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Which Companies are using ChatGPT? and How



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Most businesses are incorporating artificial intelligence software and tools to enhance their services. And after the release of Open AI’s new chatbot ChatGPT, companies have got another excuse to use AI for their businesses.

Open AI’s ChatGPT offers impressive features making it usable for various businesses. Many companies look forward to using ChatGPT to expand their business, while some have already started using ChatGPT.

This article covers the top global companies using ChatGPT and how they use this tool.

Which companies use ChatGPT? and How

Top companies have started using ChatGPT to improve their business in different ways. Below is a list of the companies using Open AI’s ChatGPT.


Salesforce is amongst the top customer relationship management (CRM) companies worldwide. The company has revealed that it is adding Open AI’s ChatGPT to its chatbot. The chatbot will assist in answering customer queries, providing support, and summarizing customer conversations. The company also plans to use ChatGPT in its Slack workplace organization app.


Google uses ChatGPT in its virtual assistant, Google Assistant. This virtual assistant doesn’t completely rely on ChatGPT. However, it helps the assistant in conversationally answering questions. ChatGPT helps Google Assistant learn how to adapt natural language processing to enhance the user experience. Google also launched Bard Ai, which can sign up for and join the Bard waitlist.


Microsoft has recently revealed that it has incorporated ChatGPT into its search engine, Bing. This allows Bing to provide better search results to its users. It also helps in providing accurate and faster responses. Microsoft also adds OpenAI ChatGPT tech to Word, Excel & Outlook.

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Bain & Company

Bain & Company has partnered with Open AI to use ChatGPT in its management system. The company will use this technology to analyze large databases and generate business insights. It will help in extracting useful information from unorganized data. The company is developing a new management system powered by ChatGPT, and Coca-Cola will be its first buyer.


Snapchat is a popular social media website with millions of users worldwide. The website has integrated Snapchat into its chatbot to help users interact with their friends easily. It provides suggestions for planning a trip, making dinner, or interacting with friends. Snapchat has named this chatbot My AI.


Quizlet is an online learning platform where students can learn about various topics. The company has developed a new platform, Q-chat, allowing students to interact with tutors one-on-one. This platform uses ChatGPT features for responding to students.


Instacart is an online grocery delivery website. The platform has announced that it will roll out a new service, Ask Instacart, later this year. This feature allows users to ask open-ended food questions to the bot. The bot can share information regarding ingredients, recipes, grocery information, etc.


Shopify is the leading E-commerce platform worldwide. Shopify plans to use ChatGPT for its new AI-powered assistant to improve customer service. The chatbot will handle customer inquiries and help make recommendations based on users’ queries.


You must be aware of the popular language learning app Duolingo. But do you know that Duolingo uses ChatGPT? Duolingo has announced a new plan, Duo Max. This plan will tailor the language lessons to make them distinct for everyone. It will use AI to accomplish this task.


Slack is a collaboration and messaging tool used at several workplaces to organize employees’ tasks. Slack’s parent company, Salesforce, has announced that it will integrate ChatGPT within its AI-powered bot, Einstein for Slack. This bot will help summarize threads, perform external research without leaving slack, and draft replies.


Coca-Cola has partnered with Bain & Company to use its new AI-powered workflow. The company will use ChatGPT for marketing. It will create a chatbot that recommends products, cracks jokes and provides personalized support to its users. This will increase the company’s engagement with its users.


Ghost is a social media messaging app targeting teens and kids. The platform says it uses ChatGPT within its app. This allows users to ask questions in groups and interact with other users.


Nvidia is using ChatGPT in its AI-powered virtual assistant. The company says they created an assistant to handle customer inquiries, provide technical assistance, and recommend products. The chatbot is also designed to reduce the workload of its customer support team.


Koo is a social networking platform and Twitter rival. The platform has recently integrated ChatGPT within its app to make content creation faster and easier for its users. It also makes the platform more user-friendly by providing answers in a conversational manner.


Meta (aka Facebook) is integrating ChatGPT into its virtual assistant to improve the user experience. The company also uses this chatbot to identify and remove harmful or violent content. Meta also plans to integrate ChatGPT to create a realistic online persona for its users.


Anthropic has created an AI-powered chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The chatbot can search across documents, summarize content, answer questions, etc. It can handle various tasks and interact human-likely with its users., a recently launched search engine, has created a ChatGPT-style chatbot. This chatbot can interact with users in a conversational tone. It can summarize text, complete content, and perform tasks like ChatGPT. 


Alibaba is a leading Chinese E-commerce platform. The company uses ChatGPT as its assistant for handling customer inquiries, product recommendations, and customer support. It also uses ChatGPT to generate product descriptions.


Baidu is a Chinese search engine planning to create a ChatGPT rival. The company is creating a bot, Ernie possessing ChatGPT-like features. This bot uses ChatGPT to understand algorithms and natural language processing easily.

How are organizations using ChatGPT?

As mentioned above, several organizations are integrating ChatGPT into their software or tools. Some of the major areas where companies are using ChatGPT include:

  • To train virtual assistants to give human-like responses.
  • For customer support systems.
  • To automate responses in a chatbot.
  • To manage time and increase productivity.
  • As a personal assistant.

Various websites and apps integrate ChatGPT into their systems to use its features within their chatbot or platform.

This helps in improving the user experience. Eventually, businesses can provide better service to their customers.

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