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Top Stable Diffusion Prompts Generators



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Text-to-image generating models such as Stable Diffusion require specific and detailed prompts in order to generate AI images.

Stable Diffusion requires particular details that can describe your desired image or artwork such as the Subject, background, lighting, Color, and more in order to create an image.

However, people often find themselves struggling to create a good prompt that can be understood by AI image-generating models. This issue can be solved by using the Stable Diffusion prompts generator which can create a detailed prompt for you. 

In this article, we have listed down some of the top Stable Diffusion prompt generators that you can use for creating unique prompts and later generate stunning images using Stable Diffusion AI. So, let’s get started. 

What is a Stable Diffusion Prompts Generator?

Stable Diffusion Prompts Generator is a tool that can help generate detailed and realistic prompts for your projects. Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image generation AI tool that can create amazing images and artworks based on descriptions or prompts provided by the user.

Sometimes people find it hard to make clear and powerful suggestions. Often, they can’t explain the setting, light, and main focus in their ideas.

This makes it difficult for Stable Diffusion to understand what they need. As a result, it creates images that are not what they expected.

This is where the Stable Diffusion Prompts Generator steps in, with the help of this tool users need to enter a few words simply, and the tool will come up with a detailed prompt on your behalf. 

You can use this tool for various projects such as creating a detailed prompt for a luxury car, hyper-realistic body sculptures, apocalypse, protecting the trees, World War 2, and much more.

A prompt generator is good for finding ideas for creative work. Just put in a few words about the picture you want. The Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator will quickly make a perfect prompt. This will help you get the picture you want using the image-generating tool, Stable Diffusion. You can also learn to How to Write Stable Diffusion Prompts by reading this guide..

7 List of Stable Diffusion Prompts Generator

Now that we understood what Stable Diffusion Prompts Generator does, let’s look at some of the best Stable Diffusion Prompts Generators that can help you create those meaningful and detailed prompts: 

1. PromptPerfect

PromptPerfect allows users to stimulate ideas and generate high-quality prompts for image-generating tools such as Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, DALL-E 2, and more to generate their dream images or artworks.

This tool contains an intuitive interface and can generate prompts within 10 seconds. This prompt generator is ideal for content creators, prompt engineers, AI developers, and more. 


  • Fast (Can generate results in 10 seconds) 
  • Multi-language prompt
  • API & data access
  • User-Friendly 


  • High-subscription prices 
  • Depends on the Quality of the original prompt

Pricing of PromptPerfect 

Once you Sign Up to PromptPerfect, the tool will offer you 10 free credits that you can use for generating prompts with each prompt costing 1 credit. Users can receive more free credits by unlocking achievements.

However, to continue using PromptPerfect you need to purchase a plan. Here are the pricing plan offered by PromptPerfect: 

Plans Lite Plan Standard Plan Max Plan 
Prices $9.99/month $39.99/month $99.99/month 
Credits Provided 100 credits500 credits 2000 credits 
Who can use it? Ideal for casual use, freelancers or Students with few queries Ideal for casual use, freelancers, or Students with few queries Ideal for prompt developers or prompt engineers

2. Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator

The stable Diffusion prompt generator is another excellent prompt-generating tool that you can use to develop detailed and unique prompts. Stable Diffusion AI powers this tool, which can be accessed online via its official website.

Anyone can access this prompt generator online as the tool is extremely easy and free. Go to the Stable Diffusion website and type in a few words about the prompt you want the tool to create.

In seconds, the Stable Diffusion prompt generator will make a detailed, high-quality prompt for you to generate images.


  • Easy-to-use 
  • Free 
  • Automated-Optimization 


  • Slow at responding
  • At times difficult to understand 

Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator Pricing 

This tool is free to use and can be accessed by anyone via its official website; it doesn’t require any signing up or logging in.

3. PromptoMANIA 

PromptoMANIA is a prompt-building tool for users to generate unique and detailed prompts to help generate creative AI art. You can also use Generic prompt builder to generate beneficial prompts for image-generating tools such as DALL-E 2, Crayon, Stable Diffusion,, and more.

To access PromptoMANIA you don’t need to sign-up, login or get a subscription as the tool can be accessed by anyone for free. 


