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How to Install and Use ChatGPT app for iPhone


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iPhone users no longer have to go to the web browser, search for ChatGPT and sign into their account to use the platform every time. Open AI has finally launched an iOS app for ChatGPT users. The app offers access to all ChatGPT features and Whisper on iOS devices.

What’s even better? With ChatGPT in your pocket, you get instant answers, personalized learning approaches, tailored advice, creative ideas, and much more for free. You can even switch between ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4. That said, let’s see how to download and use ChatGPT on iPhone.

How to Download and Use ChatGPT app for iPhone

Is there a ChatGPT app for iPhone?

Open AI rolled out the ChatGPT app for iPhone users on May 18, 2023. The app is available for US-based ChatGPT users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It offers all ChatGPT features and access to GPT-4 at your fingertips.

ChatGPT is available for free on the App Store, but you must buy the premium version to access GPT-4 and premium features. It costs $20 per month.

Besides, ChatGPT for iPhone is in its experimental stage. Open AI is still accepting feedback from users to improve it. You may expect errors or irrelevant answers while using ChatGPT for iPhone.

ChatGPT App for iPhone Features

The ChatGPT app for iPhone users offers all features available in the web version. It also offers exclusive features exclusively for the mobile app. Some of the helpful functionalities of the all-new ChatGPT iOS app include the following:

  • It syncs the user’s history across all devices.
  • It supports voice-input functionality via Whisper, Open AI’s speech-recognition system.
  • It doesn’t support ads.
  • GPT-4 and premium users get early access to the latest model improvements.

Download ChatGPT App for iPhone

The ChatGPT app for iPhone is officially available for download on the Apple App Store. You can get it on your iPhone using the following steps:

Step 1: Check the version of your iPhone by visiting the Settings page. It should be iOS 16 or above. If it isn’t, update your device to the latest iOS version.

Step 2: Go to the Apple App Store and search ChatGPT or click this link (

Step 3: Click on the Get button to begin the installation.

Step 4: Click the ChatGPT app icon on your apps list to launch ChatGPT on your iPhone.

How to Use ChatGPT App for iPhone

To use ChatGPT app on your iPhone, you must download the app from the Apple App Store using the steps mentioned in the previous section. After successful download and installation, start using ChatGPT on your iPhone using the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click on the ChatGPT app icon on your iPhone.

Step 2: You will get two options on your screen – Sign Up and Log In. Click on the Sign-Up button to create a new ChatGPT account if you don’t have one already. Alternatively, click on the login button to use your existing ChatGPT account details.

Step 3: You must provide your username and password on the next page to sign into your account.

Step 4: The ChatGPT dashboard will open. Hit the text bar at the bottom to ask ChatGPT a question.

Step 5: Click the Submit icon and wait for ChatGPT to generate the response.

What is the Real ChatGPT app?

The real ChatGPT app is the official mobile application launched by Open AI. This app is only available for US-based iPhone users. You can get it from the Apple App Store using the steps described in this guide. Remember, the App only supports iOS devices and not Android devices.

ChatGPT App for Android coming soon

Open AI has rolled out the mobile app for iPhone users leaving Android users disappointed. However, the company has announced that it is working on the Android version of ChatGPT. It is anticipated that the Android app for ChatGPT will be launched soon and offer similar features to the iOS app. Open AI’s CTO, Mina Murati, has announced the same in her Tweet.


ChatGPT is amongst the most famous inventions in the AI field. By launching the iOS app, Open AI has made ChatGPT more accessible. You can get ChatGPT for iPhone by downloading it officially from the Apple App Store. Use your existing ChatGPT account or create a new one to use the app on your phone. ChatGPT is currently available only for US-based users but will soon be accessible worldwide.

Also, note that the internet has several fake ChatGPT apps. So, stick to the official one mentioned in this guide. Do not download ChatGPT for iPhone from any third-party website or source.

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