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How to Buy Shield AI Stock – Price, News and Prediction


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There are various companies in the market that provide service to the nation’s security sector through their advanced AI systems. One such company is Shield AI.

The company aims to protect service members and civilians with intelligent systems. Read further in detail to know more about Shield AI and its stock:

What is Shield AI?

Shield AI is an American aerospace and defense company. It develops advanced AI-powered fighter pilots for aircraft, drones, and other enhanced technology for defense.

Shield AI was founded as a defense and artificial intelligence system in 2015. The company is in the run to make the world’s best AI pilots.

The company’s “NOVA” became the first AI-powered drone to be deployed for defense in the US Army.

Is there a Shield AI Stock?

No, because Shield AI is not a publicly traded company. Hence, the stock of the company is not available on any of the trading platforms where you can buy them directly. It is not publicly traded on the NYSE or NASDAQ in the U.S.A.

Should I Invest in Shield AI?

Yes, investing in shield AI could be a good option but currently, you can not invest in shield AI directly.

However, you can invest in Shield AI by investing in companies that are private investors in Shield AI. Investing depends upon your risk tolerance, but here are a few things to consider before investing in Shield AI:

1. Growing potential:- Shield AI has a valuation of $2.3 billion and is expected to grow significantly over time, enhancing the technology for defense purposes to the next level.

2. Innovative technology: Shield AI raised $165 at a $2.3 billion valuation to fuel development. It has raised a total of $549 million over 12 funding rounds. It brings AI, software, and aerospace engineering together to deploy the most intelligent aviation capabilities.

How to Invest in Shield AI Stock?

Currently, Shield AI doesn’t offer an IPO. Therefore, Shield AI stock is not available on publicly traded platforms. However, you can invest in Shield AI through a venture capital firm or an exchange-traded fund.

Using eToro, a very easy and flexible platform to use, you can invest in the companies that have invested in Shield AI. Here are some of the venture capital firms that have invested in Shield AI:

  • Andreessen Horowitz 
  • Point72 Ventures 
  • Snowpoint Ventures 

Now, you can invest in these companies on eToro, by going through the following guide:

1. Open the eToro website, link provided above or you can download the eToro application on your device.

2. Now simply sign up for a free account by providing your details.

3. Now you can credit your eToro account with virtual cash by different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, etc.

4. Now go to Discover and search for these companies and invest by doing proper research about the stock of the company in which you want to invest.

5. Do not forget to create a watchlist so that you can have a real-time update about your stock.

Future of Shield AI Stock?

The future of shield AI indeed appears to be in a very positive direction, driven by several key factors:

1. In 2022, Shield AI raised $165 million in Series E to foster the building of the world’s best AI pilot.

2. Shield AI is building its AI pilot, Hivemind, to enable swarms of drones and aircraft to operate autonomously without GPS, communication, or a pilot.

3. Boeing and Shield AI signed an MoU this year in March to explore bringing AI-enabled autonomy to military aircraft.

If the company, in the future, offers an IPO, then it is going to have exceptional value in the market.

Is Shield AI Publicly Traded?

No, at present Shield AI is not publicly traded. Also, there is no mindset of the founders and cofounders to make the company go publicly traded sooner. The stocks of the company are limited to its private investors, employees, etc.

5 Shield AI-related Stocks to Invest in

1. Anduril Industries: Anduril is an American company, that develops defense technology emphasizing delivering customer hardware and national security software. It was founded in 2017.

2. Zipline International Inc.: Zipline is an American logistics company that designs, manufactures, and operates the world’s largest instant logistics and delivery system.

3. SpinLaunch: SpinLaunch is a spaceflight technology company focused on launching small satellites into lower earth orbit. It works on mass acceleration technology.

4. Firefly Aerospace: Firefly Aerospace is an American aerospace firm that is enabling the world to launch, land, and operate in space through the design, manufacture, and operation of reliable launch and spacecraft vehicles.

5. Blue Origin:- Blue Origin is an American aerospace company, defense service and launch service provider with a vision of enabling a future where millions of people are living and working in space for the benefit of Earth.

Latest News about Shield AI 

1. On August 30, Shield AI announced the successful completion of an autonomous teaming demonstration featuring three V-BAT unmanned aircraft systems(UAS).

Read more about this news here.

2. Shield AI announces its collaboration with sentient vision systems, an Australian company to offer AI-enabled wide area motion imagery capability.

To stay updated with the latest news about Shield AI click here.


What is the current Shield AI stock price?

Currently, there is no information regarding the stock price of Shield AI. Shield AI is a privately owned company and hence companies privately owned do not provide any data regarding their stock price. It is limited to private investors.

What is Shield AI stock name?

The name of Shield AI’s stock is unknown. As previously mentioned, it is a private company and it is not publicly traded. Hence, once the company goes public, its stock name will become known.

Can you buy Shield AI stock right now?

No, currently you can not buy a stock of Shield AI. As mentioned above in the article, Shield AI is a private company and its stocks are not publicly available. However, if you want to invest in Shield AI you can invest in companies that are investors in Shield AI.

Does Shield AI have its IPO?

No, as mentioned before Shield AI is not a publicly traded company and companies who are not publicly traded don’t offer an IPO. Also, there is no information regarding when the company will start offering an IPO.

Who owns Shield AI?

Ryan Tseng and Brandon Tseng own the Shield AI. Currently, Ryan is the CEO of Shield AI, and Brandon is the president and the chief growth officer of the company. Shield AI was founded in the year 2015.

Who owns Shield AI stock?

The stocks of Shield AI are owned by the employees in the company, founders and co-founders, and the private investors in the company. Some of its private investors include Thomas Tull, Founder Collective, Homebrew, etc.

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