  • Highly-reliable 
  • A diverse range of Prompts choices 
  • User-Friendly Interface 
  • Good quality and effectiveness of prompts


  • Limited in creativity and variety 
  • Not suitable for commercial or professional use

Pricing of PromptoMANIA 

PromptoMANIA is a free online tool that allows users to access and generate best stable diffusion prompts without logging in to the website. 

4. is another great stable diffusion prompt generator that utilizes GPT-3 to create detailed prompts using a few words within seconds. This tool can generate prompts for almost everything like portraits, hyper-realistic body sculptures, artists, and more.  

All you need to do is enter a few words such as “Cat” and will immediately create a perfect detailed prompt on your behalf that you can use to generate realistic images.

You can use to generate different forms of 3D renders, artworks, digital paintings, and more. This makes it one of the best and easy to use Stable Diffusion prompt generators currently in the market. 

Pros of 

  • Easy to use 
  • Free
  • Generate detailed prompts 
  • Good Speed

Cons of 

  • Less creative 
  • The quality is not always up to the point 
  • Not suitable for professional use

Pricing of is absolutely free to use and can be accessed by anyone. Users don’t even need to sign up or log in to access this prompt generator. You need to visit the site and enter your keywords simply it will generate your prompt for you. 

5. CF Spark

CF Spark is an excellent AI-driven prompt generator that can create unique and creative prompts for various genres and characters, and allow users.

This is a great tool for creative people looking to generate unique, different images with an element of fiction attached.

Users can explore and experiment with their creativity through CF Sparks and look for different possibilities, ideas, and prompts using this tool. This is an ideal tool for content creators and storywriters.  


  • Can create unique and creative prompts 
  • Easy to use 
  • Advanced prompt builder
  • Affordable 


  • Not for advanced users 
  • Can be difficult to understand at times

Pricing of CF Spark 

CF Spark contains a pricing plan available at $9 per month. You need to subscribe to its plan to continue using CF Spark and generating prompts. 

6. Nichess

Nichess is a prompt builder tool initially created for AI image-generating models such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and more. Just type in a few words or briefly about your image on Nichess.

The tool will quickly use your details to create a detailed prompt that Stable Diffusion or other image-generating models can easily understand.

To use Nichess you need to create an account on the platform using your email and you will receive free 30 generations from the tool. This tool can be utilized by anyone such as business, content creation, architecture, portraits, and more. 


  • Generate creative and unique prompts 
  • User-friendly 
  • Can be used by professionals and beginners 


  • Expensive 

Pricing of Nichess 

Plans Rookie Intermediate Pro 
Prices $19/month $39/month $99/month 
Prompt Generations 200 Short-Form Generations500 Short-Form GenerationsUnlimited Generations 
Who can use it? Ideal for students or casual users Ideal for content creators or freelancers Ideal for business and professionals 

7. Phraser

Phraser is another AI prompt generator that can help users write better and clear prompts for image-generating tools such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Disco Diffusion, and more.

This tool includes different element sections that allow users to generate personalized and detailed prompts for themselves. These elements include Neural network, content type, epoch, style, color, quality, and more. 

Phraser also contains a “Smart Search” feature that allows users to look for their prompts based on their meaning rather than searching for prompts based on words.

To access Phraser you need to sign in to Google or Discord, once you have signed up you can begin accessing Phraser and generate high-quality prompts. 


  • Can create clear prompts 
  • Smart Search Feature 
  • Includes nine elements: Neural network, content type, epoch, style, color, quality, and more. 


  • Difficult to use for beginners 
  • Lacks creativity sometimes

Pricing of Phraser 

Phraser is a free Stable Diffusion prompt generator that anyone can access once you have signed up to the website using your Discord or Google account. 

What is the best Stable Diffusion prompt generator?

PromptPerfect is considered one of the best Stable Diffusion prompt generators to help generate useful and detailed prompts. However, PromptPerfect is a paid prompt generator therefore to access this tool users need to subscribe to its monthly plan which starts from $9.99/month.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a free Stable Diffusion prompt generator then or PromptoMANIA is considered one of the best prompt generators for creating high-quality prompts effortlessly.

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