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Best Undress Bots on Telegram [2024]



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Undress bots have been gaining massive attention worldwide for their ability to digitally transform ordinary images into deepnudes by removing clothes using artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. Unlike other platforms, Telegram undress bots are tools that can deliver undressing services to users on the Telegram chat interface itself making the process user-friendly and easy for individuals. 

In this article, we will mention some of the best undress bots on Telegram (2024) along with its features and pricing to make choosing a suitable undress bot easier.

What is Telegram Undress Bot?

Telegram undress bots are AI-powered bots that utilize artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to create high-resolution deepnude images by undressing clothed images provided by the users. These bots are available on the Telegram app and can be easily accessed by users by simply searching for the bot on the search bar and clicking “Join the channel.” 

The best part about the Telegram undress bot is its intuitive interface through which users can process the undressing services on the Telegram chat interface itself and receive results instantly on the chats making it extremely user-friendly and easy to use. However, these telegram undressing bots have also raised concerns about ethical and legal issues. Therefore, users must access these nude bots responsibly.  

Top Undress Bots on Telegram

Undress bots on Telegram are AI-driven tools that can remove clothes from your images and convert them into a deepnude image in just a few simple clicks. Below, we have mentioned the top undress bots on Telegram that users can access for image nudification. 

1. is an ultimate telegram undress bot that can remove clothes from any photo and undress a person for free. This tool offers automatic and manual options through which users can highlight clothing areas from their images and generate an undressed image. offers good customization options allowing users to explore various creative possibilities and can be accessed by users through its official website or via the telegram bot. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that anyone can access without technical knowledge. 


  • It offers two modes, Automatic and Manual, through which users can decide on painting clothing areas. 
  • This tool delivers results quickly without making the user wait for a long duration.
  • offers customizable parameters for users to select their photograph’s body type, age, and image resolution. 


The starting price of is $5.49/month.   

2. SoulGen 

SoulGen is one of the most popular undress bots available in the market. Its user-friendly interface and advanced “Edit” option have made it a favorite bot choice among digital artists, photographers, and more. This tool is powered by advanced AI technology that can easily detect clothes from users’ photographs and transform them it a nude image using text prompts in just a few seconds.

Apart from this, users can also generate anime and real-girl images on this platform using text prompts. The edit option also allows users to resize their images and effortlessly remove unwanted elements from existing images.


  • Users can remove clothes and undress their ordinary images using the “Edit” option.
  • SoulGen allows users to create new AI girl photographs in anime and real style. 
  • Users can swap faces into other photos or videos on this platform. 
  • SoulGen AI is available as a mobile app and can be accessed by users on both Android and iOS devices.


A 1-month plan is available for $12.99. 

The 12-month plan is available for $90.99. 

3. is a telegram undress bot that can accurately undress an individual’s ordinary image and transform it into a deepnude image effortlessly using advanced AI technology. Users can access this tool by searching for the “” channel on their telegram app and place a request for an undressing service in the chat interface itself.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface has made one of the most impressive undress bots in the market. The stand-out quality of this platform is its excellent customization options that allow users to explore their imagination and generate their desired outcomes. 


  • It contains an “Auto” mode through which AI can automatically paint over the clothing areas from users’ images and generate an undressed version. 
  • It offers a “Manual” mode through which users can paint over the specific clothing for undress services. 
  • This platform offers good customization options for users to select their desired body type trait, age, and more. 
  • Users can also determine their preferred image resolution on based on their subscription levels such as Standard quality, High quality, and more. 


  • The Basic plan of is available for $5.49/month through which users can generate nude images in medium quality at a fast speed with body type trait access. 
  • The Standard plan is available for $16.99/month and offers high-quality image generations with body type trait access, no queue, faster generation, and more. 
  • The Pro Plan is available for $37.99/month with excellent quality, age trait access, body type access, undress mode, no queue, and more features. 

(Users can get an extra discount by subscribing to a 3-month or 12-month plan on 

4. is an impressive AI telegram bot that can transform your regular, ordinary images into extraordinary photos in just a few simple clicks. This platform utilizes deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence technology to transform regular images into high-quality deepnudes in various styles such as Sports, Lingerie, Bikini, Nude, and more.

The best part about this platform is that it offers a user-friendly interface, as individuals can request deepnude generation through telegram chat. This tool also takes excellent privacy measures so users can perform image generations without any privacy concerns. 


  • It offers fast, deepnude image generation. 
  • offers a variety of style options such as Sports, Lingerie, Bikini, etc. 
  • Users can request image nudification generation using the Telegram chat interface itself. 


