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How to Summarize YouTube Video with ChatGPT?


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Many people use Youtube today to gain insights and information about everything. However, it is not easy to watch every video on Youtube and remember every piece of information you have learned from it. This is where ChatGPT becomes important. You can summarize Youtube videos using ChatGPT.

You may be unable to do this directly on Youtube or ChatGPT’s website. however, using third-party extensions, you can summarize any Youtube video.

Let us explore the modalities of the same. The summarize button will appear next to the title every time you open Youtube so that you can summarize easily. 

Summarize YouTube Video with ChatGPT

Can ChatGPT summarize YouTube videos?

Yes, ChatGPT is an incredibly impressive and powerful AI chatbot that can effectively summarize Youtube videos. With the use of ChatGPT, the summarizing process is pretty quick and straightforward. Summarizing any video is easier for ChatGPT when a transcript is available. However, it becomes quite challenging for it when the video transcript is unavailable.

What is YouTube Summary with ChatGPT?

Youtube Summary with ChatGPT is a Chrome extension useful for summarizing Youtube videos. It can even transcribe any Youtube video with the aid of the AI chatbot ChatGPT. It lets you summarize any video with just a click of a button.

Using the extension would make you a knowledgeable person and help you stay up to date with happenings in the world. The extension would save much of your time watching videos, improving your overall Youtube experience.  

The summary video appears on Youtube’s video thumbnail; you have to tap on the button, and a summary is generated instantly. Moreover, you can customize your prompts sent to ChatGPT for summarizing any Youtube video. However, the extension will redirect you to ChatGPT’s page to customize the prompt. 

Here’s how you can install Youtube Summary with ChatGPT:

  • Install the Youtube Summary with ChatGPT code from GitHub. 
  • Next, unzip the file and open it in an IDE of a preferred choice. 
  • In the terminal, run “npm install”.
  • Now you will have to run the webpack to generate the ‘dist’ folder. You will have to run “npm run build” or “npm run build-release”. 
  • Hereafter, open Chrome extensions and enable developer mode. 
  • Click on the option “Load unpacked” and select “dist directory”. 
  • Now you can install and run Youtube Summary with ChatGPT on your device. 

How do I summarize a YouTube video with ChatGPT?

If you are exhausted from watching multiple videos on Youtube and keeping a track of information in every one of them, using ChatGPT to summarize videos is the best option for you. You can summarize youtube videos with ChatGPT by using the speech-to-text API technology or browser extensions.

The videos are quickly and easily summarized and transcribed into an informative and readable format with these methods. 

Please note, speech to the text method is a little complicated matter much more suitable for developers. Here’s how you can use the speech-to-text method:

  1. Download a Video

Choose any video you want to be summarized from Youtube and download it on your device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Begin a Python Project
  • You can begin the project using visual studio code. 
  • Create a virtual environment and install “pytube”. The code is “ pip install pytube”
  • Next, run- “pip install pytube”. 
  • Now run the following code:
from pytube import YouTube

def download(link):

   youtubeObject = YouTube(link)

   youtubeObject = youtubeObject.streams.get_highest_resolution()



       print("An error has occurred")

   print("Download is completed successfully")

link= ""


The video will be now downloaded and saved to your device. 

  1. Convert video to audio
  • Use code “pip install moviepy” to install a module called “moviepy”. 
  • Next, run the following code to extract audio:
from moviepy.editor import *

file_name = "(insert file name)"

video = VideoFileClip(f"{file_name}.mp4")

video. audio.write_audiofile(f"{file_name}.mp3")
  1. Convert the audio to text 

For this, you will have to use any tool that converts audio to text. You can use “Whisper” by ChatGPT’s parent company Open AI. 

  • First geenrate an API key. On whisper, you can do it by choosing the “User” tab on the left-hand side and then choosing “API keys”. If you are asked for an organization ID, go and select it from “Settings”. 
  • After you have obtained API, install the Open AI’s package by using the code- “pip install openai“. 
  • Now keep the variables in a “key.json”. Use the following code:




The last step is to transcribe the audio with the aid of the following commands:

import openai

import json

audio_path = "How it Happened - The 2008 Financial Crisis Crash Course Economics 12.mp3"

audio_file= open(audio_path, "rb")

# Reading keys

json_path = "key.json"

with open(json_path, "r") as f:

   keys = json.load(f)

openai_key = keys["key"]

organization_id = keys["organization_id"]

# Settings keys to the API module

openai.organization = organization_id

openai.api_key = openai_key

print("Calling trascribe from whisper...")

transcript = openai.Audio.transcribe("whisper-1", audio_file)

text = transcript["text"]


4. Summarize the text 

As the file has been transcribed, summarizing it is easier. All you have to do isi now command ChatGPT to summarize it using the following code:

print("Calling chatGPT...")

response= openai.ChatCompletion.create(



  {"role": "system", "content": "You are ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI. Answer as concisely as possible."},

       {"role": "user", "content": f"Summarize the following text: {text}"}




And voila! Just like that the summary of the Youtube video has been generated. 

Using extensions is comparatively much simpler than using the aforementioned method. If you want to use the extensions, you can always use Youtube Summary with ChatGPT. We have discussed it in detail above if you want to have a look. And if you want to know more about other extensions, we discuss some of them below. 

Is there a website that summarizes YouTube?

Various other extensions can be used to summarise Youtube. These are helpful for people who are aiming to improve their knowledge, especially teachers, researchers, and students.

We bring you the 3 best extensions that are effective in summarizing Youtube:

  1. Youtube Digest

This is one of the amazing extensions available out there with an abundance of features. The most striking feature of the extension is its ability to summarize videos in various formats.

You can get a bulleted summary or even in the form of articles, paragraphs, or sections with headings. It even gives time-stamped summary thus making it easier to navigate through the video and even watch the parts which you find interesting. 

Moreover, the summary can be transported to the doc or pdf format. Lastly, its text-to-speech feature could even save you the time of reading summaries and you can always choose to listen to it like podcasts. The best part is the extension is absolutely free of course. 

  1. Glarity

It is another Chrome extension that automatically starts summarizing any Youtube video when it is played. Besides, you can also customize the prompts sent to ChatGPT for summarizing any video. 

You also always have the option to turn off the automatic generation of the summary and switch it to manual generation for any video. You can either use your ChatGPT account or the OpenAI’s API key to use Glairty. 

  1. Glasp

The extension is extremely useful for synthesizing the gist of any video. It uses AI technology and advanced machine learning technique first to generate the transcript. Eventually, with the help of that transcript, it generates a summary that even contains certain phrases from the Youtube video. 

Please note no signup is required to use the extension and completely free of cost. However, the extension is in the beta version and not completely developed. Thus, it may have some hindrances in working properly. 

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