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Bard AI is one of the latest launches of Google that created a lot of buzz in the market. Google’s Bard AI is expected to give tough competition to ChatGPT as both are conversational chatbots. 

Board AI is currently in its testing phase therefore, it’s only accessible to the tester and not the public. According to a blog post, Google has only given access to its “trusted testers,” but will make Bard AI available to the public soon.”

We have provided a straightforward Google Bard AI Sign Up process grants you access to a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the way we interact with literary masterpieces.

Google Bard AI Explained

Bard is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Google. Bard AI is built using a large language model for Dialogue Application (LaMDA). It is trained using various online data to create compelling responses for user prompts. Google has said this model is a “lightweight” version of LaMDA. Therefore, it requires significantly less computer power, enabling it to scale more users and allowing more feedback. 

Bard AI is a conversational experimental AI chatbot that gains data and knowledge through human interactions. This chatbot can provide high-quality original responses to support curiosity and creativity. 

It draws information and data from the web or the internet and combines it with the power of intelligence and creativity through LaMDA. Therefore, unlike ChatGPT, Google’s Bard AI will provide data regarding all the latest events. But for now, Bard AI is still in the testing period. Therefore, it’s only accessible to the testers. According to a blog posted by Google, Bard AI will be made available to the public in a few weeks.

Can You Sign Up For Google’s New Bard AI Search Tool

Unfortunately, Google’s New Bard AI search tool is not accessible to the public as it’s still in its initial phase right now. According to the blog post, “Google has only provided Bard AI access to a few selected beta testers, but will be available for the public use in coming weeks.” Therefore, you cannot sign up for the Bard AI as of now. 

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But if you are a selected beta tester of Bard AI’s chatbot, then you need to launch a google app on your mobile device. Then you need to choose a chatbot icon, enter your prompt, and tap on enter, like ChatGPT. 

Now that you have entered, you may start a discussion with the chatbot by asking questions or generating a request. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard AI is not limited to 2021; therefore, you can ask questions on current affairs and the latest events. 

In addition, Google is making special efforts to expand the functionalities of the chatbot, so it can provide novel information-based interactions and conversations. However, this is only available for beta testers. 

Unfortunately, people who are not testers have to wait until Google makes Bard AI available for public use. However, you can turn to other AI chatbots available right now, such as ChatGPT, or join the waitlist for Microsoft’s new Bing AI. 

How to Sign up for Google Bard Ai Account?

To sign up for Google’s Bard AI, you need to provide your email id and password on the google search engine. Now, the website will ask you to provide your mobile number or other relatable information to generate your profile. 

Once you have submitted all the information, your account will be created on Bard AI. Ensure, you remember your email id and password, used for creating the id, to access the portal. Now, you can raise questions and get answers from Bard AI. 

Since Bard AI is in the testing phase it’s not accessible to sign up for now.

However, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has stated, “Bard AI will be made available to the public in coming weeks.” Till then, selected beta testers can access Bard and raise their queries and send feedback. 

Is Google Bard AI Public?

No, Google’s Bard AI chatbot is yet to be released to the public. At present, Google Bard AI is only accessible to testers, but Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said, “Bard AI will soon be accessible for everyone”. 

But Google did release a demo of Bard AI last week. It showcased Bard AI’s search engine answering the question, “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my nine-year-old about?.” But this demo resulted in a major downfall for Google, as Bard AI made a factual error and released an incorrect answer. 

It stated, “JWST took the first picture of a planet outside our own solar system”. While originally, it was the “European European Southern Observatory’s giant telescopes.” This resulted in Google receiving major criticism from experts and astrophysicists even before its release. 

A spokesperson of Google did state the error saying “The factual error raised the importance of a rigorous testing process, something they are kicking off from this week onwards along with our Trusted tester program.” 

So, due to the factual error, we can expect a bit of delay in Bard AI being accessible to the public.

Final Thoughts

If you are a selected beta tester, then it’s quite easy to access the new Bard AI. You need to get the google app on your smartphone simply, choose a chatbot icon, provide your prompt, and tap on enter. However, for the general public, we have no option but to wait. However, you can turn to other AI chatbots available right now, such as ChatGPT.

Google Bard AI Sign Up process opens the door to a captivating literary universe powered by advanced AI technology. So, complete the Google Bard AI Sign Up today and dive into a world of endless literary exploration and discovery!

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