  • 10 Credits – $6 USD 
  • 20 Credits – $11.4 USD
  • 50 Credits – $27 USD
  • 100 Credits – $49.8 USD 
  • 200 Credits – $90 USD
  • 500 Credits – $225 USD

5. Undress.VIP

Another great undress bot choice on telegram is “Undress.VIP”. This platform is powered by advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms that can detect clothes from users’ uploaded images and generate an undressed version of the image quickly. The AI model has undergone extensive image training to ensure the most accurate deepnude image generation.

To use this platform, users must start by visiting the official site of and signing up using an email address. After this, upload your image with a normal angle and choose your preferred style option on the platform. Once done, will begin the undressing process and generate a realistic-looking deepnude image. 


  • The AI model has been trained extensively with a wide range of clothed and nude images to ensure image generation with the highest accuracy.
  • This tool takes essential security measures towards users’ privacy and allows them to register anonymously.
  • It offers a good style mode option for individuals to create deepnude images in different forms. 


Free plans are available, premium plans begin at $11.99 and offer 15 credits.

6. is an AI-driven undress bot that can instantly identify clothes from an individual’s photograph and transform it into a naked image by generating fake nudes. Users can access this platform through its official website or join the “” channel on Telegram and create undress images through the chat interface.

The AI model has been trained using thousands of nudes and clothed images to ensure the undressing service is accurate and generates realistic deepnudes for users. This platform is high on privacy measures and takes essential steps towards ensuring a user has a safe and secure experience on the platform. It also offers good customization options through which users can express 


  • offers excellent customization options through which users choose their preferred body type, age, and image resolution.
  • It contains a user-friendly interface that both beginners and experienced individuals can access. 
  • It’s a trustworthy platform with good privacy measures so users can access it anonymously. 


The premium plan of begins at $11.99/month.

7. is another advanced AI Undress Bot on Telegram that offers “undressing” services and transforms your ordinary images into high-quality deepnude images. Users can either join the official channel on telegram or visit the official site to access the undressing assistance. Similar to other platforms, also provides two modes “Auto” and “Manual” that can be utilized for painting the clothed areas.

This tool offers excellent customizable parameters that users can utilize for personalized undress image generation. Overall, is one of the best undress bots on Telegram that can be utilized by digital artists, photographers, and regular users for nude images. 


  • It offers two painting modes: Automatic and Manual for undressing services. 
  • Users can select their desired image resolution on this platform such as Standard, HD, and Ultra HD. 
  • Individuals can create images in different types such as Lingerie, Anime, Stockings, Bikinis, and more.


The pricing plans of starts at $23.99/month. 

How to Use Undress Bots on Telegram Safely

Undress Bots are surrounded by various legal and ethical concerns, making it essential for users to use the platform responsibly to avoid future troubles. Below, we have mentioned some useful tips on how you use undress bots on Telegram safely:

  • The proper consent of the individual and their images must be obtained before using it for deepnude generation on the bots to avoid any ethical and legal concerns.
  • Do not use these telegram bots for any misuse such as fueling any online misogyny, sexual objectification, or violation of privacy.
  • Be cautious and alert while sharing your images on the platform as the technology could misuse them. 
  • Keep a two-factor authentication process on your account and set a strong password to keep your online accounts safe and secure. 
  • Be aware of the rules and regulations set by the telegram bot to prevent your account from getting terminated. 

How do undress bots work?

Undress bots utilize advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms that can instantly remove clothes from an image and transform it into a naked version of the image by creating fake nudes.

The AI models are often trained on an extensive amount of clothed and unclothed images which plays a crucial role in the entire undress service. These wide amounts of images used during the training process help generate deepnude images with the highest accuracy. 

FAQs Undress Bots on Telegram

Are undress bots on Telegram legal?

The legality of undress bots on Telegram depends on the specific laws set by each country and location. Many countries consider the usage of undressing bots as illegal. Therefore, you must ensure your location’s legislation before accessing these AI telegram undress bots. 

How do I use undress bots on Telegram?

You can use undress bots on Telegram by opening the “Telegram” app and searching for undress bots, deepnude bots, or nude bots on the search bar and a wide range of channels will appear on your screen. Select any bot of your choice and join the channel. After this, upload the image on the chat interface and select your preferred style mode, and the bot will begin the undressing process and deliver your requested result on the chat itself. 

Are undress bots on Telegram safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use undress bots on Telegram when the tool is utilized responsibly by the user. To avoid ethical or legal trouble, bot users should avoid using pictures without the individual’s consent. 

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Telegram undress bots are excellent platforms that can generate deepnude images with the highest accuracy using AI technology. Regardless of its capabilities, it is extremely crucial for users to be cautious and responsible while accessing such platforms as it contains various ethical and legal concerns and can cause major trouble if not used responsibly.

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