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Is Google Bard AI Free? How much does it cost?


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Early this month, Google introduced a Chatbot of its own named “Bard AI” and since then, people have been waiting to try this new AI chatbot. Bard AI is not accessible to the public, yet it has been considered a competitor to ChatGPT in the battle of AI chatbots. 

Which has raised questions like is google bard AI free? What features does Bard AI offer? Is Bard AI available? and more. 

Since Bard AI is not yet released to the public and is still in the testing phase, we can’t say if this chatbot will be available for free or not. Although, Google does have a history of providing free service access like Google Drive, Gmail, and more.  

Is Google Bard AI Free

Is Google Bard AI Free or Paid? – A Complete Guide to Platform Access

Yess, Google Bard is free! The general users can now sign up for the waiting list on the Bard website to start using the AI chatbot. It is now available to the public in US and UK only.

Previously, only selected beta testers have access to the new Bard AI. Beta testers can access Bard AI by launching a Google app on their device, choosing a chatbot icon, and entering their prompt. Tap on Enter and testers can start accessing Bard AI. 

But, if you aren’t part of the selected Beta tester group, then you will just have to wait until Google makes Bard AI accessible to the public. However, during the launch of Bard AI, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai did say, “Bard AI will be made available to the public in coming weeks.” 

Though Google did release a demo of Bard AI answering questions on its official Twitter account. However, this demo GIF posted, turned out to be a disaster for Google, as Bard AI made a factual mistake.

Bard AI stated, “JWST took the first picture of a planet outside our solar system” instead of “European European Southern Observatory’s giant telescopes.” This resulted in the audience questioning the reliability of the search tool. Along with Google’s parent company facing a decline of $100 billion in its market value. 

Google’s spokesperson stated after the error, “The error has raised the importance of a rigorous testing process, which they will be kicking off from this week with a trusted tester program.” Considering the occurrence of factual error in the demo video and the reaction that circulated it, the release of Bard AI might take longer. 

How much does Google Bard cost?

For now, Bard is free. Google has a long track record of offering its apps at zero cost to users because the company primarily makes its money from selling advertising

Google Bard AI Features

Google’s newly launched Bard AI is set to achieve high levels with its beneficial features which are as follows: 

Combination of intelligence, power, and creativity 

Bard AI has the potential to deliver appropriate summarized answers to all your queries with its sophisticated AI algorithms. Bard AI is not just limited to generating informative content but rather it can also deliver creative content like poetry, stories, lyrics, and more.

You can use Bard as a personal assistant for activities such as scheduling, management, making itineraries, and more.   

Up-to-date Information 

Collecting data and information from user responses and the internet. Unlike ChatGPT, Bard AI’s data is limited to 2021. Since Bard AI contains access to the web it can deliver information on the latest news and events. 

A lite model version of LaMDA 

Bard AI utilizes a lite model version of the Language model for Dialogue application (LaMDA) during the initial testing process. LaMDA is trained on a dataset known as Infiniset. It is a combination of web content that was chosen to increase the model’s ability to engage in dialogue.  

Feedbacks from testers 

Generating feedback from testers to improve AI systems. Currently, Bard AI is only accessible to a group of selected Beta testers, who are examining the functionality and generating feedback to improve the AI systems of Bard. 

How do I Access Google Bard free?

  1. Go to website.
  2. Click on the sign in button 
  3. You will be redirect to a login page where you need to enter your any Google account email and password with which you want to use Google Bard.
  4. Once you login and verify, you will be able to access the Google Bard chatbot page for free.

How do I Access Google Bard free?

Currently, Google Bard is only available for a selected group of beta testers. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai stated, “Bard will be accessible to the public in coming weeks.” However, there isn’t a particular set for the availability of Bard. 

But if you are a selected beta tester, then you need to download a google app on your device. Select a chatbot icon and add your prompt. Now simply, tap on “Enter,” like ChatGPT and you can start using Google Bard.

Beta testers can examine the functions of Bard by asking questions on various topics, having chat conversations, generating requests, and more. They can provide feedback to Bard by clicking on the “Feedback option” available at the bottom of the screen. However, this is only for Beta testers. 

If you are not a beta tester, then can sign up to Google Bard here. Which can take a few weeks as there isn’t a particular date set for the rollout.

Our View

Nowadays, AI chatbots offer tons of opportunities and features making it easier for people to gain information and turn it into useful knowledge. With models like LaMDA people can easily have conversational chats with Bard and ask their queries effortlessly.

In this article, we have tried to answer your question, “Is Google Bard Free?” in detail. The availability of free access and paid subscription models will be revealed very soon.

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