ‘SES’ and ‘SES WS’. When the company went public on February 4, 2022, it started trading under the ticker symbol ‘SES’ and ‘SES WS’.

Can you buy SES AI stocks right now?

Yes, SES AI stocks are available for public trading and you can buy SES AI’s stocks through various online trading platforms. By analyzing the trend of the stocks you can invest carefully in it.

Does SES AI have its IPO?

Yes, SES offers an initial public offering (IPO) as it is not owned by a private group of investors and is a public company. All the publicly traded companies have IPO so SES AI has.

When will SES have its IPO?

SES already has its IPO. SES AI The battery manufacturer SES went public in a SPAC deal.  From February 4, 2022, SES AI started trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the new ticker symbols of ‘SES’ or ‘SES WS’.

Who owns SES AI?

SES is owned by Dr. Qichao Hu, who is the founder and currently the CEO of SES. There are a lot of investors who own a share in the company like institutional, retail, and insider investors.

Who owns SES AI Stock?

SES AI stock is owned by 30.38% institutional shareholders, 42.35% by SES AI insiders, and 27.27% by retail investors. Some of its big shareholders include Sk Inc., General Motors Holdings LLC, Vanguard Group Inc., etc.

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